Moringa: A Strong Organic Aphrodisiac


Moringa, a Natural Green Viagra? The rats agree, give me more of those green pills!

Moringa seeds and leaves could be an effective and safe alternative remedy in sexual disorders. Moringa has traditionally been used to boost sexual stamina and desire as well as to treat male sexual disorders. Scientific tests in rats, confirms that Moringa improves sexual performance. In Siddha medicine, the Moringa is employed as a sexual virility drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men. It is used by women for prolonging sexual activity.

Infertility is a major challenge in couples’ lives; approximately 30% of couple’s infertility result from male factors. Several conditions can hinder spermatogenesis and lower sperm quality and production. Many factors for instance drug treatment, chemotherapy, toxins, pollution, and insufficient vitamin intake may have side effects on spermatogenesis and the normal manufacture of sperm.

A large number of plants have been tested throughout the world for their fertility properties. Some medicinal plants are extensively used as aphrodisiac to alleviate sexual dysfunction, or as fertility enhancing agents. Moringa provide a boost of nutritional value thereby improving sexual performance and libido.

Studies confirm traditional believes that Moringa oleifera ingestion may produce increased effects on fertility and reproductive system in adult males. It also lends support to the claims for traditional usage of Moringa oleifera as a sexual function enhancing medicine. At least it works in rats! You can test some Moringa seeds in moderate quantities. Too much Viagra can’t be healthy for you!



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