Green Coffee Bean Diet Aids you to Reduce Weight


A relative newcomer to the slimming scene, green coffee has been described by experts as a “miracle weight loss pill”. As a result, the green coffee bean diet has quickly become popular worldwide and is reportedly employed by celebrities. Findings from a recent study have further reinforced the potential weight loss benefits of green coffee beans, giving fresh hope to people trying to shed any excess pounds naturally.

Green Coffee Fat Loss Benefits

One reason for the ever increasing popularity of green coffee beans is that they reportedly provide the same fat loss benefits irrespective of physique, size and age. So what’s their secret?

Scientists have identified an ingredient called chlorogenic acid as the key to green coffee’s weight loss benefits. They presume that chlorogenic acid enhances the metabolism of fat and glucose, helps to regulate blood glucose after meals, and improves stamina by burning fats that are usually stored for energy.

Unfortunately, most of their chlorogenic acid content is destroyed during the roasting process used to create the traditional black coffee bean. This is the reason you won’t get the same results by drinking countless cups of coffee. Luckily, chlorogenic acid remains highly abundant in the unroasted green coffee beans.

Strategies for a Successful Green Coffee Diet

Take one tablet half an hour before the two main meals of each day.
Exercise at least thrice weekly for 30 minute sessions.
Follow a balanced diet. Don’t remove all the foods you like, just eat them in moderation.
Drink no less than 6 glasses of water each day.
Get 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep plays an important role in the body’s metabolism.

High quality Green Coffee Bean supplements can provide concentrated levels of the beans, which would be tricky through the natural diet. When selecting a supplement, look for one with a high chlorogenic acid content.

The Science behind the Bean

In a small-scale American study, researchers recruited 16 overweight participants. Each of the participants took a high dose, a low dose, and a placebo separately for 6 weeks, with a two week break between each phase of the trial. During each stage participants had their weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI) measured.

Data revealed that weight reduction occurred when participants took both the high and the low dosages of green coffee bean tablets. The participants lost an average of over 17 pounds and around 4.4% body fat. Furthermore, 88% of the people maintained their weight loss when their measurements were taken again 4 months later. In contrast, no changes were seen in the placebo group.

Researchers determined that, although on a small scale, these results showed promising weight reduction benefits for green coffee beans.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Negative Effects

As the beans are a natural product, they have an excellent safety record and very few side effects have been reported. However, green coffee beans should not be taken while pregnant due to the low levels of caffeine they contain.

When considering fat burners it is essential to understand that a good diet and regular exercise are both key to successful and sustained weight loss. We advise taking natural food supplements, like our Green-Fu, alongside a healthy lifestyle and diet.


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