“Moringa Oleifera” often known as “Moringa” is growing in popularity among health conscious people worldwide. Some call it the “Miracle Tree” while yet others refer to it as “The tree of life”. The Moringa plant is indigenous to the Himalayan foothills of Asia and on account of it’s popularity and fast growth, it’s now being cultivated throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Moringa the Superfood!

A plant with multiple medicinal uses and benefits. A superfood to rival most other superfoods because of its incredible nutritional value.

The Name: Moringa

The word Moringa comes from the Malayalam word murinna, or the Tamil word murungai. In the Philippines it is known it as malunggay, which also differs across local dialects like Bicolano (kalungai) or Bisaya (alungai). Moringa is also known as maroenga in Indonesia, Kachang Kelur or Lemunggai in Malaysia, and Ma rum in Thailand. In countries outside of Asia, Moringa is also known as a drumstick tree or horseradish tree.

Moringa – all you can eat!

Much of the plant is edible by humans or by animals. Every part of the Moringa tree can be used in medical science. People eat the leaves, flowers, seeds, pods, its flower blossoms and its buds.

Moringa Health Advantages

Great Source of Protein

Some consider Moringa protein better than soy protein as it is non-allergic. Proteins are digested into smaller units referred to as amino acids. Amino acids are the foundations of proteins which are necessary to grow, repair and keep cells. Moringa contains 18 of the 20 amino acids essential for the human body including all 8 of the essential amino acids present in meat products.

Many Vitamins

The leaves of Moringa Oleifera are nature’s multi-vitamin providing 7 x the vitamin C of oranges, 4 x the calcium of milk, 4 x the vitamin A of carrots, 3 x the potassium of bananas, and 2 x the protein of yogurt. A 100-g portion of fresh Moringa leaves has 9.3 g protein, 434 mg calcium, 404 mg potassium, 738 µg vitamin A, and 164 mg vitamin C.

Animal Nutrition

Feeding the high-protein leaves to cattle has been shown to increase weight gain by up to 32% and milk production by 43 to 65%. The seeds contain 30 to 40% oil that is high in oleic acid, while degreased meal is 61% protein.

What are Antioxidants?

Moringa has over 92 nutrients and 46 natural antioxidants, in addition to anti-inflammatory compounds.

Antioxidants protect the body against “free radicals” – unstable molecules that cause harm to our bodies over time. Most of the benefits of Moringa leaves are attributable to the rich antioxidant content, which comes from vitamins and other unique plant phytochemicals.

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Green Coffee Extract – The Greener Facet of Coffee


Green coffee bean extract is presently among the preferred diet solutions today. It is one of the most recent, yet effective weight loss regimen on the market. There have been many studies that demonstrate the strength of these green beans. Because of its benefits, some consumers have referred to it as the new health food.

This miracle extract can help you slim down by aiding your metabolism and managing your blood sugar. With its natural formulation, you can shed your excess weight without feeling tired in addition to burnt out.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

It is actually the raw or unroasted coffee beans of the Coffea fruit. These green beans are then soaked, cleaned, dried and concentrated to be able to create its precious extract. Green coffee bean extract contains high quantities of the chemical called chlorogenic acid, which has a lot of potential health benefits for losing weight, coronary disease and diabetes.

Ingredients of the Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract has numerous natural ingredients that assist in losing weight and help in improving your health. Its components are listed below together with their corresponding uses and purposes.

• Chlorogenic Acid. Green coffee bean extract possess a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to roasted coffee beans. They are the most potent supply of this chemical type. It assists in effecting and handling the body’s blood glucose and metabolic process. Therefore, it contributes greatly in speedily burning excess fat. It also acts as an appetite suppressant. There are also studies that indicate the chemical’s aid in the improvement of retinal health. According to experts and health supplement companies, green coffee bean extract that contain a chlorogenic acid degree of 40% to 50% are the most ideal choice.

• Antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that can prevent and reduce cell damage. They are the body’s first defense against free radicals. Green coffee bean extract contain a high level of antioxidants that can aid the body in eliminating toxins. It also decelerates the body’s aging process. Antioxidants within this extract are also attributed as the body’s shield against various diseases such as stroke, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

• Caffeine. It is said that too much caffeine is detrimental for the body. Green coffee extract has the right amount of caffeine that the body requires. Therefore, you will experience the benefits of this extract and still feel energized and active.

Green Coffee Extract and Roasted Coffee

Some people may ask, “Why not just drink normal coffee?” The challenge about drinking roasted coffee is that its chlorogenic acid decreases. With green coffee bean extract, this vital chemical is at its highest level. This natural chemical has wondrous effects for example aiding weight reduction, blocking fat accumulation, stopping carbohydrate absorption and regulating blood glucose levels.

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Moringa Oleifera Benefits


Moringa oleifera, a tree that grows in the tropical belt, is considered to possess strong healing properties. It is widely cultivated in the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the Pacific islands. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used it to heal various chronic diseases.

In developing countries, Moringa oleifera can reduce malnutrition. In many poverty-struck areas of the world, Moringa oleifera serves as food for lactating mothers and babies. The greatest advantage of this tree is that it is drought-resistant. Even when the dry season causes leaves of other plants to dry up, the Moringa oleifera continues to grow. The leaves and tender stems can be eaten fresh or cooked. These can also be crushed into a powder and stored without refrigeration. It is often touted as a “life-saving tree” for this reason.

Advantages of Moringa Oleifera

It is thought that this miracle tree has more Vitamin A than carrots, more Vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach. It is a complete food by itself.

Its strong antioxidant properties guard against skin cancer and prostrate growth. Moringa oleifera also prevents the development of cysts, tumors and glands. It curbs other health conditions such as anemia and high blood pressure. Liver, kidney, stomach and thyroid problems can also be prevented by taking this medicine.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa oleifera reduce different body pains. It is very effective for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and joint pain. It can also control other severe diseases for example epilepsy, migraine and other headaches.

Its detoxification properties make it suitable to deal with scorpion and snake bites.

Nutritional Benefits

Everything about the Moringa oleifera is nutritious. You can eat the cooked leaves, shoots, pulp and seeds. You could also dry these parts, turn them into powder and use in various food preparations. Moringa oleifera contains all essential vitamins and minerals. You can even have it in capsule form.

The Moringa oleifera is an alternative treatment that is fast becoming popular in the West.

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Reviving Benefits of Moringa


Do you know the rejuvenating skin advantages of Moringa?

Moringa oleifera’s unique blend of beneficial nutrients have been utilized for centuries in Moringa’s native land of India to assist improve skin tone, complexion, and radiance. Indeed, lots of people consider Moringa oleifera to be the big secret behind the beautiful skin that is very well known throughout Indian culture.

What exactly is it within the leaves of Moringa oleifera that can create such healthy and vibrant skin?

The answer is antioxidants, as well as another fundamental mineral that has been known for centuries as “the beauty mineral” – sulfur. Antioxidants are compounds that rid the body of harmful substances. As antioxidants traverse the body, they block the ability of deadly substances called “free radicals” to wreck cells. Everyone requires large amounts of antioxidants to shield the numerous cells that make up the human body. Many antioxidants are introduced directly via your diet, and other antioxidants are manufactured inside the body. If antioxidants did not protect against free radicals, the stress on the body’s cells would be considerably higher. Cells would have much shorter lifespans and would have to work much harder to help maintain a healthy environment. When free radicals take their toll on human skin, with time this creates the appearance of age. The skin becomes worn down, less resistant to winkles, and takes on a dull and worn appearance. Antioxidants work to revitalize skin cells by eliminating the free radicals which make the skin cells age. Cleansing the skin cells of free radicals can restore vitality and youthful complexion to skin which has been depleted of antioxidants over time. While not all antioxidants are created equal, Moringa oleifera leaves contain over 30 antioxidants, which are well suited for skin health.

Moringa oil is also great for delivering these powerful antioxidants to skin cells, due to its highly absorbable nature. Also contained in the leaves of Moringa is the all-important mineral sulfur. Despite its tarnished reputation, sulfur is a very important mineral which is found in each and every cell in the body. Furthermore, sulfur is the key ingredient in two substances which make up our skin: collagen and keratin. Collagen is an elastic substance which is responsible for giving skin its flexibility and softness. Keratin is a more rigid substances which gives skin its rigidity and strength. Together, these two substances make up the majority of all skin tissue in your body, and they are also the main components in your hair and nails. Keratin and collagen are made up of proteins which rely heavily on sulfur for their construction. Because Moringa oleifera leaves are a source of naturally occurring sulfur, they may play a role in improved collagen and keratin production in your body, bringing vitality to your skin. Moringa oleifera is one of nature’s most skin-friendly plants, supplying the body with important nutrients that bring vibrancy and vitality back to skin tissue. Try Moringa leaves today and see what the wonderful Moringa plant can do for your skin – and the rest of you too!

Green Coffee Beans: The Magic Bean for Losing Fat?


Summertime is almost here, which means swimsuit season is just around the corner. I am sure some of us have been aiming to eat better and workout more to fit into that teeny tiny bikini (I know I have!), but most likely the pounds are not coming off as fast as you would like them to. Well get excited because recent reports have discovered that green or unroasted coffee beans can produce a substantial decrease in body weight in a relatively short time period.

The most recent study on these magical green coffee beans is published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal and was presented at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The investigation followed a group of 16 adults in their 20s who took the green coffee bean supplements for 22 weeks. Over the course of the investigation, the individuals lost an average of 17 pounds each. This ended up being 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat.

The individuals alternated between a low dose (700 mg) and a higher dose (1,050 mg) of the supplement. It was referred to as a “cross-over” study since the subjects would cycle through the two doses and the placebo, each for six weeks. The subjects were all monitored for their overall diet and exercise over the study period. Joe Vinson, the chemist at the University of Scranton who conducted this study, stated, “Their calories, carbohydrates, fats and protein intake did not change during the study, nor did their exercise regimen change.”

From this study, it appears that you do not even have to do anything different while taking this food supplement. You do not need to exercise and you don’t need to diet; you just shed pounds fast.

I bet most of you are wondering if green coffee bean supplement is safe or not, and the fact is yes it is safe. Dr. Oz and Lindsey Duncan, a qualified nutritionist, both do not recommend “weight-loss” supplements, but this magic bean has them both amazed and they both recommend taking it because of how safe it is and the results that come from it.

Another great benefit of the green coffee bean supplement is that it does not have any side effects. Unlike other diet pills that have been pulled off the marketplace by the FDA over health concerns or cause side effects like gastrointestinal problems, green coffee has no related problems. Even Vinson, the chemist at the University of Scranton who conducted the one study, confessed that he started taking the green coffee bean supplement.

Now you may be wondering if you can get the same effects from the coffee beverage, but the truth is you can’t. From previous studies and his most recent study on the magic bean, Vinson believes that the weight loss is a result of a substance called chlorogenic acid. This substance is only present in green coffee beans and is broken down during the roasting process. Before the green coffee beans are roasted, they contain over 50% of chlorogenic acid, which is what gives the raw beans their extremely bitter taste.

Lindsey Duncan states that chlorogenic acid “works by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body, while at the same time boosting the metabolism or the ‘burning’ of fat in the liver.” The two mechanisms band together to inhibit the absorption of fat and eliminate fat gain. It may also reduce insulin levels, which would improve metabolic function.

Joe Vinson also stated, “Based on our results, taking multiple capsules of green coffee extract a day – while eating a low fat, healthful diet and exercising regularly – appears to be a safe, effective, inexpensive way to lose weight.”

The study also demonstrated that the more extract that the subjects consumed, the more weight and fat that they lost. Now that does not mean to go out and take a bottle of green coffee bean supplements a day because too much of something is also bad for you. Additionally, more studies need to be conducted to conclude these results. Vinson is already planning a larger study involving 60 individuals, which will hopefully have the same results.

Duncan and Dr. Oz suggest taking 400 mg of pure green coffee bean supplements and to take two capsules 30 minutes before meals. For the best results, it is strongly recommended to take two or three times per day with a full glass of water. It is crucial for the supplement to be pure and contain absolutely no filters or binders.

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Green Coffee Beans for Weight Reduction and Cardiovascular Disease


Many of us enjoy a cup of joe each and every morning, for breakfast or perhaps the evening. We enjoy coffee for the wide variety of flavors, the aroma and the energy boost it brings us. We all are familiar with the dark brown coffee beans used to deliver refreshing brews in coffee houses around the globe. Roasted coffee is renowned for having vitamins and minerals with health advantages for example potassium, magnesium, and riboflavin. The roasting process however also translates into the loss of some wonderful natural compounds. There is however a totally different version of the beloved bean which helps the body with weight reduction and high blood pressure. Yes, we are speaking about Green Coffee Beans, the unroasted form of the coffee bean.

Chlorogenic Acid and Super Antioxidants make Green Coffee Beans Special

The key lies in the way Chlorogenic acid affects our body. For health and weight loss benefits, recent studies on green coffee beans revealed two dynamite chemical compounds, the foremost is Chlorogenic acid and second is the presence of vital antioxidants. Chlorogenic acid has been confirmed to be ideal for weight loss by preventing surplus fat stores, balancing blood sugar levels, and improving the liver’s ability to metabolize fats. When blood glucose is balanced sugary cravings are reduced. Lastly, these compounds have been shown to have benefits on blood pressure. That’s quite a host of benefits for one simple supplement.

Start Losing Pounds with Green Coffee Beans

Forget about fad diets and every day exercise routines, you can start dropping those unwanted pounds using Green Coffee Beans. Two independent studies in 2012 published on Green Coffee Beans carried out by “open access to scientific and medical research” and Dr. OZ research teams have determined that there are positive weight reduction results when using Green coffee beans. In both cases test subjects lost on an average 18 pounds within 3 months.

Green Coffee beans are available in the form of Green Coffee Bean Extract also referred to as GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant). Recently many companies have introduced GCA Extract to the marketplace in the form of supplements. As with any health product make sure avoid the adverse reactions of artificial fillers and binders employed by some companies to cut costs and bring to market at a lower price point. These items while cheap will not produce desired results without premium quality ingredients and strict quality control standards.
Keep in mind, proper diet and exercise are essential facets of feeling good and slimming down. By doing these things and adding a quality supplement like green coffee bean extract you can realize your full weight reduction potential while still feeling energetic.

Don’t Compromise on GCA Extract Quality and Brand

There are many companies selling Green Coffee Bean extract in the form of supplement capsules that might not as good as they claim to be. Don’t forget to choose a 100% natural product with no additives and 50% Chlorogenic acid.

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Moringa Tea


Moringa tea, a common organic infusion produced from the leaves of the Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera) has been employed for its medicinal properties over a long time. The caffeine-free herbal tea has a pleasant, all-natural aroma with a reddish-brown or dark yellowish color.

History and Origin

Over centuries, uses of the Moringa tree have spread throughout Asia, Africa, Mediterranean, and America. This medicinal plant has been traditionally called “The Miracle Tree” with its history going back thousands of years. Moringa flowers, leaves, roots, pods, and seeds are all used for various edible and culinary purposes.

Moringa Tea Benefits

It is a rich source of essential minerals, vitamins, protein, amino acids, and beta-carotene. As it offers a mixture of kaempferol, caffeoylquinic acid, beta-sitosterol, quercetin, and zeatin, Moringa offers plenty of health advantages.

Weight Reduction: Being rich in nutrients and having a low fat content, Moringa leaf tea is an easily digestible beverage that assists to check fat gain by lessening the urge to eat between meals.
Cancer: Several studies have demonstrated the anti-tumor capacity of Moringa. It has a constituent chemical, called benzyl isothiocyanate, which has chemoprotective and anti-cancer properties. Therefore, the tea strengthens cells in patients struggling with cancer, helping them tolerate chemotherapy.
Cholesterol: Moringa oleifera leaf extracts assist in keeping LDL cholesterol levels low. An animal study performed by researchers from Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department, University of Nigeria, showed significant reduction in degrees of high-fat-diet-induced cholesterol.
Sexual Health: This natural decoction helps in increasing libido both in women and men, thereby treating certain sexual dysfunctions.
Liver Health: Regular consumption of Moringa offers the liver with the capability to deal with the damaging effects of air-, water- and food-borne toxins. It stabilizes cell membranes and protects the liver by promoting regeneration of cells damaged during usual detoxification process.
Kidney Disease: Patients on dialysis can take this antioxidant-rich tea to shield the kidney cells from damage. The herb is also suitable for boosting immune system, preventing infections, and maintaining blood pressure in patients.
Vitality: With plenty of energy boosting constituents, this herbal tea boosts stamina, concentration and mental clarity.

Steps to make Moringa Tea

Place a handful of fresh or dry Moringa leaves into tea kettle
Pour a cup of boiling water over it
Add fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, or cardamom pods for aroma (optional)
Keep the kettle covered and steep for 5 minutes
Strain out into a teacup
Add sugar or honey together with lemon juice to enhance taste (optional)

Moringa Tea Precaution

The tea, prepared from Moringa leaves, is safe for drinking. However, intake of the root should be avoided since it contains a harmful substance that could cause serious side effects including paralysis and even death.

Side Effects

Over-consumption of Moringa might cause a few side effects like heartburn, diarrhea, and nausea.

Consumption during Pregnancy

Since there is absence of evidence about the effects of Moringa tea on the fetus, expectant mothers should avoid its intake. Flowers and barks of this herb should not be taken during pregnancy, as they might cause miscarriages because of contractions in uterus.

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