Green Coffee Bean Extract and Fat Loss. Does it Work?


Green Coffee Bean Extract is yet another highly talked about supplement together with raspberry ketones for weight reduction as seen on The Dr. Oz Show. Here’s what we know about this supplement:

Green Coffee Beans are coffee beans that have not been roasted. They are raw, unroasted seeds and its compound, chlorogenic acid, is the key component of green coffee bean that promotes weight reduction. Traditional roasted and brewed coffee removes a lot of chlorogenic acid, making it less likely to have anti-obesity effects.

What is Chlorogenic Acid? It is an extract from green coffee bean referred as GCA that has antioxidant properties and the source of coffee’s anti-obesity effects along with caffeine. It is obtained in prunes, peaches, blueberries, tea and sunflower seeds. Chlorogenic Acid is understood to slow absorption of fat from meals as well as boost the metabolism of fat. It also promotes the development of glucose in the liver, thus improving blood sugar levels.

A 2012 study showed a median weigh loss of almost 18 pounds in a group of overweight adults (BMI > 25) over 3 months. The dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract ranged from 700 to 1050mg per day.

What Dosage is ideal? Products ought to have a minimum of 700mg of green coffee bean extract, and the recommended dose is 400mg three times daily half an hour before meals in adults.

Side Effects from Green Coffee Bean Extract: None really but may lower blood pressure levels. The bigger concern for side effects is when its combined with caffeine-containing products and stimulants. Consumers must look at product labels for additional active ingredients in combination with green coffee bean extract so as to avoid potential unwanted effects.

Bottom Line: Look for products that have no less than 700mg of extract and contain at minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid per capsule. It has not been studied in children, so avoid. If you are allergic to coffee or caffeine, you should not take the product. Green Coffee Bean Extract looks promising for losing weight given the most recent studies.

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