Green Coffee Bean Extract for Losing Fat


The diet market has been extremely volatile for several years, with most products coming and going within a couple of months. However, in 2012 an unprecedented new product became available that completely flipped the diet world upside down. Green coffee bean extract was introduced in the spring and since then has been flying off of shelves of retail stores and online stores.

Green Coffee Extract appeared on Dr. Oz and was praised by Dr. Oz himself as a legitimate fat burner. Since then, green coffee extract has been the #1 selling weight reduction product on the market and this trend looks to remain through 2013. So what is green coffee extract and how does it work?

Exactly What is Green Coffee Extract?

Green coffee extract emanates from unroasted green coffee beans. Instead of being roasted, the beans are soaked in water then ground up into a really fine powder. This preserves the active ingredient inside green coffee extract, which dissipates when the beans are roasted.

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Losing Fat

Based on research, the active component inside green coffee bean extract is known as chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid can transform the body in some ways to facilitate steady, powerful fat loss results.

First, chlorogenic acid reduces glucose production in the body. Glucose is another name for sugar and glucose production is directly tied into levels of insulin. When our insulin levels spike, the body responds by producing and storing more fat to balance the insulin levels. Obviously, producing less insulin has a positive impact on the body as this means the body will simultaneously produce and store less fat.

Second, chlorogenic acid helps make it easier for the liver to metabolize fatty acids from our fat storage. Chlorogenic acid helps extract fatty acids from our fat cells and delivers them to the liver. It then helps the liver metabolize these fat cells into usable energy, which we can use in our everyday lives.

Third, not only does chlorogenic acid make it less difficult for the liver to metabolize fat but it also helps the liver metabolize fat faster. By accelerating the rate at which the liver metabolizes fat, the liver can burn more fat in a shorter time period. This means you can burn more fat and shed more pounds considerably quicker than you would otherwise be able to do.

Green Coffee Study

Besides Dr. Oz, the principle fuel for the green coffee craze is due to a study published and presented at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego. Dr. Joe Vinson, who headed the research, presented his findings.

In a 12 week period, 22 overweight participants received a 850 mg low dose of green coffee extract, a 1,050 high dose of green coffee bean extract, or a placebo. This acted as a self-control so the results could be effectively measured.

After just 12 weeks, participants lost 18lbs. of body weight on average. This contributed to an overall loss of 10% of the participants original body mass. Plus, participants lost approximately 16% of their original fat mass as well.

What amazed Dr. Vinson and his fellow researchers was the high caloric intake and lack of exercise among participants. Researchers counted the caloric intake of each participant and discovered they consumed on average about 2,200 calories per day, while only burning about 400 from exercise. This is higher than what is traditionally considered to be essential for weight reduction.

These results affirmed Dr. Vinson’s theory that chlorogenic acid could be an effective metabolism booster. Dr. Vinson announced plans for a larger study, which is currently being conducted to further prove his theory.

Safety of Green Coffee Extract

Despite the relatively new nature of green coffee extract, there is no evidence that it is harmful in any way. In fact, Dr. Vinson released a statement saying participants displayed no signs of any negative health effects when taking green coffee extract. Participants in his study also did not complain of any side effects when taking green coffee extract any more than when they were on the placebo.

For pregnant or nursing mothers, green coffee extract ought to be avoided. There is a slight amount of caffeine in green coffee extract, which is best to be avoided when nursing or during pregnancy. Again, this is not to say green coffee is not safe for pregnant or nursing mothers, but that it is better to be safe or sorry.

Children also should not take green coffee extract. There is no evidence that it is unsafe for them, but children should not ever take a fat burner without strict supervision of a medical professional.

Regardless, for most healthy adults, there are no negative side effects or health effects. In reality, almost every green coffee user reports some positive effect on their health within a few short days, but hardly any have reported anything bad whatsoever.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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