Green Coffee Bean Extract – Understanding Chlorogenic Acid Effects on Losing Weight


Green Coffee Bean Extract may not be viewed as a super-fruit for the body because of its name. However, the coffee bean is a derivative of coffee berries. In fact, the phrase “coffee bean” is a misnomer for the berry’s seeds.

The bean is a seed contained within a fruit, officially making the phrase “super-fruit” adequately applicable to green coffee beans. Super-fruit is a reasonably new term used for fruits that provide exceptional nutrients by means of antioxidants to the body.

Scientists have discovered an organic antioxidant in unroasted coffee beans called chlorogenic acid that provides bountiful benefits to the body. Chlorogenic acid has been employed for many years in the food industry as a preservative to keep foods fresher, longer. As an antioxidant, it slows the oxidation of food items in order for them to last and avoid spoiling.

What scientists discovered, and nutritionists grasped, was that when consumed, chlorogenic acid blocks the release of fat producing enzymes in the human body. When the enzymes are blocked, the body stabilizes its blood sugar levels and glucose cannot be converted into fat. In turn, the body loses weight naturally. Without additional dieting, those taking green coffee bean extract supplements lose 1-2 pounds every week. When a healthy diet is introduced along with daily exercise, weight loss results double.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a yellowish brown powder, abundant in hydroxycinnamic acids, which are chlorogenic and caffeic acids. The extract is pulled from the bean in its rawest form, before the roasting process. The roasting process depletes chlorogenic acid from the bean.

Chlorogenic acid is the key ingredient to losing weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract. In order to shed weight, the supplement must contain no less than 45% chlorogenic acid. The highest formula in the marketplace currently is 50% chlorogenic acid.

Slim Down with Green Coffee Bean Extract

In a study backed by Applied Food Sciences, 16 participants took Green Coffee Bean Extract for 22 weeks. During this period, they did not change their routines or diet regime. After the 22 weeks, the studied showed that both men and women participants lost around 17 pounds.

The outcomes of the study were astounding to the scientists and doctors. Further studies proceeded to show when Green Coffee Bean Extract is consumed in conjunction with diet and exercise, fat loss results double. Green coffee bean extract has proven to be a powerful dietary supplement.

The only method to lose weight with natural Green Coffee Bean Extract is to purchase supplements with no less than 45% chlorogenic acid. For optimum results, you ought to aim to buy the highest grade Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement in the marketplace, which is 50% chlorogenic acid. It is also essential to search for the words GCA® or Svetol® on the bottle.

GCA is a trademarked brand, and it stands for Green Coffee Antioxidant. This is another term for chlorogenic acid. Svetol® is another trademarked brand of chlorogenic acid.

Either of these ought to be on the label, in addition to the percentage of chlorogenic acid in each capsule. Seeing GCA® or Svetol® on the label is yet another indicator that the product is the highest quality and has the sufficient measure of chlorogenic acid required for weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Extract ought to be taken half an hour before each meal in 400mg capsules for a total of 1200mg each day. This is the required amount required for the chlorogenic acid to be productive in the body and block fat cells.

As Green Coffee Bean Extract has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels, it is currently being researched to assist individuals with diabetes. Furthermore, since it is an all-natural product, there are no reported adverse reactions. This includes caffeine effects since the caffeine in green coffee bean extract is under 80% of a cup of coffee. An entire capsule is made up of only 2% caffeine.

This “super-bean” is well worthy of all the recognition it is getting in the weight loss industry. It is turning out to be a real contender as people choose more and more to lose weight naturally. Green Coffee Bean Extract is the ideal motivation tool one needs in order to stop fad dieting and ultimately lose a few pounds for good.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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