Moringa Health Benefits


Native to regions of Asian and Africa, Moringa is a truly excellent addition to your superfood regimen.

Moringa, generally known as the Miracle Tree, the Drumstick Tree and Moringai has been discovered to contain massive amounts of nutrition. Moringa is recognized in over 82 countries and was valued by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks as early as 2000 B.C. It also has medicinal purposes that have been written about since 150 A.C. This plant contains:

Seven times the level of Vitamin C in oranges
Four times the amount of calcium in milk
Four times the level of Vitamin A in carrots
Three times the amount of Vitamin E in almonds
Three times the level of potassium in bananas
Three times the amount of iron in spinach
Twice the level of protein in milk

Moringa Health Advantages: The Verdict

These statistics reveal that hardly any other plant, fruit, vegetable, nut, meat, dairy or grain can beat the nutritional value of Moringa.What on earth is “Moringa”?

It is a small shrub that can reach 36ft high at maturity and can live for up to two decades. It is the fastest growing tree in existence. The shrub has deep roots, rendering it able to survive in the dry season and has only a single stem. Moringa survives well in extreme temperatures and sunlight. It is really a remarkable plant.

The green pods it contains, known as drumsticks, are the most widely used and valued of all aspects of the plant. Moringa is most frequently consumed in Sri Lanka and India and is prepared like green beans and has an asparagus-like taste. The flowers it grows are edible when they are cooked and taste like mushrooms. The seeds are also edible and are eaten like peas or roasted like nuts. The leaves are also cooked and are used like spinach and can be included in curries.

Moringa has been growing in popularity recently amongst vegetarians because it is nutritious and 100% natural. The most wonderful feature of this plant is that every part of it can be utilized in some way to help benefit your well being. It also has the power to help cure several diseases!

For starters, the seeds of the plant contain 40% of Ben oil. It is clear, sweet and odorless and is similar to olive oil. Ben oil is rich in antioxidants that assist or even delay cell damage. Moringa itself contains every one of the amino acids that are needed by the body, which are essential to growing, repairing and maintaining cells. The leaves help boost energy levels, heal ulcers, reduce arthritis pain, control blood pressure, and restrict tumors.

Other Uses:

Moringa also behaves as a weapon against blindness and is extremely good for diabetics. It assists to to balance the cholesterol levels in the body. The plant also has antibacterial properties and can be utilized as a detoxifier. The leaves also assist to stimulate metabolism.

Moringa seeds are used in perfumes and aromatherapy oils while the flowers are used in herbal tea. The supplements that have been made have been shown to quickly heal minor injuries, for instance cuts and bruises. The roots have been shown to stimulate appetite and improve the functioning of digestion. Also, they can treat many sexual difficulties. The roots have also shown an improvement in those with arthritis.

According to research and many clinical trials, certain elements that can be found in Moringa have the ability to cure ovarian cancer! It also has the ability to help pass kidney stones faster, and help to enhance overall kidney function. It enables the body to flush out calcium and phosphates from the kidneys extremely efficiently.

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