Green Coffee Seed for Losing Fat


Caffeine has always gotten a bad rap for being unhealthy, and coffee shares a number of the same negativity. However, recent studies apparently suggest that coffee’s negative reputation may only be a half-truth. Pure green coffee seed extract is fast gaining a reputation for being one of the most effective fat loss products out there today. Besides fat loss (more on that later), green coffee seed also has other benefits.

Is my morning cup of joe healthy?

Not really. Depending on the quantities consumed, it can impact the consumption of some minerals (K, Mg, Mn, Cr), niacin and antioxidant substances. The deep roasting process minimizes the anti-oxidant content significantly.

If you’re drinking one cup of coffee per day, you’re probably okay. Once you begin drinking more than one cup (and for some people, it’s measured in pots, not cups!) it’s not good, and is likely causing high acidity and can drain your adrenal glands.

So, what’s the difference with green coffee seed?

The coffee we drink is roasted at 475º F, which changes the color, aroma, taste and everything about the seed, while pure green coffee seed extract is normally taken in a pill form. Roasted coffee may cause anxiety and blood pressure problems, and it could also cause or aggravate heart rhythm abnormalities.

However the most essential thing roasting does is remove the chlorogenic acid (a natural fat loss aid found in green coffee extract), which is the most beneficial portion of the green coffee seed.

Chlorogenic acid causes the body to burn glucose and helps burns fat. It slows the discharge of sugar into the blood stream. When you don’t have sugar in the blood stream, you don’t have fat building up.

4 benefits of green coffee seed extract

1. Weight reduction. – Green coffee seed first became popular due to its amazing ability to induce weight reduction. Research conducted on 16 overweight young adults taking various doses of green coffee seed extract resulted in a median 17.5 pounds of fat loss, and about 16% of body fat loss in 22 weeks. In the study, more than 35% of those who participated lost 5% of their body weight.

2. Helps lower blood sugar. Sometimes it can lower blood glucose significantly, which in turn, can lower the risk of Diabetes II. A double blind study, conducted at the University of Illinois, shows that out of the group, 5 people who were pre-diabetic did not acquire diabetes after taking green coffee bean extract. Scientists say it’s because green coffee seed has the ability to aid in fat loss, yet still time lowering glucose levels.

3. Helps lower blood pressure. Many studies have proven that green coffee extract is effective in reducing blood pressure. A study of 17 hypoglycemic patients revealed that after taking green coffee seed extract, 13 out of the 17 students had lower blood pressures. Taking about 800 mg proved to be more than effective in lowering their blood pressure levels.

4. Powerful anti-oxidant. When the components of green coffee bean were assessed, they were found to have many anti-oxidant properties. The chlorogenic acid is said to be responsible for most of these anti-oxidant properties. If a person takes a 400 mg green coffee supplement, they will already have taken 50% of the daily anti-oxidant requirements of the average human.

Be sure the brand you choose only contains pure coffee seed extract, and doesn’t contain additives, binders, fillers or cellulose.

Green-Fu’s natural proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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