Moringa, the Ultimate Survival Superfood


Sometimes called} the “miracle tree” for its uniquely diverse assortment of nutritional, medicinal, and purifying properties, Moringa oleifera is a little-known, and highly undervalued, “superfood” treasure with incredible potential to greatly improve health and eliminate hunger around the globe. This whole food plant contains high quantities of protein, all eight essential amino acids, a full spectrum of minerals and vitamins, and a variety of phytonutrients and other powerful disease-fighting antioxidants.

Natively located in the southern foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in northern India, Moringa is widely cultivated today throughout Africa, Central and South America, and many parts of Asia. Because of its many valuable uses, and the fact that it grows so easily and quickly in semi-arid, tropical, and subtropical climates, Moringa is quickly becoming a go-to plant for combating malnutrition, treating inflammation, promoting healthy blood circulation, and preventing infection, amongst other things.

Moringa, the multi-purpose superfood with endless health benefits

Exactly what is particularly unique about Moringa is the fact that every aspect of the plant, including its bark, leaves, flowers, and roots serves a unique purpose in promoting human health. Its seeds, for instance, contain up to 40 % of a non-drying, edible oil referred to as “Ben Oil” that is abundant with antioxidants and similar in its nutritional profile to olive oil. The clear, sweet, odorless oil also has an indefinite shelf life, as it will not turn rancid like many other oils.

“The leaves, flowers, seeds, pods, roots, bark, gum, and seed oil from the Moringa (malunggay) plant are always being subjected to intensive research and development programs as the various constituents of the Moringa are known to have, among other properties, anti-diabetic, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, and anti-aging activities,” writes Nelly Favis-Villafuerte for the Manila Bulletin about Moringa.

Perhaps the most utilized part of Moringa is its leaves, which can be dried and ground up into a nutrient-dense, tart-flavored powder. Based on another report in the Manila Bulletin, Moringa powder contains seven times the level of vitamin C typically found in oranges, four times the level of vitamin A in carrots, 36 times the quantity of magnesium in eggs, 25 times the quantity of iron in spinach, 50 times the quantity of vitamin B3 in peanuts, and 50 times the vitamin B2 in bananas.

Like Ben Oil, Moringa leaf powder does not spoil, which makes it a great long-term survival food. Especially in third world countries, Moringa powder provides nutritional sustenance at a level unparalleled by most other food plants. And since Moringa seeds can grow to full-size, harvestable trees in merely 65 days, the Moringa plant is a highly-sustainable food source that is virtually unmatched in its viability and usefulness.

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