10 Amazing Advantages of Moringa Leaves During Pregnancy and Motherhood


Today’s post is about the 10 amazing benefits of Moringa leaves during pregnancy and motherhood.

There are beautiful memories etched in my heart when I think of my home back Kerala. The sweet rustic scent of the soil with the first rain, tender plantain leaves shivering, rain water dripping on it, at nighttime the creeping of various insects and croaking frogs!

Moringa trees usually are uprooted during heavy rainfall in Kerala. Once one of our Moringa trees had fallen down and I still recall the day when ‘Acchan'(dad) supplied baskets of Moringa leaves to all our neighbors. Not to mention we were tired of eating Moringa leaves and drumsticks throughout that week in different forms.

Moringa leaves are enriched with about 90+ nutrients like calcium, vitamin B, protein, Vitamin A , potassium and many more. It’s a nutritious food.

Medicinal Benefits of Moringa Leaves

1. Aids in breast milk production

Moringa leaves curried using pepper powder, salt and turmeric powder are provided to new moms. It assists in boosting the breast milk supply. That’s why it is thought to be one of the super foods to boost lactation in new mothers. It is also the sole curry provided to new moms in their post natal diet in Kerala.

2. Relieves constipation

Moringa leaves with its fiber content enables you to clear the bowels easily.

3. Good for cold in babies and children

If your baby has running nose, take Moringa tender leaves along with stem and boil it in pure coconut oil. Apply this oil in baby’s scalp everyday. It is known to halt runny and itchy nose in babies. (NOTE : Please do not try this for babies below 6 months even though its external)

4. Balances the sugar level of the body

Moringa leaves control and balance the sugar levels. So even diabetic moms and dads could have it.

5. Immunizes the body as it acts as an antioxidant

Rich in antioxidants, Moringa leaves act as an antioxidant which helps the body combat germs and infections.

6. Promotes proper digestion and metabolism

Moringa leaves act as a very good digestion aid and helps in proper metabolism.

7. Lowers blood pressure – Helps to control blood pressure

8. Provides energy – Being a wholesome food, it offers enormous amounts of energy

9. Lactose free – Because the calcium contained in Moringa leaves is lactose free, even lactose-intolerant moms or mom to be/s can have it

10. Increases blood circulation – Assists in increasing the blood circulation. Also its perfect for anemic moms or moms-to-be.

11. Increases skin texture and beauty – Juice of Moringa leaves is a perfect fix for acne and other skin problems.

12. Rich supply of iron – Moringa is full of iron and zinc. Compared to spinach, Moringa has 25 times more iron and iron absorption of the body is increased with the usage of Moringa leaves.

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