Are There Green Coffee Bean Extract Adverse Reactions?


First, the research at the present time is limited. Some of the current research is based on very small pilot studies on humans and some derive from research on mice. Much has not been peer reviewed. So, it may be prudent to bear in mind the research on green coffee bean extract to be evolving and not yet definitive. Based on the current information available (as of May 2014) there are no reported adverse side effects from green coffee bean extract. The studies to date on chlorogenic acid from green coffee have not indicated any known side effects but studies on green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acid have generally been small pilot studies and have not been peer reviewed. So, there is probably not enough evidence to state definitively that there are no potential negative side effects, since a lot more research needs to take place. Any factor to consider when discussing the side effects issue can be specific to the supplement itself. By way of example, many products advertised as pure green coffee products often have other ingredients. Some have fillers and additives. Some are spiked with added caffeine. So, although the current limited research might point to no known side effects it is crucial for customers to carefully browse the ingredients label on any product being considered, since ingredients other than chlorogenic acid could be a potential source of negative side effects. Likely there will be further research into the efficacy and safety of green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acid, in the future.

Digging Deeper – Green Coffee Extract Side Effects From Some Supplements?

Consider these 2 kinds of green coffee supplements.

1) 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements
2) Green Coffee Supplements with Added Ingredients (i.e. NOT pure)

The discussion above involves a pure green coffee bean extract product form a specific manufacturer. But the key factor is that the substance was pure and had a high chlorogenic acid level. Many, if not most, of the green coffee supplements being sold today are not pure and many, if not most, have added ingredients. Some are even spiked with caffeine and other unnecessary ingredients. So when picking a green coffee product it is important to look at ingredients labels thoroughly to ensure the product is pure and does not contain additives.

The main things to look for in a green coffee supplement:

1) 100% pure.
2) Purity of ingredients and chlorogenic acid level ought to be verified by an independent testing lab.
3) Chlorogenic acid level should be at least 42%
4) Minimal caffeine.
5) Manufactured in the USA, or other trusted location.
6) No additives.
7) Ideally the ingredients label should indicate only one (1) main ingredient.
8) The “other” ingredients should indicate what the capsule itself is made of.
9) There should be no “fillers” or flowing agents. Fillers are unnecessary ingredients used to make the capsule look full.

The “pure” factor is extremely important. As discussed above, there are no known negative side effects from pure green coffee bean extract. A possible problem, however, is that lots of the green coffee supplements available on the market are not pure. They often times contain fillers, flow agents and other ingredients and these ingredients could cause side effects, depending on what those added ingredients are.

So to minimize the potential of having any negative side effects from green coffee bean extract, it would be prudent to use only 100% pure green coffee bean extract with no additional ingredients. How can you tell if a green coffee bean supplement is 100% pure? Browse the label. Any site offering green coffee bean extract, or any other supplement, should prominently display the ingredients label.

Confer with your Doctor & Pharmacist Before Taking Any Supplement

We always recommend that you check with a certified physician before taking any nutritional supplements, specifically if you have any medical ailments. Green Coffee Extract Supplements have not been studied on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Therefore, especially women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor before use, or steer clear of the supplement until they are no more pregnant or breastfeeding. Since green coffee bean extract can lower blood glucose and blood pressure levels, people with hypoglycemia, diabetes, or hypertension should also consult their licensed physician before taking green coffee bean extract supplements, especially if they are on medications for these conditions. On the whole, consumers should consult a doctor and/or pharmacist before taking any supplement especially while taking prescription medications.

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Will Green Coffee Bean Extract Enable You to Shed Weight?


Did you know that the coffee bean is actually a berry? Within it is a seed that we usually roast and ground to make our morning cup of coffee.

However, the green coffee beans are the seeds that are not roasted.

The lack of roasting is what makes the extract from these beans an effective aid in your weight loss journey as it contains Chlorogenic Acid – commonly called CGA on an ingredient list in different supplements.

This substance may block fat and boost your weight loss efforts. It also regulates blood-sugar levels and appears to help with carbohydrate absorption.

Dr. Oz & Green Coffee Bean Extract

The famous Doctor Oz does talk about this extract and chlorogenic acid in general while not promoting any particular brand. His medical team performed a small study to find out if CGA really works.

In the study, they took a sampling of 100 women, giving some of them the actual CGA and some of them placebos. The women were asked not to change any dietary or physical habits during the period of the research and to have a food journal.

After a couple of weeks, the research determined that women who took actual green coffee bean extract lost on average 2 pounds while those who took placebos lost an average of 1 pound each. Although the study is rather small, it does seem to support the belief that CGA does help people lose weight without dieting or changing activities.

Dr. Oz highlights that the brand you want to use ought to have these:

45% Chlorogenic acid used in the product.
GCA (which stands for Green Coffee antioxidant) or Svetol. If neither is present, opt for a different product.
No fillers or artificial ingredients.

How Does It Assist you to Lose Weight?

Essentially, green coffee bean extract assists you to shed fat by:

Blocking absorption of fat molecules.
Better absorption of carbs that will assist your system use the available fats more effectively.
Regulating your blood glucose levels for avoiding sugar cravings and “crash” when their sugar drops significantly.

The primary idea is that you can take these pills before a meal to assist control and regulate your body’s functions and still eat the diet you are most comfortable to consume.

Be aware: Some people don’t prefer to improve their activity levels, or they can’t do so because of their health concerns. This supplement should help you slim down even without exercising.

Recommended Daily Dose

You may find different doses of green coffee extracts with various concentrations of chlorogenic acids. Here are recommended daily dosages:

1,200-3,000mg for a 10% chlorogenic acid supplement
600-1,500mg for a 20% chlorogenic acid supplement
240-600mg for a 50% chlorogenic acid supplement

You should divide this amount into three dosages and eat each one about half an hour before your main meals. This will allow this supplement to function better than if you take the pill right before or just after eating.

Be aware: Even though this extract is rated as an herbal supplement, it is not under the auspices of the FDA and is still basically a drug. You should use this supplement for 3 months maximum and then take a month or two off.

Things You Need to Consider

While this sort of supplement is normally considered safe to use for most people, there are some factors you should consider. You should definitely consult your medical expert if you suffer from:

Heart disease and high blood pressure
Anxiety and jitters

You should avoid this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Remember: When or if you opt to quit taking this supplement, you should do so slowly. Stopping suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Moringa Uses


Moringa Oleifera is already highly esteemed by people in the tropics and sub-tropics for the many ways it is used medicinally by local herbalists. A few of these traditional uses reflect the nutritional content of the various tree parts. Listed below are but some of the ways the tree is used in Asia, Africa and the Americas. In recent times, laboratory investigation has confirmed the efficacy of some of these applications.

Keep in mind that there are numerous traditional uses that have not been tested. Recent lab testing is beginning to prove that the many uses of Moringa have indeed, substantial health advantages. For most, lab testing is not essential. In countries like the Philippines, Moringa has been a folk remedy used for many generations. There is no worry about the safety of Moringa. Grandmothers bring it for their nursing grand daughters for increased milk production. Mothers use the Moringa seed oil for wounds of their children. The list of uses goes on and on. In these modern times, people rely far more on testing than on their own experience. While Moringa has been safely used for centuries, there are a few instances where there is cause for concern. Pregnant mothers ought to consult their health care providers when using during pregnancy. Some people can experience a detox effect if the quantity of Moringa is too much for their systems. However, some people use Moringa leaf in order to cleanse. It has been used to expel intestinal worms. Some may look at this a complication and others a desired result. This is a process that one wants to be prepared for and make the necessary arrangements in ones schedule. Moringa is known to detoxify the liver. There are multiple studies ( that show benefits to the liver, even liver failure.

Be sure you comprehend the distinction between fresh Moringa leaf and dried leaf powder. The dried powder is more concentrated. When we dry Moringa, we calculate 6 pounds of fresh to produce 1 pound of dried. It can vary up to 10 pounds of fresh to produce 1 pound of dried. It depends on the moisture level of the fresh leaf.

When you use Moringa or any other plant as a food or medicine, always begin slowly and observe any reactions. Slowly increase Moringa to the level that feels right for you. Many people are now using Moringa leaf for a whole host of ailments with good results. Universities, and medical schools and labs are testing Moringa for a plethora of diseases.


In India, juice from leaves is believed to have a stabilizing impact on blood pressure levels and is used to treat anxiety. In Senegal, a infusion of leaf juice is known to control glucose levels in cases of diabetes.
Mixed with honey and accompanied by a drink of coconut milk 2 or 3 times a day, leaves are used as a treatment for diarrhea, dysentery and colitis (inflammation of the colon).
Leaf juice, sometimes with carrot juice added, utilized as a diuretic (to improve urine flow). Eating leaves is suggested in cases of gonorrhea due to the diuretic action.
In India and Nicaragua, leaves and young buds are rubbed on the temple for headache.
In India and the Philippines, a poultice made from fresh leaves is applied to lessen glandular swelling.
It was reported that Malaysians sometimes applied a leaf poultice to the abdomen to expel intestinal worms.
Leaf juice may also be used as a skin antiseptic.
In India, leaves used to treat fevers, bronchitis, eye and ear infections, scurvy and catarrh (inflammation of the mucus membrane).
Leaves are believed to be anthelmintic (able to kill intestinal worms).
Leaves are used as an irritant and as a purgative.
In Nicaragua, Guatemala and Senegal, leaves are applied as poultice on sores and skin ailments.
In the Philippines, eating leaves is known to boost a woman’s milk production and is sometimes prescribed for anemia.


Flowers are traditionally used as a tonic, diuretic, and abortifacient.
Flowers are believed to be anthelminitic.
Used to cure inflammations, muscle diseases, tumors and enlargement of the spleen.
In India, juice pressed from the flowers is said to ease sore throat and catarrh.
In Puerto Rico, an infusion of the flowers is used as an eyewash and a decoction from the flowers has been used to treat hysteria.


Pods are believed to be anthelminitic
Pods are used in affections of the liver and spleen, and in treating articular pains (pain in the joints).


In India, roots are utilized as a carminative (promotes gas expulsion from the alimentary canal, against intestinal pain or spasms) and as a laxative.
Roots are considered useful against intermittent fevers and are sometimes chewed to relieve cold symptoms.
Juice from roots is applied externally as a rubefacient (skin tonic), counterirritant or vesicant (agent to induce blistering).
Roots are used as an abortifacient, diuretic and a cardiac and circulatory tonic.
Roots are used to treat epilepsy, nervous debility and hysteria.
In Senegal and India, roots are pounded and combined with salt to create a poultice for treating rheumatism and articular pains. In Senegal, this poultice is also used to relieve lower back or kidney pain.
Roots are used as a purgative.
In India, Indo-China, Nicaragua and Nigeria, a root poultice is used to treat inflammations, especially swelling of tissues in the foot (pedal edema).
A decoction of roots is used to cleanse sores and ulcers.
In India and Indo-China roots are used to treat cases of scurvy.
Root juice mixed with milk is considered useful against in hiccoughs, asthma, gout, lumbago, rheumatism, enlarged spleen or liver, internal and deep-seated inflammations, and calculous affections. Crushed root together with rum has been used as a liniment on rheumatism.
A snuff made from roots is inhaled to alleviate ear ache and toothache.
A juice made from a mixture of fresh roots, bark and leaves is inserted into the nostrils to arouse a patient from coma or stupor.


In Senegal, root and tree bark are used to treat sores and skin ailment.
Bark is regarded as useful in treating scurvy.
In India, stem and root bark are taken as appetizers and digestives.
In Senegal, a decoction of root bark, roots, leaves and flowers is used to help remedy epilepsy, hysteria, and intestinal spasms.
In India, a decoction of the root bark is used as a fermentation to cure intestinal spasm and is considered useful in calculous affections (mineral buildup/kidney stones).
Stem bark is used to cure eye diseases.
In India, stem and root bark are viewed to be aphrodisiacs and anthelmintic.
In India, root bark is said to counteract enlargement of the spleen and formation of tuberculous glands of the neck, to eliminate tumors and to heal ulcers.
Juice from root bark is put into the ear to alleviate ear aches and also put into a toothache cavity as a pain killer.
Bark is used as a cure for delirious patients.
In the Philippines it is believed that, roots, chewed and applied to a snake bite, will keep the poison from spreading.
Bark is used as a rubefacient and as a vesicant.
In India, bark is oftentimes mixed with peppercorns and used as an abortifacient (although often with fatal consequences).


Gum, mixed with sesame oil, is used to relieve headaches. This is also poured into ears for the relief of ear ache.
In Java, gum is offered for intestinal complaints.
In India, gum is used for dental caries.
Gum is regarded as a diuretic.
In India and in Senegal, gum is considered useful in treating fevers, dysentery and asthma.
Gum is used as an astringent and rubefacient (skin tonics).
In India, gum is sometimes used as an abortifacient.
In India, gum is used to help remedy syphilis and rheumatism.


Seeds are used against fevers.
Flowers, leaves and roots used as remedies for assorted tumors, and the seed for abdominal tumors.
In Aruba, a paste of crushed seeds is spread on warts.


In India, seed oil is used externally to alleviate pain and swelling in case of gout or rheumatism, and to treat skin diseases.
Oil is used to help remedy hysteria and scurvy.
Oil is applied to manage prostrate and bladder troubles.
Oil is considered to be a tonic and a purgative.

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera


Moringa oleifera or commonly called “the drumstick tree“ is one of the mystical plants that can offer a selection of health benefits. The moringa oleifera has been consumed and used as a remedy around the globe for many years.

It originally grows in Africa, the Himalayan region and parts of South-East Asia. Nonetheless, this plant has recently become a big hit in the USA and Europe because of the variety of health advantages and its nutritional value.

Every Part of Moringa can be Used

With regards to moringa, nothing should be wasted. Every single part of the plant has its uses and applications. Leaves, flowers, seeds, pods, oil and even the roots and bark, have a valuable place in your kitchen and/or medicine cabinet.

Moringa leaves – The leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant. They can be eaten as spinach or powdered and put into sauces and soups. They represent an abundant source of vitamins B, C, K, minerals for example magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium) and proteins.

Moringa leaves have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties and have been used in the past to treat diarrhea.

When applied on the skin, the leaves can stimulate healing of wounds and bites, and help resolve some skin conditions. Moringa leaves are exceptionally suitable for the treatment of iron deficiency.

Moringa flowers – Flowers are used in several places around the world in the management of urinary tract infections and the common cold.

Immature seed pods – The immature seed pods or also called “drumsticks“ are a rich source of Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, manganese and roughage.

Moringa seeds – The seeds have a potent antibiotic effect and are particularly good for fighting Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections.

Their seeds are thought to help with cramps, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, STDs and boils.

Moringa seed oil – Edible oil can be obtained from mature seeds, and can be used as a food supplement or as a cosmetic product for your skin and hair. It also has a potential as bio-fuel. Moringa oil can be used for the same ailments as the seeds.

Moringa roots – The taste of the roots is similar horseradish, thus giving the alternate name to this plant as horseradish tree. The roots are loaded with polyphenols and are used as a condiment. However, there is some controversy around the safety of eating moringa root.

The roots and bark contain all the properties in higher concentrations, so more care ought to be taken if they are used as medicines.

Moringa Gum – The gum is a known diuretic and has been noted for its uses in the treatment of asthma.

Why Moringa is a True Superfood

Moringa leaves are filled with minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, and much more. According to the experts, 100g of dry moringa leaves contain:

15 times the calcium of milk
4 times the potassium of banana
3 times the vitamin A of carrot
12 times the iron of spinach

With moringa’s popularity on the rise, the science on this tree is growing as well. Research brings some promising findings, but more research is necessary to establish the effects and potential uses in medicine.

Below is a list of current researches and known treatments with moringa:

Anti-inflammatory effect
Antioxidant activity
Anti-cancer potential
A role in diabetes prevention
Analgesic activity
Liver protector
Blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Possible Adverse Reactions and Precautions

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using moringa due to the lack of research on this plant’s safety.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract, Chlorogenic Acid, and Weight Reduction


Green coffee bean extract is a diet pill that has caught the interest of many fitness experts and consumers alike. Unlike the standard coffee, the beans it is made from are not roasted. But why does the roasting process make a lot of difference? Why is the supplement thought to be able to help people lose weight naturally?

The key aspect in the supplement’s weight reduction properties is a compound called chlorogenic acid. It is said that for it to be effective, it should contain at least 50% chlorogenic acid. Naturally, coffee beans contain high amounts of the compound, but when they are roasted, they lose significant amounts of it. However, when the beans are not roasted, they leave a very bitter taste. Thus, they are found in capsules for them to be easier to take and have people enjoy the advantages of the compound. What it basically does is that it helps reduce the levels of sugar that goes into the bloodstream after you eat. As a result, the body makes use of stored fat as energy. This then plays a role in the lowering of body fat.

Chlorogenic acid is also one of the polyphenols, which is a group of powerful antioxidants. This means that by taking the supplement, you may protect yourself from the damage attributable to free radicals. It may reduce the signs of aging and prevent some diseases from taking place, for instance cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, many of those who have taken green coffee bean extract reported a suppression of their appetite without leaving them feeling weak or jittery. Instead, they experienced an increase in their energy levels, and this is greatly beneficial for those who have to juggle tasks between work and home and work on losing weight simultaneously.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract Comprising Chlorogenic Acid Best to Slim Down


Chlorogenic acid supplement has been discovered to double fat loss in obese people. Because it is a phenolic amalgam, the chlorogenic acid comprised in the extract of green coffee bean has in addition been associated with enhanced blood vessel activity and circulation. The everyday dosage of one hundred and forty milligram of this extract will in all probability be of assistance due to its antioxidant and anti-provocative attributes.

First of all, chlorogenic acid is really a natural plant ingredient, with anti-oxidizing and antimicrobial attributes. You will find high levels of chlorogenic acid in coffee, that is, in unroasted coffee beans. Nevertheless, chlorogenic acid has a tendency to break down when coffee beans are roasted, and therefore, making them less powerful. As mentioned previously, this phytochemical is recognized to inhibit the entire process of glycogenolysis, in which glucose is discharged into your blood vessels. Since chlorogenic acid prevents this process, it helps lower your sugar levels in the blood, forcing the body to turn towards the fat stores for energy. This one-two impact may have a positive influence on diabetes and also about losing excess fat and weight.

Due to insufficient physical activity and improper dieting routines, people require a supplement which contains Chlorogenic Acid. The extract of Green Coffee Bean Extract is a wonderful solution since you can shed weight while not having to do any extra alterations in your day-to-day habits. Research has shown that green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid. A number of people may wonder what exactly is chlorogenic acid? Precisely what is its importance?

Chlorogenic acid is definitely an acidic compound contained in green coffee beans that in addition to caffeine assists in fat loss. During the past, many individuals experience problems with regards to weight reduction. Many different methods have been used but still the outcome was poor. According to a scientific study implemented to test the potency of green coffee beans, it is possible to reach a sixteen percent fat reduction in a time period of five months. This is actually the easiest and most efficient way to shed pounds, as there are no arduous exercises included.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound contained in green substances but is extremely concentrated in green coffee beans. When considered, Chlorogenic acid helps prevent the release of glucose to the bloodstream. As a reaction, your body uses up the fats to produce energy, therefore, leading to fat loss. Additionally chlorogenic acid when consumed raises body temperature. For this reason, heat production in the body occurs which brings about fat reduction. Another functionality of chlorogenic acid is the fact that it checks the pace at which fresh fat cells develop. The most appealing factor with regards to chlorogenic acid is the fact that it is not assimilated through the small intestine or discovered by plasma. This makes chlorogenic acid quite effective in their functioning.

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Just what is Moringa Oleifera?


The benefits of Moringa Oleifera have been known for millennia, it was highly prized by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians and is now once again being rediscovered by modern science.

So what is this mysterious magical so-called Miracle tree?

Moringa Oleifera is a tree that is native to India but is now being cultivated in Africa, South America and Asia.

Part of the Moringacceae family, the Moringa Oleifera is also known as the Drumstick tree or Horse Radish tree and is highly valued and versatile. Ayurvedic therapy uses it for its range of therapeutic uses such as antifungal, antiviral, and anti inflammatory properties.

The ground dried long green oval-shaped leaves of this plant are a storehouse of nourishment and as an example they can be cooked like spinach or dried for use in soups.

Moringa Benefits and Facts

Moringa is packed full of nutrients and medicinal chemicals; it is rich in vitamins A and C, protein, calcium, iron and potassium and also contains powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, and 8 essential amino acids, a powerhouse of nutrition.

The leaves are the best part of the plant but various parts of the plant are edible, the pods can be cooked or eaten like nuts, the seeds can be pressed for oil, the roots are edible and can be diced up for use as a sauce and the flowers of the tree are like mushrooms.

Moringa contains…

Potassium, seven times more than bananas
Calcium, four times more than milk
Protein, two times more than milk
Vitamin A, four times more than carrots
Vitamin C, seven times more than oranges
Iron, twenty five times more than spinach
B3, fifty times more than peanuts
Magnesium, thirty six times more that eggs
B2, fifty times more that bananas

On top of the nutritional benefits, Moringa also contains all the essential amino acids for the development and development of the body.

Eight of the amino acids naturally contained in the tree are essential to our bodies for survival but cannot be manufactured by us but are supplied through what we eat or supplements.
Thus far there are no known side effects to the use of the leaves from the Moringa tree.

So it would seem that this so called “Miracle” plant would be a great supplement to incorporate in your diet.

Health Benefits of Moringa

Whilst the modern scientific community are just beginning to check out the benefits of the Moringa tree for physical ailment, the medicinal uses of this plant have been known in myth and folklore by the indigenous people in the areas that the tree is found.

In regions of India and Africa the pods and leaves are regularly eaten.

They believe that the Moringa tree can assist with…

Skin conditions
Improving sleep
Lowering blood sugar
Reduction of inflammation
Lowering Cholesterol
Boosts energy
Improved digestion
Improved mood

The leaves, consumed regularly can boost the immune system, lower your blood pressure also enhancing your mood and digestion. They have also been used to treat ear and eye infections, fevers, anaemia and bronchitis.

To help remedy headaches, treat bladder problems and stomach disorders the oil obtained from the seeds is used. The oil is also used in perfumes. The seeds can be eaten like peas or roasted like nuts or ground into a powder and used for the treatment of insect bites, gout, cramps, boils, arthritis and rheumatism.

For the treatment of urinary problems and as a laxative, the flowers are cooked down and the juice is used. Moringa tea is made from the flowers as this contains antioxidants and flavonoids. For a daily dose of these supplements Moringa tea bags are excellent.

The roots and bark are used to relieve kidney pain and cardiac and circulatory problems, digestion and inflammation. The strength the Moringa properties are higher so care should be taken when using these parts of the tree as medicine.

Based on research there are elements of the Moringa root that can assist improve the function of the kidneys, eliminating the calcium and phosphates that cause inflammation and stones.

Other advantages of Moringa include helping with anti-ageing and rejuvenating dull and tired skin. The antioxidant’s, vitamin C and nutrients in Moringa aid in fighting free radical damage and stabilize collagen that triggers wrinkles and skin tissue damage. It maintains moisture and softens dry skin, conditioning dry and chapped lips.

The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties found in Moringa can treat bruises, sunburn, minor cuts , skin infections and insect bites.

So is Moringa Oleifera really a Miracle Tree?

So to summarize the benefits of Moringa are huge with assorted ways you can get this glorious plant into your life and we believe it is well worth trying.

The leaves (which can be bought in powder form) are full of important nutrients, antioxidant’s, increasing blood antioxidant levels. This can lead to a reduction of blood sugar levels and has anti-inflammatory properties and can possibly lower cholesterol levels.

What more could you ask for from this ‘Miracle Tree’!