Moringa Benefits


Moringa is the sole genus in the flowering plant family Moringaceae, and comprises 13 species. By far the most widely cultivated of these, Moringa Oleifera, can be found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is so hardy that it is sometimes known as the “never die” for its ability to withstand extremely harsh , dry weather conditions.

What are the benefits of Moringa and how can the Moringa plant improve your health?

Moringa has been used for a long time in preventative medicine, for liver, kidney, stomach and thyroid health problems. Today Moringa Oleifera is regarded as a complete super food loaded with protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Some of the Moringa benefits are its strong antioxidant properties which are said to guard against dangerous skin cancers. Moringa is also believed to stop the development of cysts, tumours and glands.

Moringa Benefits to Reduce Pains and Aches

The anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa Oliefera reduce various kinds of body pains. It has proved effective for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, migraine and other headaches. From the roots to the sap, every part of the Moringa plant provides some health benefits.

Moringa plants are full of phytochemicals, compounds generated by plants that have prolific health benefits. The Moringa medicinals are prepared as water-based or or alcoholic extracts, decoctions (boiled in water), creams, oils, moisturisers, ointments or powders. Fresh Moringa powder leaves or roots are applied poultices (a soft, moist mass of material, typically of plant material, applied to the body to help remedy soreness and inflammation) to manage rheumatism and other joint pains, to relieve lower back pain, to stop headaches and to treat wounds.

Moringa Oleifera Used Against Malnutrition and Disease

Most people are not fully conscious of the bond between malnutrition and disease. The body inherently has the capacity to both withstand and fight disease. In order for this function to occur, the body, its organs and its immune system need certain nutrients in the correct quantities; if this balance is not maintained, the body cannot function fully and it begins to deteriorate.

A good example of this is the many children in developing nations who suffer from night blindness and other eye diseases and afflictions, due to the fact their diets do not contain vitamin A in the correct quantities. Adding a few tablespoons of nutrient-rich Moringa to their food can alleviate this and other health issues caused by poor nutrition.

Considering the abundance and variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, together with the high concentration in which many of these nutrients are present in the Moringa plant it is easy to understand why the Moringa benefits have been said to prevent 300 diseases.

Moringaa trees have been used to combat malnutrition, especially among infants and nursing mothers. There are a number of NGOs that advocate Moringa as “natural nutrition for the tropics.” One author stated: that “the nutritional properties of Moringa are now so well known that there seems to be little doubt of the substantial health benefit to be realized by consumption of Moringa leaf powder in situations where starvation is imminent.”

Moringa is particularly promising as a source of food in the tropics because the tree is in full leaf at the end of the dry season when other foods are normally scarce. In developing countries, Moringa has potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development, and support sustainable land care.

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Moringa – Better Protein Than Soy


Moringa is considered to offer the highest protein ratio of any plant thus far identified, with the protein in Moringa being comparable in quality to that of soy. Food scientists once thought that only soy had protein similar to meat, dairy, and eggs. Now they have added Moringa to that very short list. Some even consider Moringa protein much better than soy protein as it is non-allergic. Proteins are digested into smaller units generally known as amino acids. Moringa contains 18 of the 20 amino acids essential for body system including all eight of the essential amino acids present in meat products. (Meat is a luxury many people around the world simply can’t afford). The body cannot manufacture those eight essential amino acids and must get them through the food we eat. Moringa is one of very few plants that includes all eight.

More Impressive Than Olive Oil

Oleifera is a Latin term meaning oil containing. The Moringa oil, generally known as ben oil, (a result of the high concentration of behenic acid contained in the oil) is extracted from the seeds. Moringa Oleifera seeds contain 35-40% oil by weight and can yield more oil per hectare than sunflower or peanuts. The oil has more impressive attributes than olive oil. It is used in cooking and cosmetics; and because it won’t spoil and turn rancid, it is also utilized as a preservative and machinery lubricant, even being used as a lubricant in fine watches. What’s left after the oil has been extracted from the seeds is known as seed cake, which is used as feed to improve milk production in cows.

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Moringa Leaf


The Moringa Tree (Moringa Oleifera), commonly called the ‘drumstick tree”, and ‘horseradish tree’ is indigenous to India but has been planted around the globe and is naturalized in numerous locales. Moringa is amongst the most effective health-enhancing plants. While many things present in Nature can have one or two health benefits, Moringa has many. India’s ancient tradition of ayurveda medicine sites 300 diseases that are cured with the leaves of the Moringa tree. Recent research has proven that these humble leaves are in fact a powerhouse of nutritional value.

Moringa leaf is best known as an excellent source of nutrition and natural energy booster. This energy boost is not dependant on sugar, and so it is sustained. Moringa is additionally soothing. It helps lower blood pressure levels and is a sleep aid. Its detoxifying effect may come from Moringa’s power to purify water. Moringa acts as a coagulant attaching itself to harmful material and bacteria. It is thought that this process is takes place in the body as well.

While the continued use of Moringa for food and medicinal purposes by cultures in separate and distant regions of the world attest to its beneficial effects, Moringa is a “discovery” of modern science. The leaves of Moringa Oleifera are nature’s multi-vitamin providing 7 x the vitamin C of oranges, 4 x the calcium of milk, 4 x the vitamin A of carrots, 3 x the potassium of bananas, and 2 x the protein of yogurt. In addition, science is proving Moringa to be a power house of nutrients; 90 are known to date, with the possibility of more yet to be identified. If that were not enough, Moringa has no known impurities, with no adverse reactions ever recorded.

Medicinal Qualities of Moringa Leaves

Juice from the leaves is known to have a stabilizing impact on blood pressure and is employed to treat anxiety. It is shown to control glucose levels in cases of diabetes.
Mixed with honey and accompanied by a drink of coconut milk 2 or 3 times a day, leaves are utilized as treatment for diarrhea, dysentery and colitis.
Leaf juice, sometimes with carrot juice added, is used as a diuretic. Eating leaves is recommended in cases of gonorrhea due to the diuretic action.
Leaves and buds are rubbed on the temples for headache.
A poultice is made from fresh leaves and applied to reduce glandular swelling.
Leaf juice is utilized as a skin antiseptic.
Leaves are employed to treat fevers, bronchitis, eye and ear infections, scurvy, and catarrh (inflammation of the mucus membrane).
Leaves are considered to be anthelmintic (able to kill intestinal worms).
Leaves are employed as a purgative.
Eating leaves is known to increase a woman’s milk production and is sometimes prescribed for anemia.

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All You Need to Know about Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol


Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz, who is known all over the world for advocating natural pathways to health, recommends that if you’re thinking about buying green coffee bean extract, you should buy one with Svetol within it.

But what exactly is it? Is Svetol green coffee bean extract any different from regular green coffee?

Svetol is a proprietary standardized chlorogenic acid. To put it simply, it is a type of chlorogenic acid made up of the optimum combination of caffeoylquinic acids to give the best health advantages.

Much like high-quality green coffee bean with at least 45% chlorogenic acid, Svetol can help you shed weight, lower your blood pressure levels and decrease your glucose levels.

But is there anything that makes Svetol superior to other chlorogenic acid brands? Svetol is certainly one of the most effective chlorogenic acids out there, but that doesn’t mean it is the only thing worth purchasing.

Let’s have a brief look at the story behind Svetol and how it has become one of the most coveted chlorogenic acid brands available.

The History of Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

Currently, over a hundred supplements have varying doses of Svetol in their ingredients list, but Svetol was initially manufactured more than a decade ago, in 2002, by a French supplements company that extracted chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans and called the new product Svetol.

Today, Berkem’s Svetol division is now owned by Naturex, which sells the chlorogenic acid to manufacturers of supplements.

Except for Svetol’s budding reputation with makers of slimming products and researchers in the fitness field, the rest of the world had no idea that Svetol, or even chlorogenic acid existed.

However in 2006, Norwegian beauty queen Mona Grudt began talking about CoffeeSlender, a coffee-based slimming product packed in small sachets that contained one very important ingredient in it – Svetol. She said the product was what helped her slim down in time for the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Miss Norway’s indirect endorsement of Svetol sparked a flurry of buzz around the slimming ingredient. And it wasn’t just the masses, majority of whom suffered from one form of extra-weight issue or another, who were enamored with the new product. Researchers have taken up Svetol and other brands of chlorogenic acid as a subject of curiosity.

The Science of Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol

Skeptics and doubters all have one thing to say about green coffee bean extract, chlorogenic acid and Svetol. They say not a single one of these will help you slim down because there are no studies to prove it.

But just because no scientific tests have been conducted on these supplements doesn’t mean they don’t work. It’s the classic non-argument by people who don’t want to do their homework. Next time, maybe you can tell them no scientific studies have yet proven the existence of their brain. Let’s see how they would like that.

Anyway, just because lazy people say there are no studies doesn’t mean there are actually no studies. There are, in reality, a handful of them. They may not be numerous enough as those done on, say, fish oil supplements or multivitamins, but the studies go as far back as 1997, when people still had a scant idea of what shopping online was.

There are also studies done on the Svetol brand itself. That is what makes it a little bit more special than the rest.

The first one, which was published in the French journal Phytotherapie, is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of 50 overweight adults, meaning those who had a body mass index above 25.

30 of them were given Svetol supplements. They were instructed to take them two times a day with their main meals for 2 months. The other group were given placebos. After thirty days, you know what happened next.

No, nothing awful happened. In reality, the findings surprised the researchers. When the subjects stopped taking their supplements, they discovered those who took Svetol lost an average of 5.7% of their body weight, while the control group only had a 2.9% reduction. The researchers also discovered that the Svetol group had more significant decreases in body mass index and an increase in muscle to mass ratio when compared to the placebo group.

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Chlorogenic Acid Helps with Weight Loss


In the popular and quite controversial study by Dr. Joe Vinson of the Scranton University in Pennsylvania, Dr. Vinson mentioned that chlorogenic acid is the compound in green coffee bean extract that is accountable for fat loss.

Even though this study only appeared in 2012, several earlier studies about the efficacy of green coffee bean extract for weight reduction have already been done with promising results.

In 2010, Korean researchers published research in the Food and Chemical Toxology journal that showed mice that were given chlorogenic acids while fed on a high-fat diet could burn more fat and shed weight.

The mice were divided into three groups. One was the chlorogenic acid group, another group was given caffeic acid, an isomer of chlorogenic acid, and the third group was given nothing.

At the end of the investigation, the mice who were given chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid showed improvements over the mice who weren’t given anything.

The chlorogenic acid had lower body weight, visceral fat (the fat that surrounds internal organs, and leptin and levels of insulin.

Leptin is your hunger hormone. The greater leptin you have in your body, the more often you’ll experience hunger.

Insulin, on the other hand, is another hormone that, when not properly regulated, can cause diabetes and an increase in weight.

The mice who were given chlorogenic acid also showed indications of lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, unlike the mice in the two other groups.

In the same experiment, chlorogenic and caffeic acids also confirmed to be effective in inhibiting the hormones that store fat in the body.

Chlorogenic Acid Lowers Blood Pressure

Another study done in the Far East wanted to view the aftereffect of chlorogenic acid on the blood pressure levels of 117 men who had mild hypertension.

The analysis, which was published in 2005 in the journal Hypertension Research, demonstrated that males who were given chlorogenic acid every day had a general reduction in their blood pressure levels.

Those who were given higher doses had more significant improvement, even though the subjects who had lower chlorogenic acid intake also had decreased blood pressure.
The study also noted that no negative side effects were seen in the subjects.

Other studies have also been published on the hypertensive effects of chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic Acid Can Assist Diabetics

Encouraged by the outcomes of his first study on the effects of chlorogenic acid on glucose levels and weight loss, Dr. Vinson went on to review how it affects the blood sugar of folks that were vulnerable to type-2 diabetes.

He recruited 30 men and woman of normal weight and administered different doses of green coffee bean extract with 50% chlorogenic acid.

The results of the study revealed that participants who were given 400 mg green coffee extract had up to 24% reduction in blood pressure levels thirty minutes after taking the extract. Their sugar levels further dropped by 31% after two hours.

While this study isn’t enough to conclude that chlorogenic acid can help treat patients with diabetes, the results are promising enough to prompt further study.

Aren’t We All Wasting Cash on Supplements?

Some people express that supplements are simply expensive urine.

That’s untrue for chlorogenic acid and its isomers, as researchers have proven it to be highly bioavailable in humans.

This means that your system can easily absorb chlorogenic acids within a small amount of time after ingesting. The analysis, which followed 10 healthy adults who were given 170 grams of chlorogenic acid, showed significant amounts of the compound in their system five to eight hours of taking the supplement.

The subjects’ urine samples contained less than 1% chlorogenic acid in its intact form.

What Chlorogenic Acid Supplement Should I Take?

You should take a green coffee bean extract supplement that contains 45% to 50% chlorogenic acid. That is the standard amount of chlorogenic acid that will supply you with the best results for losing weight, anti-hypertension and anti-diabetes effects.

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The Guide to Chlorogenic Acid


While researching green coffee bean extract online, you’ve most likely stumbled upon the phrase chlorogenic acid many times.

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract is what makes many of the supplement’s health advantages possible.

The most popular of these benefits, and maybe the reason why you’re here, is that green coffee beans will help you lose weight quickly and easily, whether you go on a diet, exercise regimen or not.

What most people don’t know is that green coffee bean extract isn’t just for shedding pounds.

Research has shown that the chlorogenic acid content in green coffee beans could also be responsible for lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

We’ll get to that later. For the time being, let’s take a closer look first at what chlorogenic acid.

The Science You don’t Really Need to Know but I’ll Explain Anyway

Chlorogenic acid is a natural compound found abundantly in nature.

Chemists refer to this as the ester of caffeic acid and quinic acid, but ester is merely a fancy term meaning a mixture of both acids.

Chlorogenic acid isn’t a new compound made up by hyper-marketers of green coffee bean extract. It has been around for a very long time and was discovered by plant scientists in 1932.

Green coffee beans aren’t the only ones that contain chlorogenic acid. It is also present in peach, apples, cherries, potatoes and bamboo shoots. It is said that chlorogenic acid is responsible for the mild laxative effects of prunes.

In Bulgaria, a product called Yummiagra is sold as 98.38% chlorogenic acid. Yummiagra is made from dried sunflower leaves.

However, the best source of chlorogenic acid is pure, unroasted, high-quality green coffee beans, the same beans where you would get your rich, dark, aromatic brewed coffee.

Both Arabica and Robusta variants are abundant in chlorogenic acid. Robusta actually has more, with 7 to 10% chlorogenic acid per 100 grams than Arabica, which contains 5 to 8% per 100 grams.

However, it doesn’t really matter whether a green coffee supplement is produced with Arabica or Robusta coffee beans. This is because any good green coffee bean extract is going to have standardized chlorogenic acid content of 45 to 50%, no matter what.

Sometimes, chlorogenic acid is also marketed as Svetol. Svetol is simply a brand-name version of chlorogenic acid that contains the standardized amount.

Again, it doesn’t matter whether you’re getting Svetol or not as long as you’re green coffee bean extract contains 45 to 50% chlorogenic acid.

As soon as the coffee beans are roasted, however, the chlorogenic acid content plunges down to less than 50 % the original content. This is what makes green coffee extract different from your regular everyday coffee. The latter doesn’t have as much chlorogenic acid as the former.

Although the term chlorogenic acid describes only one compound, there are actually several isomers found in it. Isomers are just molecules that have an identical formula but different structures.

Every so often, you’ll hear people bunch these isomers into a single group of chlorogenic acids.

Some isomers you’d find in chlorogenic acid are ferulic acid, p-coumaric acid and hydrocinnamic acids like caffeic acid.

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Benefits of the Moringa Leaf


I’ve just started adding Moringa leaf powder to my daily morning shake based on several things I’ve been reading and discovering. My body system and mind are pretty in sync already but I’m always open to trying new things. Check out the section below…

It could be said without any doubt that from the pure Moringa Tree Leaf we can get very good benefits for the health, which are very much reported in studies of the leaf. It is the organic, natural, endurance and energy supplement of health. Quite simply, it’s the ultimate thing. And the post beneficial and purest portion of the plant is the powdered Moringa leaf.

According to the annals of the ayurveda, India’s old tradition of medicines, the leaves of the Moringa Tree could treat no less than 300 diseases.

Moringa leaf has no proven bad effects and is absolutely safe and organic. Because of its tolerant properties, it has been given to malnourished little babies in Africa. Athletes all over the world boost their performance abilities by taking huge quantities of the leaf to keep them fit both physically and mentally. It is their secret weapon. Even for seniors who are losing their sharpness of mind, the Moringa tree leaf could be a great help. Actually the powder works for people from any age bracket.

The Moringa leaf is comparatively an unheard name despite the fact that it has been found mentioned more than two thousand years before, and the World Health Organization has been observing and utilizing the tree for more than four decades now as a cheap health supplement in the poverty-stricken countries around the world. There is a reason behind this. The selling of all kinds of nutritional supplements, minerals and vitamins is a lucrative business. No big company would ever take the risk of introducing a name that could potentially harm and lower the sale of all other nutritional items. The same holds water for the pharmaceutical countries too. These huge companies would prefer to keep the general public in the dark about the benefits of the Moringa leaf to make big bucks for their own.

Written here are the benefits of the Moringa Leaf:

Increases the Natural Defenses of the body
Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain.
Promotes metabolism with bio-available ingredients
Promotes the Cell structure of the body
Promotes natural Serum cholesterol.
Lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney.
Beautifies your skin layer
Promotes energy
Promotes proper digestion
Acts as an antioxidant
Takes care of the defense mechanisms of the body
Promotes healthy circulatory system
It is an anti-inflammatory
Gives a feeling of general wellness
Supports the normal sugar levels of the body.

Moringa leaf boosts your energy in a natural manner, and is an extraordinary source of nutrition. This energy promotion does not occur because of sugar, so it is lasts for a long time. Individuals ingesting it say that their ulcers are healed, tumors restricted, there are decrease in the arthritis pains and inflammations, controlled blood pressure, the skin problems are restored, and ultimately they have stronger defenses against diseases.

Another property of the Moringa leaf is its soothing ability, because of which it can lower the blood pressure and promotes good sleep. It can also purify water since it has a detoxifying effect. Also a coagulant agent, Moringa can attach itself to hazardous bacteria and other materials, a process that is surmised to occur in the body too. The happy outcome is more sustained energy without any over-activity, balanced hormone and gland system, controlled blood pressure levels, and a rested central nervous system.

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