Four Hair Advantages of Moringa


Moringa is usually referred to as a miracle worker, because for a plant with tiny leaves, it is definitely a powerhouse.

Most of us know Moringa (or malunggay, as it is called locally) as a cooking ingredient but it is alot more than the leaves you add in your soup. The Moringa plant serves many purposes, from its leaves, pods, flowers, fruits, and all the way down to its bark. It is often called “the miracle tree” because it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

To call the Moringa plant a superfood would be putting it mildly, given it has a wide range of health benefits. The plant is loaded with more than 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants. Moringa can be consumed by everyone, so children and adults can reap its benefits. Among its health advantages include boosting the immune system, treating arthritis and joint paints, headache relief, diabetes and cancer prevention, among others.

Moringa cares for your body, not just from the inside, but on the outside likewise. Your skin and hair, particularly, can gain from Moringa.

Listed below are four ways your hair can benefit from this powerhouse plant:

1. Moisturizes the scalp

Moringa oil when massaged onto the scalp has moisturizing benefits. First, wet your hair, then massage Moringa oil onto your scalp. The nutrients in the Moringa will reach your roots and moisturize your scalp. Try this if you have dry hair.

2. Makes hair stronger

If your hair does not get the nutrients it requires, it becomes weak and brittle. Regularly using Moringa oil on your hair can help ensure that it stays strong as it delivers essential minerals and vitamins to the hair follicles.

3. Fights split ends and dandruff

Split ends and dandruff can impact your confidence, but these are signs that your hair isn’t receiving the right nutrients. Moringa contains zinc and silica which help prevent the sebaceous glands from drying and clogging, which are vital in the creation of sebum. Moringa also addresses vitamin A deficiencies that commonly cause dry hair and dandruff.

4. Reduces hair loss

The hair needs lots of nutrients for optimal health, but the vitamins A and B complex groups are seen as the most crucial. B vitamins stimulate the scalp by increasing blood flow, while vitamin A is a important element in developing healthy cells and tissues.

Moringa is packed with vitamins A and B, in addition to vitamins C, D, and E, that are important for hair health.

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