Health Benefits of Green Coffee Extract


While most of the buzz around green coffee bean extract (GCBE) has revolved around its use as a slimming pill, there is promising evidence that it may aid in the control and treatment of a number of other medical conditions, most notably, hypertension.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Hypertension

Could GCBE be the next great thing in the battle against high blood pressure? Study results are very promising.

In 2002, one study noted that chlorogenic acid, a key component of green coffee bean extract, reduced spontaneous high blood pressure in lab rats,

A subsequent study was conducted on human subjects. In 2004, 117 mildly-hypertensive men took part in a controlled, double-blind study to test the effectiveness of 3 different doses of green coffee bean extract on their blood pressure. After 28 days, the men taking 93mg or 185 mg of GCBE had significant reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure when compared to the men given a placebo.

Antioxidant Properties

Green cofee beans offer the same powerful polyphenol antioxidants as are present in green tea, particularly, a group called chlorogenic acid (CGA) – which is regarded as being the key component of GCBE. Generally, antioxidants fight the negative effects of free radicals which damage cells and bring about aging and disease.

Chemoprotective and Anti-Genotoxic

A 2006 German lab study examined the effects of bread enriched with green coffee extract and evaluated it’s impact on human cells in culture. The analysis attempted to demonstrate GCBE’s ability to protect healthy tissue from toxins and to guard against the kind of chemicals which damage a cell’s DNA, causing mutations or even cancer. Effects were evaluated against a standardized scale antioxidant capacity. The conclusion: cells treated with the supplemented bread showed increased resistance of colon and liver cells to oxidative stress.

It is critical to recognize that findings from “in vitro” studies like this often don’t hold up in clinical tests on humans. Further study is needed to assess if green coffee bean extract is effective in real-life situations and to establish dosing and safety guidelines, but it certainly is fascinating research which could someday develop into a tool in preventing and treating cancer.

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