Health Benefits of Moringa and the Ways to Use the Tree


What exactly is Moringa?

Moringa is a species of tree that grows in the Himalayas and India. It is now being grown in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. There are numerous subspecies, but the most essential one is Moringa oleifera. It is a fast-growing, drought-tolerant tree used extensively around the globe. In fact, the entire tree is advantageous to some extent.

Health Advantages of Moringa

Briefly, there are numerous health advantages of Moringa, and from several different parts of the plant.
Listed below are some of the health advantages:

The roots can be used as a flavoring like horseradish
The young seed pods and leaves are used as a vegetable
Oil can be expressed from the seeds and used for biodiesel
The same oil can be used on the skin and hair or in homemade soaps
The seed cakes, what is left after the oil is expressed, can be used to purify water
The leaves are high in protein, low in fat, and packed with nutrients like iron and potassium
An average serving contains up to 92% of the daily requirement of Vitamin B6, 55% of Vitamin B2 and 47% of Vitamin A
The seeds can be eaten raw or steamed like a vegetable, or roasted and used like nuts
The seeds possess a high amount of Vitamin C
Mature seeds contain up to 40% oil and can be used in the ways described above
The leaves and stems can also be used for livestock feed

How can I use the oil?

Not long ago I was given a gift of Moringa seed oil. I learned that while it has little scent, its many health benefits make it great as an additive to soaps or lotion.

It has numerous antioxidants that assist prevent skin from aging
It can be used to fight acne or other skin issues
It helps to heal scratches and scrapes
It helps to heal burns
It helps to moisturize hair
It can be good at fighting dandruff
It can help lower blood pressure levels
It can help with relaxation and to induce sleep
It can help to balance blood glucose
It has no known adverse reactions and can be used safely

To add to soap or lotion, use about 5%, or akin to how you would use an essential oil. So if the soap recipe you are using has about 16 ounces, then you would use about .75 ounce of Moringa seed oil. You might want to test out it to see what ratio works best for you.

Other Moringa Facts

Moringa is being cultivated in third world countries to help combat hunger. Because of its fast growing nature and excellent usability, it can be grown in areas where other food crops often fail. Where water is scarce, it only takes getting started and then it is drought tolerant. The leaves contain amino acids and can be used as a protein source. It also helps nursing mothers with lactation.

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