Research Findings On Key Green-Fu Ingredients


Based on Internal research by Green-Fu and backed by findings from Australian Healthy Food Magazine, Green-Fu’s two key ingredients, Moringa and Chlorogenic Acid (from Green Coffee Bean Extract), possess a stronger antioxidant effect than established antioxidants such as green tea, garcinia cambogia, grape seed or raspberry extracts!

One of the main compounds accounting for Green-Fu’s many health advantages is a compound called Chlorogenic Acid. It neutralizes free radicals and addresses the problem of hydroxyl radicals, both of which can result in cellular degeneration if left unchecked.

Chlorogenic acid likewise helps regulate metabolism. When compared to synthetic weight loss products, green tea based weight loss and other marketed weight management compounds, Green-Fu’s natural ingredients are two times more effective in absorbing oxygen free radicals.

An advantage of consuming a natural weight loss product like Green-Fu, is that adverse reactions to ingesting synthetic products is totally avoided.

The Chlorogenic Acid as found in non-roasted coffee, has been found to improve metabolism by changing the way in which glucose is taken up in the bloodstream by the body.

Another of Green-Fu’s advantages is that it contains beneficial organic caffeic acids. These give an improvement to vitality just like regular boiled coffee does, but unlike boiled coffee, Green-Fu’s Green Coffee Bean Extract contains no cafestol, which often is also a source of harmful diterpenes. Green-Fu’s lack of this harmful diterpene, or its relative, kahweol, is great news to our customers!

Regular intake of Green-Fu helps you decrease concentrations of the ‘bad’ cholesterol, LDL, to levels that over a lifetime might decrease the chances of coronary heart disease by up to 20%.

Additionally, whenever your liver enzyme levels are elevated, this is an indicator of stress on the liver. Since harmful diterpenes have a direct effect on the measured levels of liver enzymes, intake of Green-Fu with its natural compounds helps you regulate harmful diterpenes and thus reduce stress on your liver.

Other great things about Green-Fu include:

  1. Intake of Chlorogenic Acids cause an improvement in the potency of pain killers, particularly for migraine medications.
  2. Green-Fu decreases the risk of diabetes.
  3. Green-Fu’s Green Coffee Bean Extracts and Moringa, enables the body to burn a higher proportion of lipids (fats) and carbohydrates, compared to other weight loss Chlorogenic Acid products.
  4. Green-Fu’s natural plant proteins prevents rampant muscle fatigue in athletes and bodybuilders.
  5. Green-Fu may in fact support liver health for some people. Those at high risk of developing liver disease due to drinking an excessive amount of alcohol may be less likely to suffer liver damage if they supplement their diet with a daily dose of Green-Fu. Researchers are currently attributing this benefit to the caffeic acids in Green Coffee Bean Extracts and Chlorogenic Acid that are a part of Green-Fu’s natural ingredients.
  6. Unlike boiled coffee or other coffee products which contain dangerous levels of Caffeine (and that is claimed to leach calcium from the bones), Green-Fu contains generous concentrations of Moringa. Moringa is in fact a great source of calcium for both youngsters and adults. Anyone who ingests Green-Fu is therefore protected from calcium leach that regular Chlorogenic Acid based weight loss products may expose you to.
  7. When it comes the old axiom that caffeine can stunt a child’s growth, Green-Fu shines once again! In the developing world, the Moringa in Green-Fu is a highly prescribed solution for combating child malnutrition and general mineral deficiency in people of all ages.
  8. The Moringa in Green-Fu is a great source of natural plant based proteins, minerals, amino acids. Green-Fu contains vital nutrients (and calcium), necessary for muscle as well as bone development!

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