Moringa Benefits


Virtually every part of a Moringa tree can be used. Native only to the foothills of the Himalayas, it is now widely cultivated in Africa, Central and South America, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. This tree, though little known to the Western world, is nutritional dynamite. There are lots of uses for this tree.

§ The leaves are eaten as greens or in powder form. The leaves can be pounded up and utilized for scrubbing utensils and for cleaning walls. Leaves and young branches are relished by livestock.

§ The flowers, which should be cooked have been shown to be rich in potassium and calcium.

§ The bark can be used for tanning and also yields a coarse fiber.

§ The thickened root is used as an alternative for horseradish.

§ The gum is diuretic, astringent and abortifacient and is used against asthma.

§ The immature pods are exceedingly nutritious, containing all the essential amino acids along with many vitamins and other nutrients. The mature pods used for their antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. The pods also yield 38 – 40% of non-drying, edible oil known as Ben Oil. Overall, its nutritional value most closely resembles olive oil and the waste oil is also employed for water purification.

Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients. There are over 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory and 25 multi-vitamins compounds all naturally occurring in the Moringa plant. That is why it is termed as the best natural source of anti-oxidants. Concurrently it can be consumed by small children and adults alike. Therefore, many people have begun using it in porridge, pastas, breads, etc., to reap the everlasting health benefits of the extraordinary/magic Moringa.

Nutritional analyses demonstrate that the leaves are very high in protein and contain all of the essential amino acids, including two amino acids that are particularly significant for children’s diets. This is most uncommon in a plant food.

Moringa is THE answer to a pandemic of nutrient depleted triggered conditions, and eliminates the need for useless, hyped, and dangerous drugs, that do not work, and/or cause harm. Oh, mind you, Moringa radically improves wellness, with no intra-contradictions.

In some developing tropical countries, Moringa trees have been utilized to combat malnutrition, especially among infants and nursing mothers. “25 grams daily of Moringa Leaf Powder will give a child” the subsequent recommended daily allowances:

Protein 42%, Calcium 125%, Magnesium 61%, Potassium 41%, Iron 71%, Vitamin A 272%, and Vitamin C 22 which is extremely hard to find in any other food stuff.

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Moringa Throughout The Ages


The history of Moringa dates back to 150 AD. Although the Moringa vegetable tree is indigenous to Northern India, it has been enjoying new and positive exposure in the Western media of late. Ayurveda, the oral tradition of Indian medicine, shows that Moringa prevents 300 diseases. This is a deciduous tree or shrub that grows fast and is drought-resistant. The typical height of the plant is about 35-40 feet at maturity.

Alternative Action for African Development (AGADA) and Church World Service conducted research on the capacity of Moringa leaf powder to prevent or cure malnutrition in pregnant or breast-feeding women and their children in south western Senegal. Malnutrition was a huge problem in that area of the world. More than 600 malnourished infants suffered annually. During this time doctors, nurses, midwives and village women started the use and advocacy of Moringa in all cooked foods at all meals.

They were trained in techniques of cooking with it and drying the leaves for food. Indeed, the experiment saved numerous lives including the fast recovery of several children who were of poor health. They also gained a lot of weight with time. Even pregnant women recovered from anemia and delivered healthier babies with higher birth weights. For lactating mothers it increased their output of milk.


The Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians extracted edible oil from the seeds and used it for perfume and skin lotion. In the nineteenth century the West Indies exported the extracted oil of Moringa to Europe for perfumes and lubricants for machinery. Moringa oil proved beneficial even in the ancient Egyptian culture as a remedy for the protection of their skin from the ravages of desert weather. In Jamaica in 1817, a petition concerning Moringa oil was offered to the Jamaican House of Assembly and the oil was officially acknowledged as excellent for salads and culinary purposes.

In India it was primarily used for curative purposes that included therapy for anemia, anxiety, asthma, blackheads, blood impurities, bronchitis, catarrh, chest congestion, cholera, conjunctivitis, cough, diarrhea, eye & ear infections, fever, glandular swelling, headaches, abnormal blood pressure, hysteria, pain in joints, pimples, psoriasis, respiratory disorders, scurvy, sore throat, sprain, and tuberculosis. In Guatemala however, the usage focused mainly on skin infections and sores. In Philippines it was used to treat anemia, glandular swelling, and lactating. In Malaysia and Puerto Rico it was traditionally used to cure intestinal worms.

One gram of pure powdered Moringa can be a powerhouse in itself. It has 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, 4 times the calcium in milk, 4 times the vitamin A in carrots, 2 times the protein in milk, 3 times the potassium in bananas and 3 times the iron in spinach.

Leaves and pods of Moringa Oleifera are two parts of the plant that are used most commonly and they can be a rich valuable source of nutrition for all age groups. Moringa leaves should be dried indoors and made into a powder by rubbing them over a sieve. The leaf powder then can be kept in opaque, well-sealed plastic containers as exposure to sunlight will destroy the vitamin A content in it.

Almost 50-70% of vitamin A can be safely retained in the leaves if not dried under the direct sunlight as compared to only 20-40% of Vitamin A content if dried directly in the sun. The powder can be used to prepare sauces or a few spoonfuls of the powder can be added onto other sauces for garnishing purposes as well. Not only does it make the food nutritious but adds extra flavor and good aroma to food.

In today’s world lots of people are victims of malnutrition. This chronic problem ought to be alleviated and Moringa can play a major role in addressing the issue.

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How Chlorogenic Acid in Green Coffee Beans Works Best for Fat Loss


Green coffee beans for weight reduction sprang into popularity and controversy after Dr. Oz mentioned it on his show in 2012. Dr. Oz was quoted to have said, “The green coffee bean that burns fat fast,” and that no exercise or diet is needed with green coffee bean supplements.

Green coffee beans are basically unroasted coffee beans, and plenty of people wonder what all the fuss is about. So what exactly is in these beans that make them effective for weight reduction? Below are a few scientific facts about green coffee beans, chlorogenic acid and weight reduction.

A chemist from the University of Scranton, Dr. Joe Vinson, conducted a research project to support his hypothesis on this topic. He thought that chlorogenic acid is the substance that assists in weight loss. Here are several findings from Dr. Vinson’s research:

Chlorogenic acid is a natural compound with antioxidant properties, and it can only be found in raw green coffee beans. Roasting destroys chlorogenic acid, which makes the normal coffee not that useful for weight loss.

Making coffee out of unroasted or green coffee beans gives an unpleasant taste; thus green coffee bean extract is much better consumed as a supplement.

Chlorogenic acid helps control glucose levels and reduces the absorption of fat by inhibiting the discharge of glucose into the bloodstream.

Furthermore, a study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal in January 2012 presented these facts:

In a study of 16 overweight adults who took different dosages of special green coffee bean extract of chlorogenic acid (either 700 or 1050 milligrams per day) for 3 months, the average weight loss was 18 pounds. This was 4.4% of their overall body fat and 10% of their overall body weight.

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans are considered to prevent the release of glucose-6-phosphatase, which promotes glucose formation in the liver. This suggests that chlorogenic acid is effective in reducing risk of glycemic disorders, such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Chlorogenic acid also decelerates the absorption of fat from food intake and activates metabolism against extra fat.

Taking away the numbers and scientific words, in summary, the particular compound called chlorogenic acid that can be found in unroasted coffee beans (or green coffee beans) is said to be accountable for weight loss effects. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans aids in weight reduction by:

Inhibiting the discharge of glucose
Increasing metabolism and energy
Reducing and slowing the rate in which fat is absorbed
Flushing out the toxins through its laxative and antioxidant properties

Despite these findings, Dr. Oz also tackled the importance of looking at the labels of green coffee bean supplements. He reiterated that the supplements should have 45% chlorogenic acid to gain desired effectiveness and that the labels should read GCA® or Svetol®. Additional precautions are given that pertain to age, allergies and unsuitability for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Furthermore, it has been said that green coffee bean extracts with chlorogenic acid still work best with a proper diet and routine workouts.

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Exactly what is Moringa Oleifera?


Once consumed by the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, Moringa oleifera leaves have been employed in traditional medicine and handed down for millennia in a great many cultures. In the Ayurvedic system of medicine Moringa is said to cure or prevent around 300 diseases. Recently, the modern scientific community has begun to validate many of these claims with over 1300 studies, articles and publications on Moringa.

Native to South Asia, this rapidly growing tree is now popular through the entire tropics. Moringa’s high levels of protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A has led many organizations to advocate the plant as a “natural nutrition for the tropics.”

Studies have documented the successful utilization of Moringa for nutritional interventions in Malawi, Senegal, and India, noting its ability to be harvested year-round and for being the most nutritious food locally available. As global warming makes rainfall increasingly unpredictable for low-income farmers in the developing world, Moringa may become an important tool to assist communities all over the world control their own nutrition.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract – The Way it Aids in Fat Loss


Green coffee bean extract has been rising in popularity of late, especially after medical guru Dr. Oz conducted a loosely framed study of green coffee bean extract on his TV show.

He claims the women in his research group shed pounds with the aid of the diet supplement. He is not alone in this claim. So, just how does green coffee assist in shedding excess weight?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is Actually a Fat-burner

Registered dieticians, physicians, nutritionists and other health experts who give attention to people’s diet and its effects on body weight agree that frequent exercise and tracking how much and what sort of food is consumed every day are solution to shedding weight. Other professionals add the use of dietary supplements to boost the body’s metabolic processes, in other words, to speed them up and make them more effective so that calories are burned and used for powering a person’s energy requirements.

Recent studies show that green coffee bean extract in dietary capsule form does exactly that. Ingested in unroasted and powdered form, instead of being heated and processed at high temperatures to make coffee as most people love it, green coffee bean extract possesses a fat burning ingredient.

Despite what the majority of people may assume, the fat burning ingredient is not the caffeine so many Americans crave each morning as the jump start to their day. Researchers claim that the ingredient which is the real fat reducing substance is chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic Acid Helps Slow Glucose Absorption

What the Dr. Oz study and another one at the University at Scranton in Pennsylvania seemed to indicate is that people lost weight when they took supplement capsules containing 400 milligrams of green coffee bean extract 3 times a day for a number of weeks.

The Dr. Oz group lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks, and the University of Pennsylvania study participants, who were ages 22 to 26, lost around 17 pounds in thirty days. Researchers stated that the 17 pounds equaled 10 percent of body weight for these individuals.

Experts have determined that the green coffee bean extract had no negative side effects on the users, but rather, the chlorogenic acid aided weight reduction since the naturally-occurring chemical lowers glucose absorption in the body. When the body absorbs glucose at a slower, more even rate, metabolism is better regulated. Therefore, all calories, or units of energy, are used efficiently and quickly to fuel and nourish the body. Other beneficial effects of the chlorogenic acid are decline in blood pressure, reducing heart disease.

No Big Lifestyle Changes are Needed

While experts associated with these studies recognize the benefits of routine exercise and monitoring diet, the subjects in these green coffee bean extract studies did not substantially change their food and gym habits.

Rather, they point to chlorogenic acid as being crucial to a healthy weight, burning of glucose and fat, and revving up of metabolism.

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Weight Loss can be easier using Chlorogenic Acid


Green coffee bean extract is one of the more recent inclusions in the diet and weight loss supplements available. It may be the new kid on the block but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. In reality, preliminary research is showing it to be a helpful addition to a healthy lifestyle, a great boost for anyone trying to make better choices, and a supplement that offers loads of benefits with marginal unwanted effects. Packed with antioxidants – especially one called chlorogenic acid – green coffee extract looks a lot like a powerhouse of health advantages in an easy supplement to take.

Unlike plenty of other chemical synthetic blends on the market, green coffee extract is a naturally occurring substance found in the humble coffee bean. This is the very same bean that is picked, roasted, ground, and brewed into mugs every single day. The difference is that green coffee beans are the raw, un-roasted beans that still have all of their chemical substances intact.

Roasting coffee beans, as with cooking a variety of other foodstuffs, may improve the taste but kills off lots of the beneficial substances locked away in the beans. Chlorogenic acid, is a plant-based compound that occurs in conjunction with caffeine and is the powerhouse antioxidant that green coffee boasts lots of, is greatly reduced in roasted beans. The roasting process actually breaks the compound down so that minimal levels are found in roasted coffee. For a concentrated dose of this health boosting compound, a quality green coffee supplement can deliver plenty of antioxidants to the body, where they can do their good work.

There are a host of benefits that come from adding chlorogenic acid from green coffee into your regimen. Research has revealed that the antioxidant benefits heart health, balances out blood glucose levels, fights free radicals in the body, and gives a boost of energy. It may even slow the absorption of glucose into the body, possibly preventing fat storage in the future. For anybody looking to lose or maintain a current weight, or to stave off blood sugar issues, chlorogenic acid may be one piece in the puzzle to balancing problematic blood sugar levels.

Recent studies of green coffee extract on subjects looking to shed weight link chlorogenic acid to promising results. Without adjusting calories or fat intake, most of the subjects lost between 8 and 15 pounds over the course of the 22-week study. Not all of the subjects lost weight and some lost well over 25 pounds. Green coffee extract is by no means a miracle drug but it does appear to be a beneficial supplement for most of us who would like to lose weight.

While caffeine surely plays a part in energy levels, doctors don’t believe that it alone is responsible for the impressive results of green coffee extract weight loss studies. Because the antioxidant chlorogenic acid may have an impact on glucose absorption in the body, most of the subjects may have responded adequately to slowing or all but stopping the process of long term fat storage occurring in their bodies. Early research shows promise but more scientific tests need to be done to more understand fully the effects of green coffee bean.

Weight loss can be easier with the aid of chlorogenic acid, present in top quality green coffee extract. As a supplement with numerous potential benefits but very few demonstrated adverse reactions, green coffee looks to be a safe and helpful supplement to add in to any diet and exercise plan.

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Nutritional Benefits of Moringa Leaves


For millennia Moringa has been known as nature’s multi-vitamin. Moringa leaves are one of the few known plant sources to contain all essential amino acids, fiber, omega 3 oils, and over 19 minerals and vitamins.

Gram for gram, dried Moringa leaves contain about:

10 times the Vitamin A of carrots
½ the Vitamin C of Oranges
17 times the Calcium of Milk
15 times the Potassium of Bananas
25 times the Iron of Spinach
9 times the Protein of Yogurt

Moringa comes very close to being a perfect source of nutrients, in terms of variety and concentration.” – Monica Marcu, Ph.D., Clinical Pharmacologist, author of Miracle Tree Agriculture.

One of the best aspects of the Moringa Oleifera tree is the agricultural environment it thrives in. Native to India and Nepal, the tree is fast growing and needs little water. These characteristics have allowed the tree to spread around the world into Africa, Southern Asia, and South America.

Moringa’s Impact

Malnutrition is an epidemic. 842 million people all over the world go to bed hungry every night. 3.1 million children under age five die each year from malnutrition. Over 200 million more children have stunted growth or wasting from malnutrition and will never fully recover.

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