Green Coffee Beans and Weight Reduction


Green coffee beans are the type that have not been roasted. Roasting coffee can substantially decrease the amount of chlorogenic acid, which has been demonstrated to be effective in weight reduction. Green coffee beans have significantly higher degrees of chlorogenic acid in comparison to roasted coffee beans, and this acid is believed to provide a number of benefits together with weight reduction, including the potential to help diabetes, heart problems and other major health problems.

Green coffee beans and weight loss are phrases that are commonly seen together lately. The reason being that chlorogenic acid can impact the body’s metabolism and the way it handles blood sugar. That’s the reason green coffee bean extract supplements with chlorogenic acid are thought to be a very effective fat reduction tool. Studies done have indicated that taking green coffee bean extract supplements can help dieters to shed pounds, even when they do not alter the way that they eat. An investigation done by a research chemist from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania demonstrated that subjects taking these extract supplements lost on average 17 pounds without making any lifestyle or diet changes.

Study subjects taking green coffee bean extract lost an average of 16 percent of their body fat, while they ingested around 2,400 calories every day and only burned about 400 of those calories during daily exercise. People who have ever tried to lose fat knows that ingesting 2,000 calories per day that are not burned away in exercise is commonly not the best way to reduce body fat. Subjects from the study however, did lose body fat and did not make any changes in how or what they ate during the study.

While these outcomes are outstanding, many experts think that the investigation was rather limited and more studies are needed in order to properly gauge the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract on reducing weight. Some scientists however, believe that unroasted coffee beans with chlorogenic acid are a legitimate tool to assist overweight individuals shed excess weight. Logically, using quality green coffee supplements along with improved diet would boost the prospects for fat loss success.

Drinking coffee alone will not produce much weight loss because the chlorogenic acid content is seriously depleted once the coffee bean goes through the roasting stage. With regards to the quantity of the extract that is needed for losing weight, the conventional wisdom stemming from the Dr. Vinson study, recommendations by TV Host Dr. Oz, and reputable dietary supplement companies indicate a green coffee dosage of 400 mg (assuming 50% chlorogenic acid content) taken 3 times daily, ahead of meals, should be sufficient to replicate the results from the Vinson study. Dr. Joe Vinson is the research chemist from the University of PA whose research initiated the interest in supplements made from green coffee bean extracts for weight loss.

The Vinson study done involved 16 individuals who were regarded as being overweight and of these subjects, half took the extract and the other half took a simple placebo. Those taking the green coffee bean extract showed a substantial decline in weight with regards to pounds, as well as body fat. The dosing consisted of just 700 mg for some study participants making up a low-dose group and up to 1,050 mg daily for the higher dose group. Both the low-dose and high-dose groups successfully weight over the 22-week term of the study.

A beverage made from green coffee beans would not have the aroma or taste of brewed coffee made from roasted coffee beans. Actually a beverage made from raw, green coffee beans would be extremely bitter and unpalatable. So, supplements produced from extracts of green coffee beans are the most sensible way to ingest chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans.

Dr. Vinson has up to now published two noteworthy studies on the health improvements of green coffee supplements, one in 2012 and the other in April 2013. The Vinson studies were small pilot studies and more research needs to be done. But to date, the results are impressive and encouraging. Additionally, unlike some prescription drugs that have been tried for weight reduction, none of the participants in the preliminary Vinson research have reported any negative green coffee bean extract or chlorogenic acid side effects.
Keep in mind, consumers must always consult a licensed physician before commencing any supplementation program, especially if they are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any underlying medical conditions.

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