Just what is Chlorogenic Acid?


Chlorogenic acid, also referred to as CGA, is a compound found in coffee beans. It is a terrific aid for weight reduction efforts due to its capability to regulate the release of sugar into the blood stream.

Just how do I get chlorogenic acid?

Unfortunately, CGA is not in the coffee you drink each and every day – at most it exists only in trace amounts. It is not that certain varieties of coffee bean contain CGA while others do not, but rather that the acid is destroyed when coffee beans are roasted.

Because of this, the only way to get CGA from coffee beans is to consume the raw form. Because raw coffee beans are extremely bitter, the ideal way to do this is to take an extract supplement, like Green-Fu.

How does chlorogenic acid work?

CGA delays the discharge of glucose into the blood, meaning a larger ratio of the calories you consume – especially from sugary and fatty foods – end up as energy instead of fat.

Another result of this effect is that you tend to feel full for longer after consuming CGA. When the release of glucose is slowed, your body receives energy more methodically, delaying the necessity to refuel. In this sense, the acid functions as an hunger suppressor.

What makes CGA a doubly effective fat loss tool is that it works in isolation. This means, it works with or without exercise or healthy diet. This is because, while exercise and healthy diet positively impact your weight, they do so through different channels, unconnected to CGA.

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