Role of Green Coffee Bean Extract in Weight Loss


The nutrition world was recently taken by storm with a new link between green coffee bean extract and weight reduction after a study demonstrated that participants who consumed green coffee bean supplements each day shed a significant amount of their body weight in a short time. The joy of green coffee bean extract for losing weight has spread all over the world ever since this research undertaken by scientists at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania was presented to the American Chemical Society.

The interesting finding came about when 16 obese participants took low doses of green coffee bean extract and placebos for a period of 22 weeks. The participants took green coffee bean extract pills thirty minutes prior to a meal for three times in a day. Without changing their dietary plan or exercise regime throughout the study period, it was observed that on average participants lost 17 pounds, which equaled to a 10% loss in body weight. A 16% reduction in total body fat was also seen by the researchers. What was special in these findings was that the subjects’ calorie intake did not differ and it was around 2,400 calories daily, of which, they burned 400 calories through exercise.

Researchers explained how something like coffee which is infamous for the existence of caffeine could give such benefits. The benefits were not associated with caffeine but to the presence of a chemical compound called chlorogenic acid which gets lost when the beans are roasted. However, the benefit of this compound which burns sugars stored in the liver, before it is transformed into fat, can be found in unroasted green coffee beans. This is how Green Fu diet pills came into existence. Its ability to target and burn off fat accumulated in the liver is what makes this today’s most exciting weight loss and fat burning Solution.


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