A Miracle of Nature


Originially, Moringa oleifera was from the south-eastern slopes of the Himalaya in India. Today, the plant grows all over the world in the tropics and is used by the local population.

Moringa oleifera has been recognized for thousands of years as a most beneficial food, giving us macronutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Moringa gives man and animal plentiful of what is required for a balanced nutrition.

Every part of the plant can be used as food – leaves are full of protein, calcium, iron and carotin, pods are eaten as vegetable; from flowers and leaves, a delicious tea can be prepared. Seeds provide a valuable vegetable-oil with characteristics much like olive-oil.

Because of its rapid growth and high protein-content of the leaves, Moringa is additionally of high interest as animal feed.

Outside food, Moringa seeds can help clean water, wood and bark have further industrial uses.


In comparison to soy, Moringa produces many times the amount of protein. This is the reason why we believe Moringa will be an important contribution to protein-supply that today comes mainly from soy. Moringa will take its place in food and feed.

Moringa leaf powder, with its wide spectrum and high concentration of proteins, minerals and vitamins will be an ingredient for valuable foods.

Moringa seed-oil can be used in food and in cosmetics, leading to a growing demand.

To this day in India huge amounts of moringa pods are harvested and consumed.


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