Chlorogenic Acid and Fat Reduction


In a current WebMD article titled “Green Coffee Beans May Aid Weight Loss“, it discussed a 22-week study which “found that 16 overweight men and women lost an average of 17 pounds. They took the green (unroasted) coffee beans in supplement form and, for comparison, took a placebo at a different point of the study. They did not change their diet. They were physically active. They lost more while on the supplements than while on placebo. They lost the most when on the higher of two coffee bean doses … Overall, body weight declined by an average of 10.5%. Body fat declined by 16%.” The researchers do not think it was the caffeine in the supplement but they suspect the fat and fat loss was mainly because of the “unroasted beans’ chlorogenic acid” because it is known to help reduce glucose absorption in the body. So logically, your blood sugar is lower, which forces your body to turn to the fat stores for energy instead of sugar.

Ok, So What Exactly is Chlorogenic Acid?

First and foremost, chlorogenic acid is a natural plant compound, with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. You can find high concentrations of chlorogenic acid in coffee … that is, in unroasted coffee beans. However, chlorogenic acid is likely to break down when coffee beans have been roasted, and therefore, rendering them less effective. As stated earlier, this phytochemical is known to inhibit the process of glycogenolysis, where glucose is released into your bloodstream. Since chlorogenic acid inhibits this process, it helps decrease your sugar levels in your blood, forcing your body to turn to the fat stores to burn for energy. This one-two punch can have a positive influence on diabetes as well as on losing body fat and weight.

Do All Coffee Beans Contain Equal Amounts Of Chlorogenic Acid?

Unfortunately, no. Even though coffee beans do contain chlorogenic acid, there is a type of coffee bean located in Madagascar that is known to have the highest level of chlorogenic acid. According to Dr. Steven Sisskind’s article, “Rare Coffee Bean More Than Doubles Fat Loss“, he mentioned that “… the coffee we drink is actually called Coffea Arabica and all in all it is NOT a great source of these acids. A much better source is a rare species called Coffea Canephora and this species of coffee has almost three times the chlorogenic acid as the coffee we drink. They also figured out that it is the young coffee beans (green coffee beans) that have the highest concentration.”

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The Numerous Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extracts


Most people have a problem with their body weight. If you, too, have a similar problem, you would be searching for a better solution eventually. To shade those oodles of pounds bulging out that makes your appearance dull and boring, consider a straightforward approach to fat loss.

If you are sick and tired of diet and regular exercise, it’s time to give attention to green coffee bean extract for weight reduction.

Green Coffee Bean Supplements

Green coffee beans supplements have become popular over the past few years for its efficacy and convenience in use and results. It is just about the most effective diet supplements that give you dramatic results in no time. To make it better, green coffee supplements are effective as you need not follow any strongest diet course or even take your time out to the fitness center to sweat it out. The weight loss supplements made from green coffee bean is such that it can help you to burn fat faster while preventing fat from settling down rigidly in the body, particularly the belly and abdomen. These supplements are simply made up of all the essential nutrients that the body can use for its benefit.

Garcinia Cambogia and Metabolism

Garcinia cambogia is an excellent metabolism booster for the body that helps in accelerating the energy levels and curbs your wish to indulge in foods containing high calories. These supplements seem to be more potent, affordable and convenient at the same time. They are normally used as fat burning or fat melting supplements giving appetite suppressant properties that make it simpler to shed weight.

Amongst all the fat loss products and supplements in the marketplace today, there are some supplements that stand tall due to their incredible results. One such name is green coffee bean supplement. The ingredient is primarily renowned for its chlorogenic acid, which assists in curtailing extra fat and boosting metabolism. It also helps in melting stubborn fat from accumulating around the waistline very easily.

Other Effects

Not only is green coffee bean extract effective for losing weight, but it also helps in lowering the blood glucose levels of people. Because it can control the glucose level in the body and helps in converting it into beneficial energy immediately, only a little amount of glucose reaches into the bloodstream. To top it up, it also helps in improving the condition of people struggling with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, because in its rich and pure state, chlorogenic acid helps in boosting antihypertensive qualities.

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The Key Behind Green Coffee – How Exactly Does Chlorogenic Acid Work On The Fat?


Every new year produces a few weight loss wonder supplements or ingredients. Some are clinically proven to be effective, while others come and go just as fast. Green coffee bean extract is one of the miraculous solutions that have actually been able to remain in the trends. The extract is said to get rid of excessive pounds without even pushing too hard with the physical activity or a fully natural diet. Moreover, additional studies have revealed the fact that green coffee can help against particular kinds of cancer. But what is its secret?

Precisely what is green coffee?

Green coffee is regular coffee, only it is not roasted. Roasting the beans will fully change their composition and properties. There are only two major pluses in the process – taste and flavor. In contrast, the same process will lower the levels of chlorogenic acid. The respective acid underlines a quick weight loss.. The majority of the claims were given by the fact that coffee-drinkers are less exposed to such medical conditions. All these factors brought about a series of medical studies and some of the assumptions were actually demonstrated to be correct.

Is green coffee actually worth?

It is definitely recommended that you research every supplement or miraculous product hitting the market, but in the end, there is only one thing you care about – does it really work? Green coffee has not undergone a lot of tests, but the few ones conducted were conclusive enough for the enthusiasts. Many of them were performed to analyze the impact over arterial hypertension, while others focused on the weight loss properties. The majority of them were positive.
Exactly what does chlorogenic acid do?

Chlorogenic acid is generally found in more green plants, but none of them carries the same impressive amounts like green coffee. The acid is responsible for preventing the fat accumulation in small deposits. The same deposits tend to gain size with time, therefore, the need for a strong blocker. Moreover, the fat stored around your body is transformed into energy. The same energy can be used for multiple activities, including some physical exercise. As if all these were not enough, chlorogenic acid is just as good to rush the metabolism.

To conclude, green coffee is undoubtedly a miraculous solution for overweight individuals. Since the chlorogenic acid has a bitter taste, the supplement is usually mixed with regular coffee and prepared as an instant drink.

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Nourishing The Planet in a Natural Way


Moringa Oleifera as Cure for Gout & Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

For some centuries Moringa Oleifera was used in traditional medicinal practises, like the “Ayurveda”, as a treatment Arthritis and Gout. It was believed that Moringa Leaf Powder reduced inflammations and pain caused by these conditions.

In 2008 the Faculty of Medicine Health Sciences of the Putra University in Malaysia, published research aimed to test if Moringa poses any Antinociceptive and Anti-Inflammatory activities, the same activities achieved by the drugs used in modern day medicine for instance NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The investigation found that the Moringa leaves posses substances that have antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activitie; in fact they discovered that it has high quantities of these substances. This means that Moringa Oleifera is used in Indian traditional medicine as a treatment for Arthritis and Gout.

The effects of the Moringa is suppressing the COX-2 enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for inflammation processes and pain. Usually the drugs used to suppress this enzyme are NSAID for example Voltaren, Nksin, Adoil, ARCOXIA, Kaspo etc. The side effects of these products include risk for stroke, kidney problems, blood vessels problems, stomach problems and the list goes on.

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is likely to rise with age. Following a healthy lifestyle helps some people delay or prevent this increase in blood pressure.

Who is in Danger of Hypertension?

Hypertension increases your chance (or risk) for getting heart disease and/or kidney disease, and for having a stroke. It is especially dangerous considering that it often has no warning signs or symptoms. Regardless of race, age, or gender, anyone can develop hypertension. Approximately one in every four American adults has high blood pressure. Once high blood pressure develops, it usually lasts a lifetime.

High blood pressure can eventually cause blood vessels in the eye to burst or bleed. Vision may become blurred or otherwise impaired and can lead to blindness. As people grow older, arteries throughout the body “harden,” in particular those in the heart, brain, and kidneys. High blood pressure is associated with these “stiffer” arteries. This, consequently, causes the heart and kidneys to work harder. The kidneys act as filters to rid the body of wastes. As time passes, high blood pressure can narrow and thicken the blood vessels of the kidneys. The kidneys filter less fluid, and waste accumulates in the blood. The kidneys may fail altogether.

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for cardiac arrest. The arteries bring oxygen-carrying blood to the heart muscle. If the heart cannot get enough oxygen, chest pain, also referred to as “angina,” can take place. If the flow of blood is blocked, a heart attack results. High blood pressure is the number one risk factor for congestive heart failure (CHF). CHF is a serious condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to supply the body’s needs.

The important nutrients required by a person struggling with high blood pressure are Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, and Vitamin E. Moringa contains these entire nutrient in it. Moringa contains Vitamin C which helps support the body’s production of nitric oxide, which is essential to normal functioning of blood vessels. The better your blood vessels work, the lower your risk of hypertension. Calcium is essential for smooth muscle relaxation and contraction; increased consumption can have a direct influence on blood vessels. It’s wise to get your calcium from your diet; research has found that in comparison with supplements, dietary calcium has twice the benefits for blood pressure.

Potassium content of the Moringa is 15 times more in comparison to Banana. Potassium acts by increasing sodium excretion in the urine, which helps blood vessels dilate, and changing the interactions of hormones that affect blood pressure.

Diet loaded with magnesium benefits those with hypertension, most likely by contributing to the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. Moringa also includes magnesium along with zinc and vitamin E which takes part in decreasing the blood pressure together with other nutrients.

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Chlorogenic Acid: A Safe and Pure Way to Slim Down


According to clinical tests, green coffee extract is not just hype. Its claim to fat reduction fame stands up to the test of rigorously-designed clinical research. Studies suggest that it may be an effective natural product for weight loss in overweight adults. So what is the chemical ingredient in green coffee extract that is responsible for this frenzy? Chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is an organic compound naturally found in plants and fruits including peaches, prunes, and blueberries, and green coffee extract. Chlorogenic acid is derived from cinnamic acid, which as its name reveals, emanates from cinnamon oil, and has known anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Furthermore, many published research studies have shown that chlorogenic acid exhibits health advantages for instance cardiovascular health improvement, because of its antioxidant properties, diabetes type 2 prevention, Alzheimer’s disease prevention, and weight loss benefits.

It’s effects on your body has been thoroughly studied. Chlorogenic acid prevents glucose from being released from the liver into the blood stream. Blocking additional glucose storage enables the glucose contained in the body’s fat deposits to be used up which assists facilitate weight loss. Because glucose metabolism is better controlled, chlorogenic acid helps lower blood sugar. Chlorogenic acid also increases metabolism which helps prevent weight gain and lowers blood pressure. The antioxidant found in green coffee extract resembles that found in green tea.

A scientific study conducted with 10 healthy males and females revealed that chlorogenic acid from green coffee extract is highly absorbed and readily metabolized by the body. Many other studies have demonstrated chlorogenic acid’s excellent antioxidant properties.

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Advantages of Moringa Oleifera


Popularly known to many countries as a “miracle plant”, Moringa Oleifera earned its reputation due to the wide range of nutritional and medicinal properties which can be acquired from nearly every portion of the tree. As one of the most cultivated species of its kind, it is one of the genus Moringa – the only genus in the Moringaceae family. It grows primarily in places which have tropical, subtropical and semi-arid climate. The Moringa tree is native to north-western India, mainly in the southern foothills of the Himalayas. It is currently cultivated extensively in Central/South America, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines and India.

The Moringa tree goes by different names in various countries. In the Philippines, it is known as malunggay, and referred to as Muringa in India (Malayalam), Sajina in Bangladesh, and La Mu in China. Moringa benefits are quite plentiful, and these are clearly evident in its exceptional nutritional value and remarkable medicinal properties. This miracle plant is overflowing with vitamins for instance Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and minerals including potassium, calcium, iron, selenium and magnesium. The Moringa leaf alone is a treasure chest of potent and disease-preventing nutrients, as well as essential amino acids – something which is not very common for a plant source.

In comparison to other food sources, Moringa leaves are wealthier in nutritional value. Its Vitamin C content is seven times more than that of oranges, has thirteen times more vitamin A than spinach, and is on a league of its own in relation to amino acids – 2,500 times more than green tea and 242 times more than apple. Also, it is a good source of good cholesterol – high density lipoprotein, which, in high levels, is known to protect against heart diseases. Breastfeeding mothers can also greatly benefit from fresh Moringa leaves as they are able to increase the volume of milk. Moringa leaves are completely safe for consumption – they have no known negative side-effects, nor toxic elements.

The leaves are most often employed to make Moringa tea. Since the tree’s leaves are brimming with exceptional nutritional value, they are infused into one of the world’s most highly-prized herbal tea. Moringa tea contains a mixture of potent variety of antioxidants, such as Flavonoids, that assist in inhibiting the effects of free radicals. This herbal tea has a range of medicinal applications – it can be used to help stabilize blood pressure, manage blood sugar levels in those with diabetes, and help promote better sleep. It is also an excellent energy booster, naturally, and unlike energy drinks, coffee or other tea, it does not contain caffeine or other stimulants which may cause health issues.

The seeds of the tree can be used to produce what is known as Moringa oil. This special oil is at par with the likes of olive oil and sunflower oil, and is well-known for its remarkable oxidative stability. Unlike other types of oil, this one will not go rancid, making it perfect for use with making salads and other cooking purposes. With its light texture, Such oil is also best used for body massage and aromatherapy procedures. Its high concentration of Oleic, Linoleic and Palmitoleic acids give this oil its nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is also a great natural antiseptic, which is very beneficial in alleviating and soothing discomfort from insect bites, rashes, and minor burns, bruises and scratches.

Extensive research and development procedures are being done with the Moringa tree – its roots, bark, leaves, seeds and all other parts, so as to unlock other medicinal and beneficial properties this miracle tree may have.

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The Benefits of Chlorogenic Acid and Green Coffee Beans in Fat Loss


Chlorogenic acid is a naturally recurring compound that is within most green substances, but it is more highly concentrated in green coffee beans. Brown (roasted) coffee beans have chlorogenic acid as well, but the amount is not enough for it to result in any significant effects on our body. When this substance is taken in, it prevents glucose from being released into our bloodstream. The body will naturally respond to this by converting the fats into energy, and once this occurs weight loss will follow soon after.

Chlorogenic acid can also cause a rise in body heat when consumed. This process is called thermogenesis and this also translates into weight reduction as well. Chlorogenic acid also inhibits the rate at which our fat cells grow, thus preventing us from gaining any weight at a rapid rate. And believe it or not, this is not the best thing about chlorogenic acid. The thing that makes this compound so awesome is that it does not get absorbed by our small intestines and it cannot be detected by plasma either.

Chlorogenic acid becomes more effective in assisting you slim down once it is coupled with caffeine. Green coffee beans, despite not being roasted, still have plenty of caffeine in them. A high amount of caffeine along with a high amount of chlorogenic acid means that you have yourself one awesome duo in supplement form. Back then, most people were having plenty of trouble attempting to lose weight, but with some advances in science things have been made a bit easier.

According to a recent study that was conducted to evaluate the potency of green coffee bean extracts, you can get a 16% reduction in weight within a 22 week period. So that is a lot of weight in about 5 months’ time. This is considered the easiest method to shed weight since it basically does not involve any strenuous exercises, but it is still advisable to do some workouts in order to enhance supplement’s effectiveness.

Besides helping us lose our excess pounds, other advantages of chlorogenic acid includes reduction in our blood pressure, regulation of our blood sugar levels, and improvement in our blood flow. Chlorogenic acid has a substance that helps bring our blood pressure levels to a more reasonable and manageable percentage.

This coffee bean extract is also pretty good at promoting verso reactivity among humans. The chlorogenic acid that can be found in mature coffee beans is highly effective at neutralizing free radicals and even works to help regenerate our body’s supply of Vitamin E. This results in a lowering of our plasma rates and a much needed boost to our blood circulation levels.

Another benefit of chlorogenic acid that you might like is the role it plays in helping us maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Having regular blood glucose levels is a great approach to assist in preventing diabetes. The way that chlorogenic acid helps distribute glucose from our bloodstream and into our body’s other organs helps reduce the amount of sugars stored and thus prevents us from encountering type-2 diabetes.

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