Does Green Coffee Promote Weight Loss?



The next time you go to your favorite coffee house, ask for Green Coffee. That’s right, Green coffee. You will immediately notice that it does not resemble the coffee you anticipated: it is much lighter in color. Actually, when first boiled, it looks like absinthe, but restaurateurs add a pinch of caramel coloring for a bit of verisimilitude. It does not taste like coffee either, but more like the herbal versions of iced tea. Green coffee and green coffee extracts are presently in the limelight as the latest weight loss beverage and supplements, making the obese and the indolent sit up and take note. This post will focus entirely on green coffee as a weight-loss beverage.

Green Coffee? Never Heard of it!

Handpicked fully ripe coffee berries, together with their seeds, run through several processes till they become what we referred to as roasted coffee. After cleaning, or washing and drying the coffee, the beans are sorted and labeled as… you know what? Green coffee! Green coffee is then roasted till it changes color to a shade of brown, prior to it being ground and packaged for sale.

The press is touting green coffee as the best weight loss beverage. Everybody knows that a person gains weight if he/she ingests more calories than he/she burns. Post prandial body metabolism generally gives sugar enough time to metabolize and slide insidiously into the bloodstream. Moreover, the fat ingested is trapped in the body, an undesirable but inevitable process, while appetite remains undiminished.

The best way of maintaining or losing excess weight is to proceed through your daily routine which burns a limited quantity of calories and then exercise at a gym or at home to shed extra calories. Unfortunately, plenty of people find it tough to maintain such a schedule. This is where drinking green coffee helps. Green coffee has nothing artificial or synthetic in it. A gift from Mother Earth, it can only be salutary.

Medical plus double-blind analyses demonstrate that:

You can shed considerable weight by drinking green coffee.
Chances of having gall stones drop for men.
Bad cholesterol may well reduce.
It’s a no brainer that green coffee has vast potential for exploitation for the greater human good.

How it Works

Most scientists imagine that one particular antioxidant compound that facilitates weight loss success is chlorogenic acid. Studies have showed substantial presence of chlorogenic acid in unrefined coffee beans of green coffee; actually, the unprocessed green coffee bean is the ideal source of natural chlorogenic acid.

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee reduces the rate our systems metabolize sugar, thereby decelerating discharge of sugar into the bloodstream. This has two important effects: firstly, it prevents fat storage in the body and secondly, it suppresses appetite. Unfortunately for coffee freaks, chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee is destroyed in the roasting process.

Green coffee was found by Asian scientists to contain low amounts of caffeine, about 20% that of black coffee. An experiment by these scientists showed that chlorogenic acid combined best with caffeine at this concentration level and helped an individual shed weight without additional physical exercise. They went on to prove that individuals who consumed a given quantity of green coffee every day, just prior to a meal, could shed near a third of their internal fat. A group of women who had put on lumps of weight during pregnancy and remained rotund after delivering their child were tested. Results indicated that they lost three kilos on an average per month without undertaking any weight-loss directed exercises, proving that green coffee did indeed promote weight loss.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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