Does Coffee Assist You to Slim Down?


As a proponent of fat loss through smart nutrition and exercise, I tend to look the other way with regards to weight loss supplements. I know they can be effective, but they are often used as a crutch for a poor diet.

Coffee is unique though. It’s an all-natural caffeinated drink derived from the coffee bean. It’s been shown to have many health benefits, but what about weight reduction? Does coffee help you lose weight?

What are the Effective Weight Loss Ingredients in Coffee?

Caffeine – Caffeine is a stimulant present in coffee that acts on the central nervous system (CNS). It causes a discharge of the neurotransmitters dopamine and epinephrine (adrenaline). The latter causes an increase in the mobilization of fatty acids. Caffeine intake is associated with weight reduction through thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

Chlorogenic Acid – Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol antioxidant within coffee. This antioxidant reduces blood glucose and insulin levels after after a meal. By slowing the release of glucose and keeping insulin levels low, you develop a more favorable metabolic environment for releasing fatty acids.

Quinides – Quinides are just one of potentially dozens of beneficial chemical substances in coffee. Quinides have a positive influence on blood glucose disposal, and they make your cells more responsive to the effects of insulin – effectively boosting your insulin sensitivity.

How Does Coffee Enable You to Lose Weight?

Fat Oxidation – Fatty acids are delivered to your mitochondria to be oxidized and converted to ATP so they can be used for energy. Coffee causes an increase in fat oxidation.

Thermogenesis – Thermogenesis is the production of heat in the body. The creation of heat uses calories and causes an increase in energy expenditure. The caffeine in coffee causes a thermogenic response that leads to additional calories expended over time.

Appetite Suppression – Controlling hunger is one of the major goals when undergoing a weight loss program. Coffee causes a decrease in hunger and an boost in satiety after a meal. This suppressing of your appetite results in a decrease in calories consumed over the course of the day, and lowers the likelihood of binge eating.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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