Taking Green Coffee Extract Vs Drinking Coffee


You may be hearing a lot about green coffee beans lately on TV and internet as researchers have brought forward several health benefits of these pea sized beans after conducting several studies. These green colored beans are nothing but the coffee beans that are being used from centuries to ready a refreshing drink. The brown colored coffee beans that are easily available at stores in your neighborhood are the roasted beans while green coffee beans are the unroasted beans that retain their original color and properties.

More about Green Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are initially green in color and hence known as green coffee beans. These beans are naturally blessed with many health enriching and weight reducing properties. The main compounds responsible for weight loss are – Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid. These compounds aid fat loss in following ways –

Caffeine boosts the metabolism of the individual by 3% to 11%. The elevated metabolism makes the calorie burning faster and restricts more fat formation.

Though caffeine is also active compound in green coffee beans, the main weight loss takes place because of Chlorogenic acid. When you consume carbohydrates, Chlorogenic Acid ensures that only some level of carbohydrates get absorbed from your digestive tract. This further reduces insulin spikes and also lowers blood sugar levels. The intake of Chlorogenic acid would cut back the fat generation in the body as whatever you eat would get transformed into low carbohydrate diet.

The studies conducted on rats also revealed that the intake of green coffee beans apparently reduced the fat formation and brought down the deposition of fat around liver.
Burning of fat also increases because of the active fat burning hormones.

As the above advantages of green coffee beans state, if you are searching for weight loss then it is one of the major natural treatments you can attempt.

Consuming the Green Coffee Beans

Like the regular brown colored coffee beans that you may have often used, green coffee beans may also require brewing before use. You cannot just consume these beans directly as they are hard and may have certain substances that would require heating to be palatable. You can brew these beans into a drink but still very few people could really stick to that routine because –

The taste would not match the regular coffee. It may have a bland taste that may not attract many taste buds.

The coffee making from green coffee beans is an easy matter but the process should be supervised and carried out in controlled conditions to keep up the level of Chlorogenic Acid, the vital weight loss compound present in green coffee beans.

To make it easier, many companies have introduced green coffee bean extract that holds the goodness of green coffee while making its consumption easy. The extract includes pre-defined level of Chlorogenic Acid that makes its use easier and the results more effective.

Can Drinking Coffee be a Better Choice to Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Some might imagine that when the green coffee bean is the initial type of the regular brown coffee, then why should one opt for the extract as drinking coffee would also have the same impact? This is not true. Green coffee beans may get converted to brown coffee beans on roasting but the chemical properties and health advantages are different for both these coffee types.

Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans that grow on coffee plant. When these beans are roasted for commercial purpose or to enhance its taste, the vital weight loss compound “Chlorogenic Acid” gets destroyed in the process. The coffee that is prepared after the roasting of beans have aroma and taste that may work to brew the drink but would lack on major health rich compounds. This is the reason why drinking coffee won’t help when you are looking for health benefits or weight loss.

Caffeine content is also very rich in roasted beans as each serving of coffee made out of roasted beans may contain 100mg of caffeine, which means you cannot consume it frequently during the day. The green coffee on other hand contains just 20mg of caffeine for same size serving. You can have 5 servings of green coffee in order to get the same caffeine as regular coffee. Green coffee is thus safe and consumed more in order to shed weight.

More about Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is the supplement form of these magic beans. The beans are processed to manufacture the supplements that would contain both Chlorogenic Acid and Caffeine in prescribed quantities. There is no water content left and you will find this extract in the powder form or tablet form. The dosage of this extract may depend on the amount of Chlorogenic Acid present in it. More caffeine is harmful to your body, hence don’t take the dosage more than recommended. The dosage for pure Chlorogenic Acid suited to healthy weight loss is 120mg to 300mg. According to these numbers, the approximate dosage of Green coffee bean extract would be –

1200mg to 3000mg if it contains 10% of Chlorogenic Acid.
600mg to 1500mg if it contains 20% of Chlorogenic Acid.
240mg to 600mg if it contains 50% of Chlorogenic Acid.

The dosage solely depends on the proportion of Chlorogenic Acid and may be taken as per the recommendations.

Those who are allergic to caffeine may avoid taking this extract or may take under medical supervision.

In case of any other medical condition or ongoing medication, make sure that you have consulted your doctor before starting this extract to avoid any complications.

Green coffee beans have their own set of advantages that typically get lost on roasting. If you are a coffee lover then enjoying an occasional cup of coffee may not harm but if you are truly looking forward to have benefits then consuming the green coffee would be the best way.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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