Moringa Oleifera Health Benefits


Scientifically speaking, moringa (malunggay) sounds like magic. It can rebuild weak bones, enrich anemic blood and enable a malnourished mother to nurse her starving baby. Pound for pound, it has the calcium of four glasses of milk, the vitamin C of seven oranges and the potassium of three bananas.

A splash of moringa can make dirty water drinkable. Doctors use it to treat diabetes in West Africa and high blood pressure in India. Not only can it staunch a skin infection, but moringa also makes an excellent fuel and fertilizer.

Moringa dried leaf powder contains the following per 100 grams of edible portion:

Protein (g) 27.1
Carbohydrate (g) 38.2
Fiber (g) 19.2 Fat (g) 2.3
Ca (mg) 2,003 MG (mg) 368
P (mg) 204 K (mg) 1,324
Cu (mg) 0.57 Fe (mg) 28.2
S (mg) 870
Vitamin A-B Carotene (mg) 16.3
Arginine (g/16gN) 1.33%
Vitamin B1 – Thiamin (mg)2.64
Histidine (g/16gN) 0.61%
Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin(mg) 20.5
Lysine (g/16gN) 1.32%
Vitamin B3 – Nicotinic acid(mg) 8.2
Tryptophan (g/16gN) 0.43%
Vitamin C 0
Ascorbic acid (mg) 17.3
Phenylanaline (g/16gN) 1.39%
Vitamin E Tocopherol acetate mg) 113
Methionine (g/16gN) 0.35%
Threonine (g/16gN) 1.19%
Leucine (g/16gN) 1.95%
Isoleucine (g/16gN) 0.83%
Valine (g/16gN) 1.06%
Calories 205
Moisture % 7.5
Oxalic acid (mg) 1.6%

Complete Amino Acids:
Here’s a list of the full range of naturally occurring amino acids found in moringa and a brief explanation of why our bodies require them:

ISOLEUCINE builds proteins and enzymes and it provides ingredients used to create other essential biochemical components in your body, several of which promote energy and stimulate the brain to keep you alert.

LEUCINE works in concert with isoleucine to develop proteins and enzymes which increase your body’s energy and alertness.

LYSINE ensures your system absorbs the right amount of calcium. It also helps form collagen used in your bone cartilage and connective tissues. And lysine helps with the production of antibodies, hormones, and enzymes. Research studies have shown lysine enhances the balance of nutrients that reduce viral growth.

METHIONINE primarily supplies sulfur to your body. It is known to counteract hair, skin, and nail problems while lowering cholesterol levels as it increases your liver’s production of lecithin. Methionine reduces liver fat and protects the kidneys, which reduces bladder irritation.

PHENYLALAINE produces the chemical needed to transmit signals between your nerve cells and your brain. It can help keep you alert, lower your hunger pains, plus improve your memory and your mood.

THREONINE is an essential part of collagen, elastin,and enamel proteins. Not only does it assist metabolism, threonine helps prevent fat build-up in the liver while boosting your body’s digestive and intestinal tracts.

TRYPTOHYAN supports your immune system, alleviates insomnia, reduces anxiety, depression, and the signs and symptoms of migraines. It also is beneficial in reducing the risk of artery and heart spasms as it works with lysine to reduce cholesterol levels.

VALINE is essential in promoting a sharp mind, coordinated muscles, and a calm mood.

These non-essential amino acids, which can be manufactured by your body with the aid of proper nutrition, are also found abundantly in Moringa:

ALANINE is essential when it comes to building energy in your muscle tissue, brain, and neurological system. It strengthens your immune system by producing antibodies. Alanine also helps in the healthy metabolism of sugars and organic acids in your body.

ARGININE has been shown in studies to result in the release of the growth hormones considered crucial for optimal muscle growth and tissue repair. It also improves immune responses to bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells while promoting the healing of your body’s wounds.

ASPARTIC ACID helps get rid of ammonia created by cellular waste. When the ammonia enters your circulatory system it can act as a highly toxic substance which can damage your central nervous system. Recent studies have also shown that aspartic acid may decrease fatigue and increase endurance.

CYSTINE functions as an antioxidant and is a strong aid to the body in protecting against radiation and pollution. It can help slow the aging process, deactivate free radicals, and neutralize toxins. It also helps with protein synthesis and presents cellular change. It is necessary for the formation of new skin cells, which aids in the recovery from burns and surgical operations.

GLUTAMIC ACID is food for the brain. It improves mental capacities, helps speed the healing of ulcers, reduces fatigue, and curbs your sugar cravings.

GLYCINE promotes the discharge of oxygen necessary in the cell-making process. It is also crucial in the manufacturing of hormones responsible for a strong immune system.

HISTIDINE is used in the management of rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, ulcers, and anemia. Insufficient histidine may lead to poor hearing.

SERINE is vital in storing glucose in the liver and muscles. Its antibodies help strengthen your body’s immune system. Plus, it synthesizes fatty acid sheaths around nerve fibers.

PROLINE is vital for the proper function of your joints and tendons. It also helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles.

TRYROSINE transmits nerve impulses to your brain. It helps overcome depression; improves memory; increases mental alertness; plus promotes the healthy functioning of the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands.

“One of the things that impresses me most about moringa is the fact that it has the full complement of the essential amino acids that humans beings need-there are eight of them that we cannot synthesize, so we have to get them from our food. Moringa is packed with amino acids which are highly absorb able and absolutely crucial to good health. The human body is capable of manufacturing only 12 of the 20 different amino acids needed to build proteins used to grow, repair, and maintain cells. The other eight essential amino acids must come from a person’s diet.” – Ann Hirsch, PhD, Professor of Botany at University of California Los Angeles.

Experts agree that the long-term solution to malnutrition is the use of foods full of the essential nutrients often lacking in people’s diets. Modern scientific research is proving that moringa leaves are one of the richest sources of such nutrients. Even small amounts of the leaves could protect thousands of people from suffering and death.

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