The Health Advantages of Moringa


Fresh food is the ideal way to ensure optimum health. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, but very few people can meet this guideline. In fact, we run from home to office and back again and that makes our life too hectic to manage a balanced diet.

Food supplements assist us to meet this deficit by supplying a carefully planned dose of synthetic nutrients. Ideally, this is what all of us do, but natural alternatives are available, cheap and at hand.

Instead of choosing synthetic supplements, fresh or dry Moringa can provide the desired nutritional supplementation for men and women, but in an easy-to-consume, chemical-free version.

Advantages of Moringa?

For centuries, people in Asia and Africa have been using Moringa as a nutritional and medicinal supplement. The tree is indigenous to the region and it is considered a treasure trove of minerals and vitamins.?

Nine essential amino acids are available in Moringa:

Histidine increases resistance to toxins and allergens, improves blood flow and can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
Isoleucine assists in maintaining normal blood glucose levels.
Leucine helps build muscle and enhances energy and stamina.
Lysine is a key element in calcium absorption and bone development.
Methionine protects the liver from alcohol, drugs, and pollutants.
Phenlylalanine can elevate mood and is used as a supplement in treating depression.
Threonine is important for the formation of collagen and elastin which our skin needs.
Tryptophan is of great help in treating insomnia and can help stabilize mood.
Valine is used by our muscle tissue as an energy source.

Moringa is readily available in the form of a dietary supplement and it is highly recommended for its alternative medicinal benefits as well. If you intend on adding Moringa to your diet for its nutritional and medicinal value, here is what you have to gain.

Nutritional Value – Moringa leaves retain their nutritional value while fresh or in dry form. According to research, a Moringa leaf contains about 0.199 grams/kg of calcium, 0.0348 grams/kg of phosphorous, 0.111 grams/kg of iron, 0.00873 grams/kg of copper, 0.0693 grams/kg of zinc and trace quantities of manganese.

Control of Inflammation and Pain – Moringa contains bioactive compounds like aurantiamide acetate and 1,3-dibenzyl urea that can control pain and reduce inflammation. If you work-out, you’ll agree that muscle injury, pain and inflammation are a fundamental element of exercise routines. Moringa could help stave off pain.

Aids in Regulating Blood Sugar Levels and Boosts Energy Levels – In traditional medicine, Moringa is often used to treat diabetes and to boost vitality.

As you can see, Moringa provides several nutritional benefits and bioactive compounds through a simple supplement. It offers targeted nutrition along with allied medical benefits that can tone the body and ensure overall health. All you have to do is locate a pure source of Moringa and add it to your diet.

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