The Moringa Narrative


There exists a story told a long time ago dating back to 2,000 B.C., and also reflected in ancient Indian writings dating around 150 B.C., which is gaining prominence since the 1970s as scientists started conducting significant researches to substantiate the claims that were made. The Moringa story is a remarkable one of a humble plant that made strides in the ancient world for many years and whose secrets are being offered to modern science. With discoveries made so far, Moringa is reputed to be probably the most nutrient-rich plants that offer an abundant and rare combination of nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties with many health benefits contrary to other plants which may have a couple of benefits only. Not surprising the plant is referred to as a powerhouse of health and nourishment.

Moringa was prized for its therapeutic properties and was used by the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians to manufacture skin care products and for water purification. Modern science, in substantiating the claims, has discovered the incredible array of natural nutrients it contains. The Moringa story is making waves in numerous countries like the Americas and in parts of Africa especially Senegal, Togo, Benin, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. In Ghana, the heat is on and individuals are beginning to ask what Moringa is and to search for its products particularly the leaves. The Moringa story should be told as many people are still in the dark about this wonderful blessing from nature. With a world grappling with malnutrition, our hope lies in this plant whose leaves are capable of wiping every aspect of malnutrition out of the world not to mention the many benefits resulting from other parts of it, namely: the seeds, flowers, roots and bark.

Moringa products have a high potential in the food supplement markets in Europe and America but there are many hurdles to cross. Europe alone controls over 30% of the 45 billion dollar world food supplement market. Other competing products exist in the “green superfoods” sector of the market of which the prominent ones are: spirulina, green barley, wheat and alfalfa sprouts and Noni juice which is like Moringa with similar composition and effects and called Morinda citrifolia. With spirulina and cereal sprouts renowned in the USA, Moringa products may be able to penetrate if proper conditions are established like proper food supplement certification, sufficient production capacity, organic certification, attractive packaging and target ethnic markets like Indian, African and Caribbean in addition to other marketing and promotional strategies. The market for food supplements in Europe is wide and there is room for new products from the Moringa stable.

Although laboratory tests have established Moringa’s non-toxicity and nutritional composition, a lot needs to be done to make Moringa to be acceptable in national and international programs especially its effectiveness and safety. This will pave the way for an effective launch of Moringa in all sectors of the global community. With proper education, planning and investment in the cultivation, processing and marketing of Moringa products in global acceptable standards, Ghana and other countries are in position to gain greatly from this new miracle. Let us go on telling the Moringa story and brace ourselves to benefit from the offer Moringa is putting forth to assist us obliterate malnutrition together with other great benefits from its stable.

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