Green Coffee Does Indeed Burn Fat


Are you unhappy with your current weight? Is fat loss impossible for you no matter what you do? Would you like to lose weight safely with no major changes?

If you have agreed to any of the above questions then you are going to love the new breakthrough in fat loss. Everybody knows that people are getting heavier and it is getting harder to lose the weight that is gained. Modern diet, chemicals, additives, excess sugar plus a sedentary lifestyle are all contributors to this problem.

Thankfully, Green Coffee extract has come along. It has been shown to assist with fat loss with no alteration to diet or any extra exercise. The press has gone crazy over this product and there is myth and fact out there, so lets examine the main points behind this unique fat loss product.

The primary ingredient believed to do the work is chlorogenic acid, this acid is found in many foods but occur in the highest levels in green coffee. When you roast and ferment coffee beans for drinking most of the chlorogenic acid is lost. Chlorogenic acids function in 3 ways:

help to activate glucose and fat reduction in the liver
slow the discharge of sugars into the bloodstream
retards absorption of fats from the intestines

Four reasons to take Green Coffee Extract

a study in 2012 showed an average weight loss of 8kg in 3 months with no change to lifestyle and diet
effective results were achieved with standardized extracts containing 350-500mg of chlorogenic acids
there are no reported adverse reactions as the best extracts are also decaffeinated
it has been clinically proven more than once to lower body weight

Exactly why continue to concern yourself with your extra kilos when you could take something as simple as Green Coffee Extract every day and gain good results. Needless to say, we also encourage a healthy eating plan and lifestyle changes to improve the weight loss results.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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