Research shows Green Coffee Bean Boosts Weight Loss


Those of us who love coffee drink it for the taste, the aroma, and yes – for the caffeine buzz which gets us going in the morning and provides us some extra boost in the afternoon. And now we can feel virtuous about our obsessive coffee consumption, too. Because studies are starting to demonstrate that coffee may be benefiting us in a number of different ways.

A great deal of this news is about roasted coffee – the type you obtain at your local food store, and drink in your favorite coffee shop. But another kind of coffee has been making headlines lately. This is green coffee, and it’s receiving a lot of hype.

What Is Green Coffee?

Those lovely aromatic brown beans you’re familiar with started out as small red berries that look a bit like cherries. Inside the berries are green seeds which, when roasted, result in the rich flavor and characteristic scent we associate with coffee.

Green coffee is the natural, unroasted coffee bean. The flavor of a green coffee bean is absolutely nothing like the flavor of roasted coffee. The truth is, it’s unpleasantly bitter – so bitter that a lot of people find it nauseating. The green coffee bean is extremely resilient, and much harder to brew than its roasted cousin, too.

Because of these drawbacks, the best way to consume green coffee is in the form of a supplement extract. Green coffee bean extract is made from unroasted coffee beans that are soaked in water. Once the beans are sufficiently soaked, the water is concentrated to make the green coffee extract. This extract doesn’t have a lot of flavor or aroma, and it’s easily consumed as a supplement along with drinks.

What Makes Green Coffee Special?

There’s more than a morning pick-me-up in that little green seed. The key vital compound in the humble green coffee bean is a substance called chlorogenic acid (which unfortunately is lost in the heat of roasting to make your standard brown coffee bean), and there are lots of benefits associated with it.

The advantages that have gotten the most attention from the health sector and the media are lowered blood pressure, decreased likelihood of type 2 diabetes, and improved weight reduction. The richest natural source for chlorogenic acid in the plant world is green coffee beans.

Recent reports also report that green coffee can also lower the potential risk of depression, interrupt the onset of dementia and slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally, they are filled with beneficial bioactive compounds. They’re especially loaded with antioxidants, which are proven to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals in the body. Free radicals damage can vary from the wrinkles that show up in our skin as we grow older, all the way to the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells.

How exactly does Green Coffee Help You Shed Weight?

The theory of how green coffee boosts weight loss is all about chlorogenic acid and how it affects our metabolism. The research shows chlorogenic acid helps the body to manage blood glucose levels by slowing the glucose release process.

Since glucose is, essentially, sugar, it’s an easily accessible source of energy for our body. So when less glucose is released into our body, it has to seek other sources of energy. This is where the fat cells come in – they’re the next likely energy source.

Chlorogenic acid speeds up the rate at which we metabolize fat and slows down the pace at which our body absorbs fat. When combined, these effects can lead to quicker, easier fat loss.

Possible Safety Issues to look out for?

To date, there appear to be no adverse negative effects when using green coffee extract as a supplement. As with any dietary supplement, it’s crucial to take no more than the specific dosage recommended on a product’s packaging.

Don’t use green coffee bean if you’re allergic to coffee or caffeine – and watch for symptoms of too much caffeine, like rapid heartbeat or feelings of nervousness or jitters. As with any coffee product, this isn’t for children.

Additionally, it’s usually a good idea to consult your doctor before starting any nutritional supplement. This is especially true if you’re taking medication for heart disease or bleeding disorders like hemophilia, as green coffee extract may lower blood pressure. And at this time, since research is still limited, pregnant or nursing women should avoid using a green coffee extract supplement.

Finally, bear in mind you’ll attain the best fat loss results if you combine your green coffee bean supplement with an appropriate, balanced diet and regular exercise.

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