The Facts About Chlorogenic Acid


Chlorogenic acid can be found in a number of plants. This natural compound offers a variety of antimicrobial properties. It is a natural antioxidant that is present in high concentrations in regular coffee beans. Some studies have shown chlorogenic acid to be a tumor inhibitor, and more recent studies it has been shown to also be quite effective in weight reduction.

Research has demonstrated that chlorogenic acid can neutralize several carcinogenic compounds before they have a opportunity to damage DNA. This prevents mutations from occurring, which could have some impact in cancer prevention, but much more study is needed to state this definitively. Chlorogenic acid can inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which might assist in lowering the risk of heart disease.

Many studies have demostrated that coffee drinkers who ingest a minimum of five cups of coffee each day are much less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Glucose is stored in the body’s liver in glycogen. This is a long chain of glucose molecules that are insoluble. During glycogenolysis, glucose is released into the bloodstream and is circulated to various organs. When the process of glycogenolysis is inhibited, your body can gain energy from fat cells, which will reduce blood glucose levels and reduce the chance of diabetes. Of course, lowering the amount of fat that is stored in the body will also aid in weight loss.

Evidence shows that chlorogenic acids can inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase, which is essential for glycogenolysis to take place. The effects of chlorogenic acid on losing weight have led to its being marketed in many parts of Europe as a weight reduction aid. Chlorogenic acid is extracted from green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are those that are harvested but not yet roasted. The extract from those beans is employed to produce supplements that have impressive weight loss results in pilot clinical tests.

Chlorogenic acid can be beneficial to use as a supplement, even though the doses that are naturally found in foods are most likely not potent enough. For this reason the compounds can be purchased in supplemental form. Chlorogenic acid are available in small amounts in espresso and coffee. It is also believed that this could be among the compounds found in prunes that may give a laxative effect.

It also has a weak psychostimulatory effect. In reality, it is less than a third the strength of caffeine, which is also present in coffee. Although originally it was believed that chlorogenic acid along with caffeic acid was an anti-thaminases or a compound that could induce a vitamin B1 deficiency, studies have proven that this is not true. The acid is a type of carb blocker and works well with most oral hypoglycemic. It can hinder the absorption of zinc and iron minimizing the uptake of dietary carbohydrates.

Research indicates that benefits associated with supplemental chlorogenic acid normally result with oral intake of about 120 to 300 mg. Higher doses may also offer benefits however, there have been no real tests done on higher doses.
The investigation on chlorogenic acid is relatively new. Research indicates however that the acids can help to neutralize free radicals in the body and regenerate vitamin E. This helps to decrease the plasma rate and boost blood flow.

Chlorogenic acid supplements are becoming ever more popular for a number of purposes. As a weight reduction aid, green coffee bean extract is gaining mass popularity. Because it helps the body to burn body fat as fuel, chlorogenic acid is quickly becoming essentially the most popular weight reduction aids in the marketplace. Some critics believe, however, that too much of these compounds however, may be harmful.

Most doctors simply warn their patients that green coffee contains caffeine. Those who should avoid caffeine may want to speak with their doctor prior to taking chlorogenic acid. Consuming copious amounts may cause headache and other mild side effects but research has not yet shown any serious effects from taking the compounds.

Most doctors warn about the caffeine side of the green coffee bean. Most of the warnings and negative effects listed online also discuss the caffeine side and that green coffee beans, where chlorogenic acids are found, also contain caffeine. Those with a strong dislike to caffeine should use sparingly. But, some green coffee supplements contain only trace quantities of caffeine. So reading product labels carefully is recommended.

Researchers believe that green coffee beans containing chlorogenic acid appear to be safe based on the research that has been done, up to now. No side effects have been reported from clinical research findings though there are a number of benefits that have been reported from these findings. Aside from fat loss, chlorogenic acid future potential to help fight diabetes, heart disease and a number of serious health issues.

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