Moringa Oleifera Overview


Health professionals seem to claim every food as a “superfood” nowadays and even though there is no set definition for a “superfood”, the phrase is still thrown around too loosely. However, there is one plant that can really be considered a superfood. It’s call Moringa Oleifera and it’s known as the tree of life.

Moringa Oleifera Information

Moringa Oleifera grows in the Himalayan Mountains in India along with places like the Philippines, East Africa, and parts of South America. Each and every part of the tree is used including the leaves, pods, and trunk.
In numerous developing countries, Moringa Oleifera is used to counteract malnutrition. This is because Moringa Oleifera has dozens of nutrients. Actually, one serving of Moringa Oleifera has:

Seven Times The Vitamin C Of Oranges
Four Times The Calcium In Milk
Two Times The Protein In Milk
Three Times The Potassium In Bananas
Four Times The Vitamin A In Carrots

Furthermore, Moringa Oleifera has plenty of health benefits as well. Research has shown that Moringa Oleifera has over 90 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and that’s why it should be considered one of the few superfoods.

Moringa Oleifera And Blood Pressure

Moringa Oleifera contains four essential vitamins that have been proven to regulate blood pressure. Moringa contains Niacin AI and A5 along with Vitamin B3 and B10. These four vitamins ensure there’s nothing blocking blood circulation through the arteries for a healthier, stable blood pressure.

Moringa Oleifera And Cancer

Some studies have shown that Moringa Oleifera may eliminate free radicals that can sometimes turn cancerous. Moringa Oleifera has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can allow the body to fight off these free radicals and stop harm to the body.

Moringa Oleifera And Anti-Aging

Moringa Oleifera contains several vitamins that improve collagen production and prevent damage to the skin. Vitamin A and vitamin E are the two main nutrients in Moringa Oleifera that will benefit the health of your skin though there are several more.

Moringa Oleifera helps boost collagen and elastin production, which firms the skin and helps eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

Moringa Oleifera and the Body’s Defence Mechanism

Taking Moringa Oleifera may potentially improve immune system function significantly. Research indicates that Moringa Oleifera contains powerful antioxidants like zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid, and kaempferol.
Overall there are 36 natural anti-inflammatory compounds in Moringa Oleifera in addition to 46 different anti-oxidants. These agents can eliminate inflammation, prevent free-radical damage, and improve the immune system’s reaction to infection of disease.

Additionally, research also shows that moringa can potentially regulate blood glucose levels, increase energy, improve mental clarity, improve healthy digestion, and much more.

The Miracle Tree

Moringa Oleifera absolutely should be considered a superfood. It has over 90 vital nutrients and an endless quantity of potential benefits. Few other foods can claim to be as nutritious or beneficial as Moringa Oleifera.

Moringa Oleifera is definitely the real deal and anybody can reap the benefits of its’ use. Moringa Oleifera is without a doubt, a miracle tree.

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