Green Coffee Beans vs. Black Coffee Beans?


Green Coffee is coming up as among the most sought after drinks these days. The revolution of green coffee has been seen all around the world and folks from all the countries tend to like this drink. As the name says Green Coffee is product made from its constituent element i.e. the Green Coffee Beans. The science of producing coffee from coffee beans goes back as long as 1100 AD. Natives of Red Sea were the earliest people to manufacture beans and coffee from it. The most instrumental factor which is all the more luring than the taste of the Green Coffee itself is the extra edge linked to it. The benefit being cited here are the many health-related benefits of drinking Green Coffee.

The beans of Green Coffee are usually unroasted and preferred the same way. The reason behind this preference is the high antioxidant levels in the unroasted beans which cuts down the aging speed and helps body fight the free radicals. Moreover, the Chlorogenic Acid in these beans is known to improve the metabolism of one’s body and thus improve health. It is even pronounced by most of the experts that having Green Coffee with a proper diet and regular exercise can do wonders for health of an individual and improve it by leaps and bounds. Green Coffee is also often advocated by many as a magnificent weight loss supplement. This benefit of Green Coffee beans at times propels many to consume it in the extracted form as a pill, as not only does it have way less amount of caffeine in it but also has proved to be beneficial in healing health.

Green Coffee Beans Pills

Doctors and health experts are advising people to switch over to Green Coffee as it has only 20 grams of caffeine per serving which is way less than a cup of normal coffee. Though one may debate on and state that coffee manufactured from roasted coffee beans would also have similar health benefits, research has it that roasting eliminates the beneficial Chlorogenic Acid and antioxidants. The remainder is caffeine. The other beneficial actions of consuming Green Coffee are balanced sugar levels, weight loss, improved blood pressure and also betterment cardiovascular functions of one’s body. Some of these favorable outcomes of drinking Green Coffee are discussed below.

How does drinking green coffee assist in fat reduction?

People all across the globe on average have been discovered to lose about 15 pounds after constant use of Green Coffee over a period of 90 days. This tremendous rate of success uniformly has been accorded to the Chlorogenic Acid contained in Green Coffee beans by scientists. The most astonishing thing which gives the total credit of weight loss to Green Coffee is that individuals were able to shed their extra amount weight while maintaining their eating habits. Metabolism increased by Green Coffee is the critical element that helps one to stimulate body organs to work at their peak and therefore resulting in weight loss.

As stated above, Green Coffee has been found extremely powerful in improving the cardiovascular functions of the body system. Feluric Acid in the Chlorogenic Acid of Green Coffee, is known for assimilating Nitric Oxide from vascular endothelium which in turn improves blood flow and optimizes blood vessels. It not just improves the cardiovascular function of the body but also amends the blood pressure for better. This activity improves all around health and also reduces the cholesterol levels as the blood circulation is at its optimal.

Just about the most instrumental factors in enhancing the sales and popularity of the Green Coffee is its impact in delaying the aging process of the body. The credit for delaying the aging process goes to Polyphenol contained in the Green Coffee which is abundant of antioxidants and reduces the free radicals in one’s body. The lowering of free radicals thus further reduces the degeneration of the body cells and helps a person to maintain his/her youth for a longer period. Green Coffee is also recognized for being helpful in lowering migraine pains and increasing the impact of pain medication on one’s body in a good manner. Researchers have also found Green Coffee helpful in lowering the risk of breast cancer and colon as well, thus Green Coffee is advised to be preferred over brown coffee by the researchers.

As most things in the world Green Coffee also has some adverse reactions. Though these side-effects are only prominent when Green Coffee is used excessively. Absorption of minerals in one’s body like magnesium and potassium may be impacted by excessive drinking of Green Coffee. Green Coffee is advised not to be used by pregnant women , moreover, to forestall any of its side effects drinking of Green Coffee is advised by the experts to not more than 3 cups per day. As discussed above if used adequately negative effects of Green Coffee can be avoided and Green Coffee only has benefits for all.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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