Losing Weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract


Can you really expect to lose weight by supplementing with green coffee bean extract? This post outlines the analysis and what you can really expect when you use this supplement to assist shed weight.

Firstly; yes, this supplement will assist you to slim down. Just as important, it promotes fat loss while sparing lean (muscle) tissue. How does it work? Let’s review.

Scientists discovered the weight loss advantages of green coffee bean extract after understanding that coffee itself appeared to be healthy. After reviewing large epidemiological studies on thousands of people they found that individuals who drank coffee seemed to have healthier blood sugar levels and much less cardiovascular issues. In fact the more coffee they drank, the greater the benefits appeared to be. Then they discovered that coffee lovers were thinner. These findings sparked tremendous excitement.

Scientists wondered: was it the caffeine that was causing these beneficial findings? It turns out that it wasn’t as decaffeinated coffee seemed to offer similar benefits. After much experimentation, researchers found coffee’s Holy Grail; it was a phytonutrient called chlorogenic acid. Interestingly, almost all of the chlorogenic acid in coffee is destroyed in the roasting process.

This gave scientists an interesting idea. Might an extract from the green coffee bean, with higher chlorogenic acid content, have even greater benefits? Might green coffee bean extract promote healthy blood sugar and cardiovascular health better? Might it support fat loss and weight loss better than regular coffee?

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Fortunately, the studies are done and the answers are in: Yes, yes and yes! Green coffee bean extract does support healthy blood glucose levels, it does cause us to mobilize and burn more fat and yes…it does help us to shed pounds. And not just a little…the research shows that you should expect substantial fat loss when you supplement properly with green coffee bean extract. Let’s look at some of the research.

For the sake of brevity I will review two recent studies. The earliest study appeared in the 1/17/12 issue of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy. Researchers worked with 16 overweight patients in a 22 week crossover study. The material used for this study was GCA® green coffee bean extract supplied by Applied Food Sciences Inc (Austin, TX). Participants were instructed not to change their normal diet or exercise habits. By the end of the study, participants lost on average 17.5 lbs, their body mass index (BMI) went down substantially and their body fat was markedly reduced. Importantly scientists were able to determine that the participants lost weight during the supplementation periods on both low (700mgs/day) and high dose (1,050mgs/day) green coffee bean extract but not while on placebo.

In a European study, published in the journal Phytotherapy (Phytotherapie) Number 4, 2006, researchers used 400 mgs of Svetol brand green coffee bean extract with 50 participants aged 19-75 during the course of a sixty day placebo controlled study. Interestingly, in this study scientist tried to mimic what happens when people diet by asking participants to lessen their daily caloric intake by 500 calories. Both groups lost weight, however those on Svetol green coffee bean extract lost considerably more. The group on placebo lost 5 lbs. while the group on Svetol lost 11 lbs. In addition, the BMI of the group on Svetol green coffee bean extract went down by 5.7% and the ratio of lean (muscle) mass to fat mass increased by 4%. This signifies that the green coffee bean extract caused participants to shed weight by increasing fat burning while sparing muscle tissue (exactly what you want when losing weight). The participants took 1 capsule containing 200mgs of Svetol green coffee bean extract with each of their 2 biggest meals.

Green coffee bean extract was recently reviewed by the Dr. Oz show so there is a considerable amount of hype, especially on the internet. When using green coffee bean extract for weight loss, ensure that you are utilizing one of these brands: Svetol or GCA®. Both these are made by excellent manufactures. Both have good human studies and more importantly both have zero negative side effects. In fact along with the weight reduction and fat burning, you receive side benefits in terms of health blood sugar levels and cardiovascular support.

The results of these and several other studies are so significant, so impressive, I believe it’s worth a moment to elucidate the modes of action provided by green coffee bean extract to support healthy blood sugar levels, fat burning and weight loss.

First, the chlorogenic acid (from green coffee bean extract) decreases the amount of sugar absorbed in the small intestine by disturbing something referred to as the sodium potassium pump. This reduces the rise in blood sugar after a meal. Normally when blood glucose increases the pancreas produces insulin to drive the sugar from our blood stream into our cells. Furthermore insulin behaves as a fat storage hormone instructing the fat cells to store more fat. In the presence of green coffee bean extract, we absorb less sugar and therefore keep insulin levels lower and store less fat. If this were the only mode of action supplied by green coffee bean extract it would be worth utilizing, however there is a second, equally important mode of action.

The chlorogenic acid makes its way to the liver where it slows the normal release of stored sugar into the blood stream. Under normal conditions the liver stores a lot of the sugar that we absorb from the food we eat, to be released when required to feed our cells. Several hours after a meal our blood sugar levels start to drop. This causes our pancreas to release a hormone called glucagon. Glucagon signals to the liver to release its stored sugar to feed our cells. However, in the presence of chlorogenic acid this process is markedly reduced. As the blood sugar drops (and the liver is not releasing its stores of glucose) glucagon causes fat cells to discharge fat as an alternate fuel source to feed our cells. Due to this action we are mobilizing more fat to be burned as energy.

To review: Chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean extract reduces the absorption of some of the sugar from the food we eat in the small intestine reducing spikes in blood glucose and insulin. Additionally it causes the discharge of fat from our fat cells to be burned as fuel to feed our cells. These are two exciting properties that help us to lose weight, but they won’t happen effectively unless we supplement properly.

Chlorogenic acid is a plant nutrient and gets broken down by our normal digestive response. Therefore, in order to achieve the best results take green coffee bean extract with your 2 or 3 biggest meals. In this way the chlorogenic acid will be available to provide these benefits the whole day. If you simply take 2 or 3 capsules in the morning instead of spacing them out you will not achieve the same results.

Eat correctly, exercise, maintain a positive mental attitude and supplement wisely. That’s how we’ll age youthfully, together.

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How to Achieve Best Results With Green Coffee Bean Extract


While it is not easy to predict a lot of things today, you can be assured that diet fads and fat loss gimmicks are here to stay. In truth, a few of these fads have overstayed. You may call it a client’s dire need for an instant fix or excellent marketing, but green coffee bean extract seems as if it will be here for a little longer.

Buzz Following Dr. Oz Show

The hype about this product began around September 2012 when Dr. Oz revealed that green coffee extract is a fat burner that can help women shed weight. There have been several short-term research findings suggesting that Chlorogenic acid decelerates the speed of fat absorption from food and more importantly, it stimulates metabolism of unwanted fat.
On the whole, green coffee is unroasted or raw coffee beans from the coffee fruits. Normally, when the coffee beans are roasted, the amount of Chlorogenic acid falls..

In his own study, Dr. Oz ran a survey on 100 women for 2 weeks, and discovered that women who took 400 mg of the green coffee bean extract lost around two pound. In contrast, the women who took the placebo only lost one pound on average. Unfortunately, there has not been conclusive scientific evidence supporting the claim that the extract helps in weight reduction, especially in regards to its long-term success.

Just like the roasted coffee, the green coffee bean extract also has caffeine. Arguably, two cups of coffee daily are safe and may have underlying benefits; more of it is not healthy for you. Excessive intake of caffeine can result in nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, elevated heart rate, gastrointestinal distress among other complications.

Types of Coffee Bean Extracts

100% Pure – just as the name suggests, the product does not have any additional fillers, binders, or ingredients. Even though the product label may state that it is pure, you should verify it is indeed pure.

Chlorogenic Acid Level 40 to 50 percent – as discussed earlier, this acid is the active component that is believed to aid in weight loss. Many health supplement producers have a Chlorogenic acid level of between 40 and 50 per cent. Therefore, when comparing green coffee bean extracts, it is important to check these levels.

Laboratory Verified – normally, the level of Chlorogenic acid and its purity ought to be verified by a laboratory. Therefore, when shopping for the extract, make sure you check whether the product meets the criteria set by renowned labs.


With regard to fat loss, green coffee extracts looks like the silver bullet. Overall, there are no straightforward or quick fixes to weight loss; it takes commitment and time. Most importantly, it is not just about swallowing a pill and waiting for the magic to happen , eating the right foods that are rich in essential nutrients to fuel our body is essential.

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Moringa Rewards for Skin, Hair and your Wellness


In a great many European countries like Germany in addition to Africa, India and Asia Moringa is used to combat nausea, indigestion, diabetes as well as malnutrition. Diabetic patients can easily consume Moringa since the sugar content is low and is considered to help regulate your blood glucose levels. The magical leaf is an abundant source of 25 mineral and Vitamins, including Vitamin C. Moringa has long been used to enhances the circulation of blood within your body.

1. Studies indicate that Moringa is helpful for addressing gastrointestinal problems. Its stimulating effect over the metabolism helps your body to burn calories. Moringa is absorbed into the intestine.

2. Provides energy- A cup of Moringa every day can energize your body and help you to remain pro-active during the whole day. By regulating your blood sugar levels and preventing crashes.

3. Provides nourishment- Besides being a nourishing drink for the entire body, Moringa also has an essential role in nourishing your brain and eyes.

4. Aids in digestion- Moringa promotes proper digestion of food in the digestive track.

5. Proper excretory function- Moringa also helps in the proper function of the kidney and liver. A body is regarded as fit and healthy only if the waste disposal function is normal.

6. Promotes skin health- Skin is the mirror of one’s health. When the digestive and excretory system of a body is functioning properly, its effects can be visualized by the skin.

7. Enhances hair growth- Hair becomes lively, shiny, glossy with the proper intake of nutrients. The nutrients contained in this leaf boosts the proper growth of hair.

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The Nutritional and Health Advantages of Moringa Leaves


Moringa is a type of flowering plant that belongs to the Moringaceae family. It’s native to Africa and Asia. There are over 13 species of Moringa and every one of them thrive in subtropical climates. The plant is cultivated for its highly nutritious fruits and leaves. The leaves are either processed or taken fresh for their many health advantages. In today’s post, we are listing down the incredible health and nutritional advantages of Moringa leaves:

Reduces Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Level

In Asia, Moringa leaves are traditionally used to treat hypertension and high cholesterol. A 2007 study published in the Phytotherapy Research confirms moringa’s amazing healing abilities. The research demonstrates that Moringa leaves contain plant-based bioactive that stabilizes blood pressure. The bioactive include thiocarbamate glycosides, nitrile and mustard oil glycosides. The same study discovered that Moringa also contains B-sitosterol. This nutrient helps minimize low-density lipoprotein triglycerides and cholesterol in lab animals.

Keeps the Liver Healthy

The liver is the largest body organ. It’s also the most abused. The liver functions to filter the blood and take away toxins. While the liver can regenerate itself, it’s not impervious to damage. A damaged liver will easily result in severe health problems. Moringa leaves help reverse damage and detoxify the liver.

In fact, a 2012 study published in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology found that Moringa leaf extract eliminated any damage caused by a high-fat diet in lab mice. In another study published in Phytotherapy Research, researchers found that Moringa leaves have a special flavonoid called quercetin. This flavonoid helps improve liver function and prevent damages.

Improves Lung Functions

Should you suffer from bronchial asthma, we recommend increasing your usage of powdered Moringa seed kernels. A 2008 study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology implies that Moringa leaves help reduce bronchial asthma symptoms. Bronchial asthma is a lung disease caused by inflamed airways. The research involved feeding 20 asthmatic patients with 3 grams of powdered or dried Moringa seed kernels for 3 weeks. After the trial, researchers found that the treatment reduced asthma attacks significantly without side effects.

Improves Heart Health

Moringa seeds and leaves are full of oleic acid. Oleic acid is a form of monounsaturated fatty acid that keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. It’s the same compound that makes the Mediterranean diet so healthy. In a 2007 study published in the Alternative Medicine Review found that oleic acid could also prevent certain types of cancer.

Full of Essential Nutrients

Moringa leaves and seeds are loaded with vitamin A, and C. It’s also rich in iron. Vitamin A helps improve vision, prevents eye problems and keeps the skin younger-looking. On the other hand, vitamin C protects from oxidative stress, strengthens the body’s defence mechanism and reverses the signs of aging. Iron helps regenerate red blood cells to prevent anemia.

Protects From Infections

A 2010 study published in the issue of Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo discovered that Moringa extracts contain powerful antibacterial properties. Eating Moringa leaves helps prevent all sorts of bacterial infections. It also contains antiseptic and antiviral properties.

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Other Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract


Currently one of the world’s most popular weight-loss supplements, green coffee bean extract is being seen as the new magical solution for fast weight-loss. As the name suggests, the supplement is prepared from green coffee beans and was put under spotlight by famous American TV doctor Dr Oz.

What exactly are Green Coffee Beans?

As coffee beans are naturally green, green coffee beans are nothing but coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. They are full of antioxidants and active compounds for instance caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

While research has shown that caffeine can boost metabolism by three to 11 percent, chlorogenic acid is believed to be the active substance who makes the weight loss effects.[1,2,3] However, almost all of the chlorogenic acid is removed when the coffee beans are roasted to get a brown color.[4]

Health Advantages of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee beans are more bitter in taste than roasted beans and are simpler to consume as an extract. Even though everyone associates them with weight loss, did you know that green coffee bean extract also helps in managing other conditions?

1) Reduces Chance of Cardiovascular Disease

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans effectively reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, both risks for cardiovascular disease.[5] It is also an excellent antioxidant.[6]

2) Reduces Hypertension

Animal and clinical tests show that doses ranging from 140mg to 720mg of green coffee bean extract per day have been effective in lowering blood pressure.[7,8]

3) Fat Loss

Chlorogenic acid can reduce fat absorbed from the diet, reduce the fat stored in the liver and improve the function of the fat-burning hormone adiponectin, thereby reducing body weight.[9,10] A clinical study found that individuals who consumed green coffee bean extract lost more weight as compared to the group that had regular instant coffee.[11]

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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Green Tea, Coffee Effective for Weight Reduction


There are hundreds of diet supplements which claim to reduce excess weight with varying results. Recent reports have proven that both green tea, and now green coffee, can be highly beneficial in assisting existing weight loss efforts including dieting and exercise.

You’ve heard that green tea can help you slim down, but now, new research has also revealed that green coffee may also be a powerful weight loss aid. These two supplements combined can offer numerous health benefits while helping your system drop excess weight.

How can these stimulants enable you to slim down? Learn more below.

Supplements for Losing Fat

The best way to slim down is via diet and exercise changes. Research for almost a century has shown that eating less energy than you burn is vital to long-term weight loss. Moving promotes healthy weight reduction and also helps build strong muscles during fat loss so that your bones, hair, and immune system are protected even as you drop pounds.

Although these two factors are the most beneficial for weight loss, supplementation to stimulate your system to let go of extra pounds is sometimes necessary. Hormonal issues, thyroid changes, and stress all encourage the body to hang on to unnecessary weight- particularly around the midsection.

This makes supplementing with herbs that promote healthy weight loss necessary. Two supplements in particular may help you drop pounds faster. These two supplements are green tea and green coffee.

Although both stimulants, green tea and coffee both have different ingredients that promote weight reduction in different ways.

Green Tea for Losing Fat

Green tea is a kind of tea native to Asia. It is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are only permitted to oxidize a little, so that more of the nutrients in the tea leaves are preserved. Green tea contains many helpful nutrients, including antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, manganese, and chromium, just to name a few. Green tea also has a small amount of caffeine, but it isn’t the caffeine that promotes weight loss.

Green tea promotes fat loss in several ways. Green tea reduces how much cholesterol is absorbed in your system. This helps decrease the degree of small-particle LDL cholesterol, which results in oxidation of fat in the blood cells, which can contribute to health conditions like heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

Green tea likewise helps promote lipid metabolism. Consequently green tea can help enhance the metabolic rate of weight loss in your body by about 4 percent. Green tea is especially helpful for weight reduction because it encourages the body to use fat stores for energy, rather than converting glycogen to glucose. The caffeine content in green tea is also a mild diuretic, which prevents weight reduction from excess water and salt retention.

Caffeine may also curb the appetite slightly, resulting in additional weight loss.

Green Tea Studies

Many studies have indicated that supplementing with green tea can assist enhance the fat-burning rate of overweight persons. Based on the University of Maryland, it is the catechins in green tea that are most likely to aid fat burning.

One study found that supplementing with green tea improved weight loss and maintenance in moderately obese study participants.

A 2012 study from Dalhousie University looked at several past studies on green tea and fat loss. Based on the study, most of the studies did see some benefit of green tea supplementation over placebo treatments, but the results were low enough to be considered statistically insignificant. However, the studies did show that green tea can increase metabolic rate.

Green Coffee for Losing Fat

Green tea provides many benefits to the body, including anti-oxidant effects, metabolic boosts, and slight increase in weight reduction. Green coffee, may be even more effective at encouraging weight loss, based on several recent studies on green coffee.

So, what is green coffee? Green coffee is merely unroasted beans from the Coffea Arabica plant. Rather than the roasted brown color that everyone recognizes as coffee, the green coffee beans are unroasted and packed with beneficial weight-loss promoting ingredients.
The key ingredient that promotes weight loss in green coffee is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is present in numerous over-the-counter weight loss products. Green coffee has twice the amount of chlorogenic acid as roasted coffee.

According to researchers, green coffee inhibits the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase. This enzyme is liable for processing glucose in the liver, which can lead to glycemic problems. According to some studies, long-term coffee drinkers have fewer glycemic disorders, which reduces the likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes.

Studies on Green Coffee and Weight Loss

Several studies have backed the weight-loss potential of green coffee supplements. In a 2012 study conducted by the University of Scranton, 16 overweight adults were given green coffee supplements for 22 weeks. At the end of the study, the average body weight of each person decreased by eight pounds, and total body fat dropped by 4 % or more.

A 2010 study conducted by the University of Exeter showed similar results. In this study, 50 adults with body masses of 25 or higher were given green coffee extract or a placebo pill. Within sixty days, individuals taking green coffee extract lost around six percent of their starting body weight. Their weight also shifted to include more muscle and less fat, which is ordinarily hard to achieve without exercise.

Researchers in both studies theorized that it is the chlorogenic acid in coffee that makes it good for weight reduction.

Retain Health During Weight Loss

It is essential to take care of your health during fat loss, particularly while supplementing to shed excess pounds. Use the following tips to ensure you keep healthy as you drop your extra pounds:Keep Fit

Without exercise, your body will drop weight from wherever, including your muscles and bones. When you are dieting, it is important to keep fit, not just to enhance the effects of your diet, but also to guard the health of your system. Exercise strengthens bones and muscles, while dieting breaks them down. You must exercise while dieting to prevent your muscles and bones from deteriorating rapidly. An assortment of aerobic and resistance training exercises will provide maximum benefit while dieting. Do not skip strength training exercises, as those are the exercises that build bones and muscles the most.

Health-Protecting Nutrients

When dieting and slimming down, it is important to protect your health with essential nutrients. If you do not give your body the nutrients that it needs, you body will start to stress, and could go into starvation mode, which makes it harder to shed pounds. Additionally, quick weight loss can lower your disease fighting capability, so it is essential to ensure you provide your body with enough immune-boosters to shield your overall health while you drop extra pounds. You can ensure you get enough nutrients by consuming nutrient-dense foods and supplementing with any missing nutrients from your diet.

Nutrient-Dense Foods

Beef liver
Dairy products
Brown rice
Leafy greens
Bell peppers
Citrus fruit
Sweet potatoes

Health-Protecting Supplements

Horse Chestnut: A 1994 study from the Lipha Group, discovered that horse chestnut provides an antioxidant effect on the body and also helps eliminate free radicals. It also works as an anti-inflammatory, which is beneficial for the body and promotes overall health.

Vitamin B6 and B12: Vitamin B6 is a crucial vitamin that helps control energy production in your system. Vitamin B6 also energizes the metabolism, which can encourage weight reduction. Your body depends on vitamin B6 to boost the immune system. Vitamin B12 is also vital for your health. Vitamin B12 keeps the blood and nerves healthy, and prevents anemia and restores energy to the body.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is a vital vitamin that helps keep your immune system high, even under stress such as weight loss. Vitamin D is crucial for the absorption of calcium, which is especially beneficial during fat loss, because dramatic weight reduction tends to erode bone minerals. Vitamin D can help keep your bones healthy as you lose weight, and keep your body from getting sick.

L-Tyrosine: If your excess weight is caused by a thyroid hormone imbalance, supplementing with l-tyrosine is effective. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that helps create dopamine and norepinephrine. This keeps the nervous system healthy and functioning normally. L-tyrosine can also help restore balance to the thyroid, which can promote healthy fat loss by controlling the metabolism.

Gotu Kola: According to the University of Maryland, gotu kola is used mainly to heal wounds and improve mental clarity. It is also employed to boost the basic immune function of the body. The antioxidant effects of the herb are also effective at promoting weight loss and the lowering of oxidation in cells that can bring about health conditions.
Shed Weight With Green Tea and Coffee

Green tea and coffee both contain ingredients that promote weight loss. However, these supplements alone will not provide drastic results. If you want to speed your weight loss along a little faster, it is advisable to use a multi-faceted approach. Eating nutrient-dense foods, supplementing with weight-loss promoting supplements, protecting your immune system, and exercising to safeguard your bones and muscles will assist you to see visible results faster. Within just a couple of months, you will drop excess weight, and be healthier than ever before.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.















Green Coffee Bean Extract Assessment


Getting a Slimmer and Healthier Body with Green Coffee Beans. Do they really work or are they just hype?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a natural weight loss product that has become very popular ever since the Dr. Oz Show featured the extract. Most weight loss pills promise results but don’t deliver.

Unlike other products, green coffee beans have been shown to be very effective when it comes to shedding pounds. So for all of those who are unable to lose weight, these magical beans are the ultimate solution.

What exactly are Green Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans are native to tropical countries for instance Asia, South Africa, and South America.

Green coffee beans contain an active compound that is the primary substance that makes green coffee beans so effective. The unroasted coffee beans are put through a rigorous extraction process to extract as much chlorogenic acid as is possible.

The resulting extract is a powerful phenolic compound that is loaded with antioxidants to assist fight free radicals in the body before they can do harm to its cells. Antioxidants help create a healthier body from within while slowing down and possibly reversing the aging process so that you appear and feel younger.

Chlorogenic Acid Weight Reduction

The way in which chlorogenic acid assists you shed weight is by slowing the production and release of glucose from the liver while boosting the metabolic process of the body. Glucose is one of the most important sugar carbohydrates that is needed by the body for energy.

Since chlorogenic acid impedes the discharge of glucose from the liver into the bloodstream, the body must then utilize stored fats cells to get its supply of glucose. Many people have reported that Green Coffee Bean Extract gives them more energy for physical activities such as yard work and exercise. By obtaining a regular amount of physical exercises, you will be helping the body to burn off even more stored fat cells.

Green Coffee Extract Benefits

Additionally, Green Coffee Bean Extract has also been proven to treat hypertension and high cholesterol. These two health conditions are very serious as they are directly associated with heart health. When left unattended, it can result in strokes, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and many other heart-related issues.

This means that those individuals who have hypertension and high cholesterol would benefit greatly from using this product to control their levels of cholesterol, restoring their blood pressure to a normal level, and reduce their weight at the same time.

Main Reasons to use Green Coffee Extract

It burns a high percentage of stored fats so you don’t need to do strenuous exercises to shed pounds. Moderate exercise routines and even yard work will help improve your fat loss efforts.
It reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and fights against harmful free radicals.
It is a safe, effective product that contains only 100% natural ingredients.
It does not have any adverse side effects, so this product is essentially risk-free.

As you can see, green coffee beans have a lot to offer when it comes to health and weight loss. This product is so amazing that even many Doctors have endorsed Green Coffee Bean Extract as being an essential tool for serious fat loss.

So if you need to slim down and gain health, try Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.