Moringa: An Ample Source of Food


The pods and leaves of Moringa trees are used for food in many cultures across the world. Initially farmed in Northern India, it was incorporated into many religious and cultural observances, several of which continue to this present day. Oil derived from the seeds of the Moringa was used as food and in unguents by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians and were part of the Ayurvedic health diet program in India. The tree’s hardy nature and large number of uses has led to its farming. Moringa with Chickpeas in many areas such as West Indies, where it is a beneficial source of food and oil products. The leaves, flowers and seed pods of the tree are highly nutritious and provide a number of necessary nutrients, including protein, beta carotene, calcium and Vitamin C. Because the Moringa tree can be grown in many of climates and requires little water so as to produce leaves, pods and flowers, it is well suited to provide nutrition in areas of the earth where food is in short supply, including Asia and Africa. Every part of the tree can be consumed or used by either human beings or animals, making it a lot more useful for combating malnutrition in these areas of the planet. This is particularly essential for young kids, pregnant women and lactating mothers who require extra nutritional support during these crucial formative phases. The calcium and other nutrients obtainable in the plant products provide solid food value at a minimal cost for these high-risk individuals. A number of organizations also recommend the plant as a food source for AIDS patients, who may require additional vitamin and mineral dietary supplements to remain relatively healthy due to their weakened immune systems.

Green-Fu’s proportions of Green Coffee Bean Extract (a.k.a Green Chlorogenic Acid/GCA/Svetol), Magical Plant Proteins, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals, makes this today’s most exciting Weight Loss and Fat Burning Solution.


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