Green Coffee Extract


Green Coffee Beans

Dr. Oz has called it “the miraculous weight loss aid,” to much controversy and frenzy. After featuring an all-natural answer to weight reduction in 2012 in the form of the widely accepted Green Coffee Bean Extract, men and women everywhere have made this health supplement their go-to solution for losing weight and achieving healthy and natural weight goals.

So what is green coffee bean extract and why has it become one of the most popular names in the fat reduction industry today? Let us take a deeper look into what this supplement is all about.

An Overview of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee, when unroasted and in its purest form, is green and intensely bitter. Green coffee beans have to be roasted at more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit to be able to get rid of its bitter taste. The beans then turn black or brown, and this is used to make the average cup of joe.

However, what the majority of people have no idea is that this exact same roasting process actually eliminates a crucial compound that brings about a host of health benefits. This incredible compound is called Chlorogenic Acid, and this is in charge of giving coffee beans its bitter taste. The more bitter a coffee bean is, the more chlorogenic acid it has. More information on this compound will be discussed later on in this review.

Essentially, green coffee bean extract is an all-natural dietary supplement from pure and green coffee beans that have never been roasted. These have the highest chlorogenic acid contents, and they promote effective fat loss.

Chlorogenic Acid is a naturally-occurring compound that can be found in many food sources for example prunes and sunflower seeds. Green coffee beans, however, have the richest content of this compound, giving you the most weight reduction benefits among all the food sources.

Why Green Coffee Bean Extract is so Popular?

Let’s start with the advantages of using green coffee bean extract. Firstly, many people notice about green coffee bean extract is how simple it is. There are no complicated mechanisms involved, no other requirements for instance exercise and dieting to attain weight loss, and how familiar the supplement is.

When people encounter the supplement for the first time, they automatically know where the extract comes from – simply from coffee. Since it is so familiar, people won’t have trouble being aware of what it is and how it works.

The next advantage is that its main weight loss mechanism doesn’t only promote fat loss but aids in a general healthy well-being as well. Its weight loss process also promotes diabetic health, which we well discuss in the following portion of this review.

One drawback to this supplement is that some people may be allergic to caffeine, and thus, can’t use this weight loss solution. Those who have caffeine allergies may experience side effects for example difficulty breathing and skin irritations.

Individuals below the age of 18 should also avoid using this supplement as it is specifically created for adult use only.

Green Coffee Beans – Supplement Facts and Effects

Green coffee bean extract supplements promote weight loss mainly through the mechanism of Chlorogenic Acid. This powerful compound increases thermogenesis, which is the body’s natural means of increasing temperature and burning fat.

But the main weight loss activity of this compound is slowing down the body’s release of glucose in the bloodstream. Chlorogenic Acid disrupts an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphatase, which is active in the body’s usage of glucose. When this enzyme is inhibited, your body will not be able to hold as much fat from carbohydrates, and for that reason, you won’t be gaining as much weight despite your high caloric intake.

This means that chlorogenic acid works in 2 incredible ways: prevents the storage of fat through slow glucose release, and promotes fat burning by improving the body’s temperature and stimulating thermogenesis or natural weight loss.

Among its Other Benefits Include:

>Reduced Cholesterol – chlorogenic acid reduces homecysteine levels, which is an amino acid linked to cardiovascular disease, therefore promoting heart health.
>Eliminates Free Radicals – coffee contains high degrees of antioxidants, but green coffee beans contain higher antioxidants, helping to eliminate harmful free radicals that bring about a number of side effects on your health.

There’s been much controversy over the claims of companies regarding the scientific effects of taking green coffee bean extract. Although the use of this extract on weight loss is relatively new, there has been a substantial amount of data that proves how effective green coffee beans are in promoting fat reducing.

A randomized clinical trial involving 30 individuals over a duration of 12 weeks showed that one group who drank coffee with 200mg of green coffee bean extract lost an average of 11.9 lbs. and 3.6% of body fat percentage, when compared to the other group who drank regular coffee only lost 3.7 lbs., and 0.7 % of their body fat percentage.

Studies like this show promising results of green coffee bean extract’s incredible weight loss effects.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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