Magic Weight Reduction Coffee Beans?


All the recent hype about green coffee bean supplements as the solution to weight reduction had more than a few people at our office somewhat, well, hyper! You’d think everyone’s been drinking far too much coffee. But it’s true, Dr. Oz is saying this is the most exciting study he has seen on weight loss supplements in a long time…

Basically, a study was published in January 2012 in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity that showed some very promising results. Sixteen individuals were given either 700 or 1050 milligrams of green coffee bean extract daily for 3 months. The outcome? The testers lost an average of almost 18 pounds each!

Doctor Oz also had a couple of his audience members try it out for a week and both experienced weight loss of a few pounds in that short time period. And this is by taking the supplements only and not making any other changes to lifestyle. No wonder everyone’s excited.

For some background, green coffee means the unroasted beans. Coffee contains hundreds of components, including chlorogenic acid, which has been specifically proven to inhibit the formation of sugar in the liver. Various studies have shown that chlorogenic acid slows the formation of fat from food. But drinking your morning cup of Joe probably won’t do much to enhance weight loss since the roasting process removes most of the chlorogenic acid. Hence the necessity to take unroasted, or “green” coffee supplements.

Research says the supplement should not be taken by children or females who are pregnant or breastfeeding. And needless to say it’s always wise to consult your doctor before taking any type of medication, even a cup of coffee in pill form!

Have you tried these magic beans?

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