Chlorogenic Acid Diet?


Losing weight is a problem that many persons from all walks of life struggle with. In reality, this struggle has lead the health and fitness industry to be one of the largest today, and it is still growing with the development of new products, diets and methods created to aid individuals in their quest to achieve that elusive svelte body.

As such, it is no wonder that when popular TV doctor, Dr. Oz made mention that Chlorogenic Acid (which can be accessed from green coffee beans) can assist in, and in fact quicken fat loss, that the story caught on like wildfire. Far less mysterious than the name suggests, pure green coffee bean extract is the name given to unroasted coffee beans. These unroasted coffee beans have been proved to help speed up the weight loss and is a highly sought after commodity.

Why Unroasted Coffee Beans?

Generally, coffee beans in their unprocessed/unroasted state are said to be green. Coffee beans in their natural state are very bitter and make consumption for the ordinary consumer somewhat difficult. As a result, the beans are roasted to remove the naturally bitter taste. However, in an effort to enhance the taste, roasting coffee beans have simultaneously resulted in a decrease in the Chlorogenic Acid that is present in the green form. Naturally, the result of the Chlorogenic Acid has reduced the weight loss benefits of the coffee.

What to Know Before Product Consumption

Since its growing popularity – thanks to Dr. Oz – many products have made claims of including this very useful commodity within its ingredients. This is naturally created to garner the attention of the weight conscious community to consider these products. Dr. Oz has since warned that those interesting in reaping the benefits to be had from the Chlorogenic Acid should make sure that product includes pure green coffee bean extract.

Over the counter coffee is usually roasted, and as mentioned before, roasted coffee beans do not have the Chlorogenic Acid needed to quicken the weight loss process. Instead, taking the pure green coffee bean extract as a supplement may be the most effective way to get the weight loss benefits. A product should have the very least recommendation of 45% Chlorogenic Acid and a dosage of approximately 400mg in order to experience the weight reduction advantages to be had from such products. Chlorogenic Acid can also be listed as Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA) or Svetol on any product that includes it as an ingredient. Products with these names in the ingredients will also help promote weight loss when they are present in the proper amounts are recommended by Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz, as released through his website, suggests that children under 18 should not consume any supplements containing the coffee extract as there is no study or research available that can confirm whether or not this particular product is harmful or otherwise to children. Dr. Oz also recommends that women over the age of 18 years who are pregnant or breast feeding should also avoid intake of products with Chlorogenic Acid. It is good for overweight persons with certain lifestyle diseases to set about a fat loss program of some sort, these persons should be aware that although, there are no other explicit regulations regarding the intake of Chlorogenic Acid by persons with lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, one should be cautious. Always consult a doctor before embarking on any such program or plan.

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