Can Green Coffee Promote Fat Reduction?


Green coffee is a term that describes raw, unroasted coffee beans. Proponents state that green coffee (or green coffee extract) can offer a variety of health advantages. Additionally, green coffee is usually touted as a natural weight loss aid.

Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant substance that breaks down when coffee beans are roasted. Research demonstrates that chlorogenic acid may be responsible for the health effects of consuming green coffee.

Since coffee’s distinctive aroma and flavor is developed through the roasting process, green coffee beans have a tendency to lack aroma and bear a somewhat bitter flavor.

Uses for Green Coffee

In alternative medicine, green coffee is sometimes suitable for the subsequent health issues:

colorectal cancer
cardiovascular disease
high blood pressure
metabolic syndrome
Parkinson’s disease

Green coffee is also said, in alternative medicine, to promote fat loss, reduce inflammation, and slow aging.

Health Advantages of Green Coffee

Although research on the health outcomes of green coffee is limited, there’s some evidence that green coffee may offer certain health benefits. Here’s a look at some key findings from the available studies on green coffee:

1) Fat Loss

Green coffee extract may be somewhat helpful to those trying to lose weight, as outlined by a 2011 research review published in Gastroenterology Research and Practice.

For the review, investigators focused on the accessible clinical trials testing green coffee extract’s efficacy as a fat burner.

Looking at data from the three clinical trials that met their criteria, the investigators found that green coffee extract was significantly more effective than placebo in lessening participants’ body weight.

However, the authors caution that most of the reviewed studies were of low quality and that more research is needed before green coffee extract can be recommended for weight loss.

In preliminary research on animals (including a 2006 study from BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine), scientists have established that green coffee extract may protect against weight gain by fighting fat absorption and promoting the liver’s metabolism of fat.

2) Blood Pressure

Green coffee may benefit people with slightly elevated blood pressure, a 2005 study from Hypertension Research suggests. For the study, 117 men with mild hypertension (high blood pressure) received either a placebo or green coffee extract every day for 28 days. By the study’s end, those given green coffee showed a considerably greater reduction in blood pressure in comparison to members of the placebo group.

3) Alzheimer’s Disease

Animal-based studies show that green coffee extract could possibly play a role in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

In a 2012 study from Nutritional Neuroscience, tests on mice revealed that decaffeinated green coffee extract helped combat impaired energy metabolism in the brain (a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease). Additionally, the study found that green coffee helped fight insulin resistance.


There’s some concern that long-term or regular consumption of green coffee may increase amounts of homocysteine (an amino acid connected to cardiovascular disease when it occurs at elevated levels). Additionally, green coffee may impact blood sugar control. Given these health conditions, it is advisable to seek medical advice prior to consuming green coffee.

It should also be noted that little is known about the safety of long-term or regular use of supplements containing green coffee extract.

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