Losing Weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract


Can you really expect to lose weight by supplementing with green coffee bean extract? This post outlines the analysis and what you can really expect when you use this supplement to assist shed weight.

Firstly; yes, this supplement will assist you to slim down. Just as important, it promotes fat loss while sparing lean (muscle) tissue. How does it work? Let’s review.

Scientists discovered the weight loss advantages of green coffee bean extract after understanding that coffee itself appeared to be healthy. After reviewing large epidemiological studies on thousands of people they found that individuals who drank coffee seemed to have healthier blood sugar levels and much less cardiovascular issues. In fact the more coffee they drank, the greater the benefits appeared to be. Then they discovered that coffee lovers were thinner. These findings sparked tremendous excitement.

Scientists wondered: was it the caffeine that was causing these beneficial findings? It turns out that it wasn’t as decaffeinated coffee seemed to offer similar benefits. After much experimentation, researchers found coffee’s Holy Grail; it was a phytonutrient called chlorogenic acid. Interestingly, almost all of the chlorogenic acid in coffee is destroyed in the roasting process.

This gave scientists an interesting idea. Might an extract from the green coffee bean, with higher chlorogenic acid content, have even greater benefits? Might green coffee bean extract promote healthy blood sugar and cardiovascular health better? Might it support fat loss and weight loss better than regular coffee?

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Fortunately, the studies are done and the answers are in: Yes, yes and yes! Green coffee bean extract does support healthy blood glucose levels, it does cause us to mobilize and burn more fat and yes…it does help us to shed pounds. And not just a little…the research shows that you should expect substantial fat loss when you supplement properly with green coffee bean extract. Let’s look at some of the research.

For the sake of brevity I will review two recent studies. The earliest study appeared in the 1/17/12 issue of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy. Researchers worked with 16 overweight patients in a 22 week crossover study. The material used for this study was GCA® green coffee bean extract supplied by Applied Food Sciences Inc (Austin, TX). Participants were instructed not to change their normal diet or exercise habits. By the end of the study, participants lost on average 17.5 lbs, their body mass index (BMI) went down substantially and their body fat was markedly reduced. Importantly scientists were able to determine that the participants lost weight during the supplementation periods on both low (700mgs/day) and high dose (1,050mgs/day) green coffee bean extract but not while on placebo.

In a European study, published in the journal Phytotherapy (Phytotherapie) Number 4, 2006, researchers used 400 mgs of Svetol brand green coffee bean extract with 50 participants aged 19-75 during the course of a sixty day placebo controlled study. Interestingly, in this study scientist tried to mimic what happens when people diet by asking participants to lessen their daily caloric intake by 500 calories. Both groups lost weight, however those on Svetol green coffee bean extract lost considerably more. The group on placebo lost 5 lbs. while the group on Svetol lost 11 lbs. In addition, the BMI of the group on Svetol green coffee bean extract went down by 5.7% and the ratio of lean (muscle) mass to fat mass increased by 4%. This signifies that the green coffee bean extract caused participants to shed weight by increasing fat burning while sparing muscle tissue (exactly what you want when losing weight). The participants took 1 capsule containing 200mgs of Svetol green coffee bean extract with each of their 2 biggest meals.

Green coffee bean extract was recently reviewed by the Dr. Oz show so there is a considerable amount of hype, especially on the internet. When using green coffee bean extract for weight loss, ensure that you are utilizing one of these brands: Svetol or GCA®. Both these are made by excellent manufactures. Both have good human studies and more importantly both have zero negative side effects. In fact along with the weight reduction and fat burning, you receive side benefits in terms of health blood sugar levels and cardiovascular support.

The results of these and several other studies are so significant, so impressive, I believe it’s worth a moment to elucidate the modes of action provided by green coffee bean extract to support healthy blood sugar levels, fat burning and weight loss.

First, the chlorogenic acid (from green coffee bean extract) decreases the amount of sugar absorbed in the small intestine by disturbing something referred to as the sodium potassium pump. This reduces the rise in blood sugar after a meal. Normally when blood glucose increases the pancreas produces insulin to drive the sugar from our blood stream into our cells. Furthermore insulin behaves as a fat storage hormone instructing the fat cells to store more fat. In the presence of green coffee bean extract, we absorb less sugar and therefore keep insulin levels lower and store less fat. If this were the only mode of action supplied by green coffee bean extract it would be worth utilizing, however there is a second, equally important mode of action.

The chlorogenic acid makes its way to the liver where it slows the normal release of stored sugar into the blood stream. Under normal conditions the liver stores a lot of the sugar that we absorb from the food we eat, to be released when required to feed our cells. Several hours after a meal our blood sugar levels start to drop. This causes our pancreas to release a hormone called glucagon. Glucagon signals to the liver to release its stored sugar to feed our cells. However, in the presence of chlorogenic acid this process is markedly reduced. As the blood sugar drops (and the liver is not releasing its stores of glucose) glucagon causes fat cells to discharge fat as an alternate fuel source to feed our cells. Due to this action we are mobilizing more fat to be burned as energy.

To review: Chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean extract reduces the absorption of some of the sugar from the food we eat in the small intestine reducing spikes in blood glucose and insulin. Additionally it causes the discharge of fat from our fat cells to be burned as fuel to feed our cells. These are two exciting properties that help us to lose weight, but they won’t happen effectively unless we supplement properly.

Chlorogenic acid is a plant nutrient and gets broken down by our normal digestive response. Therefore, in order to achieve the best results take green coffee bean extract with your 2 or 3 biggest meals. In this way the chlorogenic acid will be available to provide these benefits the whole day. If you simply take 2 or 3 capsules in the morning instead of spacing them out you will not achieve the same results.

Eat correctly, exercise, maintain a positive mental attitude and supplement wisely. That’s how we’ll age youthfully, together.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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