The Moringa Tree is Mama’s Companion


Moringa leaves, the best nursing supplement available on the market?

Moringa has been clinically proven to boost the production of breast milk whether it is consumed before or after the birth of a baby. For pregnant and breast-feeding women, Moringa leaves and pods can do much to preserve the mother’s health and pass on strength to the fetus or nursing child

Several studies demonstrated the lactation-enhancing effect of Moringa leaves as evidenced by a greater rise in maternal serum prolactin levels and percentages of gains in the infants’ weights among the lactating mothers who take Moringa leaves. Hence, it is recommended its routine use among mothers of pre-term infants to augment lactation, thereby ensuring an adequate supply of breast-milk in the population that needs it the most.

Boosting your Infant’s Nutrition with Moringa

Case Study: Moringa Leaf Powder Treating Malnutrition. Alternative Action for African Development (AGADA) and Church World Service tested the ability of Moringa leaf powder to counteract or cure malnutrition in pregnant or breast-feeding women and their children in southwestern Senegal. Malnutrition was a huge problem in this area, with more than 600 malnourished infants treated annually. During the test, doctors, nurses, and midwives were trained in preparing and using Moringa leaf powder for treating malnutrition. Village women were also trained in the preparation and use of Moringa leaf powder in foods. This test found the subsequent effects to be common among subjects taking Moringa leaf powder:

Children maintained or increased their weight and improved general health.

Expectant mothers recovered from anemia and had babies with higher birth weights.

Breast-feeding women increased their output of milk

Please confer with your doctor before taking Moringa. There are numerous problems while pregnant and your doctor should be the one to approve any supplement or herb you take during that period of time.

Moringa as solution to iron deficiency

Iron deficiency or anemia is very common among people, specifically women. Iron deficiency anaemia is one of the most widespread preventable nutritional problems on the planet. Haemoglobin levels of the women in reproductive age can be significantly improved with intervention with Moringa oleifera leaves.

Moringa has much more iron than spinach. 100 g of leaves or pods, or 25 g of leaf powder could provide all the daily needs of an adult, about 10-20 mg. Iron is one of those finicky nutrients that likes good company in order to be absorbed and remain in your body! While many foods contain iron, it is not easily absorbed unless certain nutrients such as vitamin C and others are present. Since Moringa contains high levels of vitamin C, it represents an excellent source of absorbable iron.

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