The Research Behind Chlorogenic Acid From Raw Green Coffee Beans


Chlorogenic acid is the substance that is believed to be responsible for the health advantages associated with green coffee bean extract. Green coffee beans are raw coffee beans prior to being roasted, ground, and brewed into a drink. Raw green coffee beans would not be suited to brewing since a drink made from green coffee beans would be unpleasantly sour. The high temperature used during the roasting process, however, mostly destroys the chlorogenic acid in raw coffee beans which is one of the most potentially healthy and beneficial elements in coffee beans.

What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Since drinking coffee made from unroasted, green beans would be unpalatable; the only reasonable technique to consume chlorogenic acid is from nutritional supplements produced from green coffee bean extracts. Unroasted green coffee beans are the most concentrated plant origin of chlorogenic acid. The acid can be found naturally in other fresh fruits, including cherries, apples and plums but the strength levels are nowhere near that of raw coffee beans. So, individuals eager to supplement with chlorogenic acid would need to pick a quality pure green coffee extract product with a verified level of chlorogenic acid. It is typically recommended by some experts and supplement companies that an effective level of chlorogenic acid in a supplement would be no less than 42%.

The Study

In 2012 green coffee health supplements were recommended for fat reduction by television personality and medical expert Dr. Oz and quickly became hugely popular in the US, and eventually around the globe. But, before the Dr. Oz recommendation a pilot study was done by Dr. Joe Vinson, a research chemist from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, during which green coffee dietary supplements were analyzed for use for weight reduction. The Vinson study demonstrated weight loss success from green coffee supplementation. Vinson’s research led him to conclude that the element responsible for weight loss in his testing, and also other benefits including lower blood sugar levels, was chlorogenic acid and not caffeine. Chlorogenic acid is found abundantly in green coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid is usually damaged in the coffee roasting process because of the high temperature necessary for roasting. In principle, this would explain why simply consuming coffee does not actually have any weight loss benefits as green coffee extract supplements.

Vinson started an initial pilot analysis with a group who were all obese or overweight, their BMI being over 25. These people were divided into two groups, each group taking a different amount of green coffee bean extract for 22 weeks. This research demonstrated that people could lose as much as 10% of their body weight during this 22 week trial. The typical weight loss was over 17 pounds per person.

The first Vinson pilot study was a success and Vinson eventually conducted a second study. This research was also performed to see whether the acid had any impact on glucose and glucose levels. In this study, 56 males and females took part, which was a larger group than in the initial study. Frequent tolerance tests took place to find out how the subjects’ bodies were responding to the sugars.

Vinson was impressed by the discoveries of this second study. There were very clear effects regarding the alterations in dosage, whilst no gastrointestinal side effects were noted at all. Blood sugar levels were reduced consistently amongst the test subjects, with it being lowered by 24% after 30 minutes and 31% after two hours, on the 400mg dosage. This was compared to those who were taking a placebo.

Vinson, who now plans to repeat the analysis yet again with an even larger group, recently displayed the conclusions at a medical conference. He warned that, although it is the second study on the subject, results remain preliminary. The reason being he has been responsible for both tests and will also be responsible for the third, which suggests no peer review has taken place yet. During a peer review, impartial experts review the data to ascertain the accuracy. It is generally only after significant peer review that results are published in medical journals.

Thus far, however, it does seem that chlorogenic acid has significant potential health advantages. It seems to regulate blood sugar levels, which is welcome news for those who suffer from, or who are at risk of, type 2 diabetes. However, what is also very fascinating is that people have, in reality, dropped a few pounds by taking green coffee bean extract dietary supplements containing chlorogenic acid.

The risk with this, however, is that it will soon be hailed as a miracle drug, which will see the market get flooded with many dubious products with questionable ingredients. The truth is, to some degree this has already started, so consumers must shop diligently and do the necessary product research. Consumers must be very vigilant when buying any dietary products. They must make sure that the product consists of appropriate quantities of chlorogenic acid and that the dosages are appropriate. Most manufacturers advise consumers should take 400mg three times a day in order to experience fat reduction benefits.

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